AD – This is a collaborative post // Many modern interiors tend to lean towards the minimalistic with a simpler colder colour scheme. However, when it comes to your home you don’t need to stick to the tried and tested, you can opt for something more personable. Creating your own personal modern interior design touches from the colour on the walls to the placement of your floor offers you more relaxation and satisfaction than a preselected normality to the room.

Photo by Kim Schouten on Unsplash

Colour Your World

People tend to discover that the use of light and fresh colours are a natural complement to modern and contemporary home space.

The use of neutral colour has an effect of making your space seem larger as well as creating a clean and fresher environment to live in. By adding a bit of colour on your accessories or pieces around the room you also showcase the endless possibilities that neutral colour provides. Darker colour schemes from Amtico Spacia can also provide a sense of elegance when applied to walls. When applying bold darker colours such as a dark navy or moss you can add an extra element by basing home accessories around these colours.

Life to Furnishings

If looking to capture a true essence to your room, your furnishings are pieces that really bring it to life. In choosing furniture, you can go much further by being minimalistic and reducing the feel of cluttering up your space. Look into furniture pieces that say a lot without taking up too much in the way of space. Adopt the less is more strategy.

We all find ourselves keeping furniture longer than we should and we all have furniture that does not get used as much as the rest. If it just exists to occupy the space, think about what could be utilised in that space much better. Sometimes having that extra room for exercise or a yoga mat may be more appealing than a chair that no one sits in.

Best Foot Forwards

Choosing the right flooring for your home speaks not only of the type of home you have, but also how much time you have for yourself.

Contemporary and modern homes like to take the interior designer recommendation of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring or hardwood or laminate, due to its many qualities that reinforce its standing. In having an authentic, timeless look and feel to your flooring, you also can save a lot of effort in cleaning and maintaining through its various protective qualities.

Many choose parquet style flooring to provide a classical feel to the home, giving even the most modern homes a throwback to a manor house feel. January is the time to freshen up the nest and these are some small steps that go a long way to renovating the look and feel of your home. From colours to the lowest price Amtico flooring, you can have it all for much less.


  1. I love having neutrals colors in the bedroom and parquets always make a room feel warmer in my opinion. Thanks for sharing these, hope to use the tips soon enough x

  2. The flooring looks nice. I have a liking for neutrals and pastels and don’t really like dark or too bright colours. I hope I get to design my own home some day, it seems fun.

  3. I’m currently looking at colours for the house as it’s plastered now. I want nice happy bright but not too bright colours. I also love the blues and pinks at the moment! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m so excited for when I can start decorating my own place. I love the bright, fresh look, but it definitely needs to have some warmth. Don’t think I’ve considered the difference the floor could make before though. Great post!

  5. Such a great post on a January day! 🙂 This is the time of year when we like to brighten up our surroundings. I like your suggestion of getting rid of a piece of furniture if it no longer serves us. Then, we create space for something we might enjoy a whole lot more. (The flooring looks wonderful…fresh and clean, a new ‘slate’ to walk upon!

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