AD | Some people look and feel their best in the summer, and are able to find clothes that keep them cool and looking at their most stylish with ease. Others suffer through the hotter months, waiting for winter when their wardrobe can provide the jackets and coats, scarves, leggings and sweaters that flatter their figure and leave them looking great.

Today we’re taking a look at hints you can put into action to look good and dress your best all year round, so you’re no longer depressed by winter or defeated by summer!

Winter Warmers

One of the most important things you can do for a stylish winter is find clothes that can keep you warm and dry, whatever the weather throws at you. A good coat is an investment that will repay for you for years, so it’s worth putting in the time to find the right one. Picking something that’s at the cutting edge of fashion when you buy it could backfire: what’s in fashion this season could go out of style very quickly!

It makes more sense to pick something in a cut already established as classic: a mac or a duffle coat for example. Take your time, and try on multiple options to make sure you’re selecting a coat that will see you through the season in style.

You should also make sure you have a selection of cashmere sweaters in your wardrobe. These are an always stylish addition to any outfit and for all that it’s a light material, cashmere is a great insulating layer. These will keep you warm even in the depths of the winter.

Summer Heat

Looking good in the summer is a question of finding clothing that flatters you and keeps you cool when the sun is at it’s height. You also need to consider how you’re going to manage changes in temperature: a day that’s tropically warm in the middle of the day may be much cooler when the sun goes down.

The key is layering – making sure you have a suitable cardigan to pair with a sun dress for example, helps you enjoy the full length of a summer’s day, even if the evening gets colder!

Keeping an emergency change of clothes or an extra layer at work helps you adapt to the weather however it changes in the course of the day, and ensures you won’t be caught unprepared!

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  1. The central valley in California is sooooo hot in summer, so I don’t really get to bring out cardigans or sweater tops until I head to the coast for summer trips. I try to stick to shorts, t-shirts, and dresses the rest of the time :’)

  2. I definitely agree with the tip about keeping an extra layer or even a change of clothes at work – most offices are so cold that the t-shirt or tank you rolled into work wearing will not be warm enough…even if it IS stifling hot outside!

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