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Although it may seem like a dream job being able to work remotely from home, it can also be a lot more work than you think, especially if you have young children to also tend too. I have a few fun tips to hold yourself accountable if you are choosing this new career path to keep your mind sharp, focused and do your job with accuracy!

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1. Goals

When we work, we feel as if it gives us a sense of purpose. It’s our reason to get up and out of bed in the morning and keep us motivated to reaching higher goals that we set for ourselves. But, without setting goals it will be difficult to keep ourselves excited for what is to come. Try setting up goals, even the smallest ones, to feel good about getting them crossed off your list for the morning, afternoon or night.

These goals might already be in place with you and your boss when the new quarter started but I challenge you to keep yourself even more challenged because of not being able to physically be with your co workers on a daily basis. For example, a small goal might be to clean out your inbox every night before you go to bed.

This task keeps your head cleared and not dreading about the hundreds of emails you may have forgotten about. Having this routine can ensure that you’ll be in the best mood and mindset for the following day to start fresh with a clear head.

2. Clear Your Head

Everyone has a weakness when it comes to work but the challenge is keeping your distractions at a minimum, especially when it comes to working from home. It can be really easy to throw yourself into work and then forget about the laundry or a play date that you had on the calendar for the last month. I try to get dishes done after breakfast so I don’t come to worry about it later on.

We have been talking about upgrading our kitchen sink to a granite composite with all the dishes we’ve been doing over the last few months. Some pros to having one is the strength because the materials requires a lot of pressure and the high compression stress that gives granite composite sinks their long lasting durability is highly of value to me!

They also offer all the benefits of granite and counter tops meaning that it’s resistant to heat, scratches, dents and chops and a bonus, they do not need to be sealed. If you’re looking at wanting to update your kitchen sinks, check out Pros of Granite Composite Sinks for more pros and cons to help make your own decision.

They also offer affordability which is another huge thing to help save money as we all work from home. It’s not comprised wholly of stone so you are not going to be paying nearly as much! Phew!

3. Have A Routine

It’s easy to have control when you are planning your schedule for the day but one of the biggest things that many people face when working from home is having a routine. Try to have something that works for you. If you have a lot of flexibility with your job, look for times during the day when you feel you are working your best.

Perhaps it’s in the morning when you’ve had a cup of coffee or at night after the kids go to bed. Make sure you are keeping track of how you feel too to make sure you are doing your best work when you feel at your peak.

4. Have A Designated Space

Working from the counter again? Is that really the best thing for you to plan everything out?  Do your kids know that when it’s time for you to work to give you some space? Having your own designated area that’s just yours to help you focus or even relax is key. Set up your work environment to give you what you need which is deserved time to be your best self for you, your team and your company!

There is no denying that if you are able to work from home, you can be extremely comfortable within your own environment then if you were needing to go into an office. You can wear comfortable clothes (hello cute pajamas) and be able to eat when you need too. However, you do want to make sure that your work is getting done and these tips are in place to be able to do a great job.

Do you work from home? How do you hold yourself accountable?


  1. I had not thought about tracking when I focus best/get the most done at home. I’m going to put that in place this month after I get back from holiday and see if there are patterns of productivity that I can capitalise on. Thanks for the tip Jenny!

  2. A solid organizational system has been a godsend for me – knowing where everything is can be absolutely helpful especially if I have a couple sleepy days off..

  3. I’ve worked from home before and I get how easy it is to get distracted. These are great ways to keep yourself accountable. We need to remember that working from home is a perk and we shouldn’t be abusing the privilege. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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