ad // A bathroom can be a really expensive room in the house to renovate – even small bathrooms. Second to kitchens, you’re going to need a fair bit of money aside if you want to completely renovate your bathroom. But there are small things you can do to make your bathroom look like it’s had a renovation, without the price tag attached.

Re-decorating your bathroom to make it look more expensive can be helpful for those who are renting, who might not be able to change any of the fundamentals of the bathroom and obviously a wonderful option for those that need to save some money.

The truth is, most of us just don’t have the funds to spare to redo every room in the house to exactly how we want it right now. With the cost of living and rise in heating bills, money is going on more fundamental things – like staying warm and having enough food.

But home renovation is a fun hobby and a nice project to have. Having a beautiful, clean and aesthetically pleasing home makes us happy, so we definitely shouldn’t neglect it all together, especially if it’s going to give us a mental health boost.

So, although we might not be able to do a full bathroom renovation, there are plenty of smaller things we be implement to make our bathroom look more expensive!

Here are 8 ways to make your bathroom look expensive on a budget:

Add a beautiful mirror

A mirror can add a whole new dimension to a bathroom, especially a small one, so if you don’t have a mirror or your mirror has seen better days, this could be an easy way to boost the look of your bathroom. Brand new mirrors can sometimes cost hundreds of pounds, so try thrifting or check out antique places for beautiful mirrors that have a bit of flair.

Your beautiful mirror can also double up as storage by choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet which can look equally as expensive but also provide you with extra room to store your products.

Replace your bath mat

Probably the easier pointer on here and that’s your bath mat. If your bath mat is a bit worn and worse for wear, it’s time for a change. And good thing is, bath mats can come super cheap!

You might want to switch it up completely and go for a Persian or Turkish style rug for your bathroom which will add a lot of personality and vibrancy to your bathroom as well as making it look more expensive than it really is!

Classy containers

Some people prefer to keep their things hidden away in cupboards, which is fair enough but sometimes jars and contains on show can really elevate the look of your bathroom. You can get some really affordable containers, dishes and tumblers these days!

A touch of brass

Brass makes everything look more expensive, I think! And if you follow a lot of home interior accounts on Pinterest or Instagram, then you’ve probably seen a rise in brass hardware in bathrooms over the last few years.

Brass faucets can add an air of expense and sophistication in a bathroom but hardware does add up. So if you can’t afford to replace all the hardware in your bathroom, try adding smaller touches of brass like a soap dish or a towel rack.

Consider a feature wall

I love a feature wall and they’re definitely not just reserved for bedrooms or living rooms. Adding a simple feature wall into your bathroom can make it look double the price! And as bathrooms as typically the smaller rooms of the house, you won’t be spending hundreds on rolls of wallpaper.

Don’t forget the little touches

The little touches really can make a bathroom look and feel different, so although it’s “just” a bathroom, remember that we spend a lot of time in there and almost every guest that comes into our house will also be using the bathroom at some point or another.

So don’t neglect things like flowers or plants (which are an excellent touch for a bathroom, which should be a relaxing space), dishes, tumblers, a beautiful mirror or even a chair if you have room.

Install a splashback

Splashbacks can really add an extra layer to what might be a plain bathroom and the good thing is, is they don’t cost an awful lot to install. For a splashback, all you should need is 6 or so tiles to install at the back of your basin, to avoid the splash back from the taps onto your wall.

If you choose a different colour tile then it will add extra dimension to your bathroom!

Add a touch of marble

Ah marble. Not everyone’s taste but definitely a material that adds $$$ onto your bathroom (or so it would seem!) Marble is definitely associated with elegance and sophistication and can be implemented into your bathroom in many ways. Let’s face it, marble worktops are EXPENSIVE as is real marble but luckily there are plenty of alternative versions which look just as good.

So there we are, a range of options to help you re-decorate or re-vamp your bathroom on a budget to make it look more expensive than it actually is! The great thing is that there is plenty of amazing antique places and thrift stores that you can use to your advantage these days!

How would you re-vamp your bathroom to make it look more expesive?


  1. These are great tips! We’ve recently bought our own place and it has a very bland ensuite I want to switch up! I will definitely use these tips, thank you! x

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