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During this weird year of our lives, with COVID-19 and lockdown, it’s the perfect time to start knuckling down on our finances and savings. With restaurants, cinema trips and holidays not an option for us right now, that money we would usually use on our social lives can go and sit safely in our bank accounts instead. And hopefully this whole situation will help us reconsider how we use and spend our money in a positive way.

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I know for me personally, this situation has made me focus much more on my finances and savings and most importantly, making as much money as possible. I’m a full-time blogger and I work from home on a permanent basis. I couldn’t even get another job right now if I wanted to, given the current climate.

So really getting organised with my finances is really important to me – given that I manage them solely by myself. May has been my highest paid month since becoming self employed and I wholeheartedly believe that some of the points I’ve listed below have aided me with that.

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Over the course of the last year in particular, I’ve become much more accustomed talking about money. I don’t see it as this dirty, secretive word any more than we all need to be hush-hush about. Of course it’s your own personal decision whether you want to talk about money but for me, I enjoy it. I like making money. I like saving money. I like managing my money.

So today I wanted to share with you 8 ways that you can not only SAVE and MAKE more money but also manage your finances in a much healthier and efficient way. Let’s get into it!

Note down all your incomings and outgoings

This has helped me MASSIVELY when it comes to managing my finances and my money mindset (which we’re getting into shortly). Noting down everything that comes IN – down to every last penny that you find on the street – really helps in shifting your mindset in a way to make you notice the money coming in to your life.

In terms of noting down your outgoings, well, that’s just common sense, really. Making a note of every penny you spend helps you realise what you’re spending too much on and can allow you to narrow it down accordingly.

Re-evaluate your money mindset

I’m going to go straight ahead and direct you to Abundance Academy; a course designed to help you clear those money blocks and help you establish a healthier mindset around money. Thus attracting and making more of it in the process! I loved this course and the tools I’ve learned have helped me make and save more and more money.

Of course this ALONE isn’t going to save you any money. You need to put in the work as well. But I do believe that having a healthier mindset when it comes to money can really help you in the long run.

Utilize second hand stores

Ebay, Depop, charity shorts – these are all fantastic options when it comes to buying new things. Not only are you not buying into fast fashion retailers and doing your bit for the environment by shopping more sustainably (if you’re shopping for clothes that is), it’s also a great way to save, save, save!

Sell your unwanted clothes, bags etc.

And as well as actually BUYING second hand, selling your unwanted items instead of binning them is also a two birds with one stone sorta thing. Less environmental damage AND extra cash to go into your savings account! Who doesn’t want that? There are SO many options for selling unwanted items online, from websites that exclusively buy books and DVD’s (I’ve used these before), to more well known options like eBay and depop.

Somewhere like Chapes-JPL could be a great option if you have some higher value items, such as jewelry to get rid of. With over 38 years experience, these guys buy your gold and jewelry in any condition and your money is with you in a matter of minutes! They will buy your gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold, platinum jewelry, engagement rings and more! And being one of the leading Rolex buyers in Atlanta GA, watches can go to them too.

Cut down on takeaways and unnecessary subscriptions

This is where the noting down all your outgoings comes in super handy. I don’t know about you but there’s been times where I’ve been literally ashamed at the amount of takeaways I’ve ordered. Monday: sushi. Tuesday: McDonald’s. Friday: Chinese. Nobody needs that many takeaways! So take a look at your spending habits and see what you can cut down on. Be ruthless too.

Don’t online shop because you’re bored

DON’T. STOP IT. PUT DOWN THE LAPTOP. This is so easy to do, I know. But it’s unnecessary. Shopping because you’re bored, lonely or sad can make a huge dent in your savings. And I bet that half of the things you buy during these periods rarely, if ever, get used. We buy things to make ourselves feel better sometimes. But perhaps focus on other areas of self care instead.

Consider all realistic income streams for you

If you’re looking to make extra cash and boost those savings, I’d highly suggest creating a list of ALL the realistic income streams for you. This doesn’t mean getting 2 extra jobs on top of the one you already have. But consider your situation and list accordingly. For example…

If you have a blog on the side, what can you do to make extra money through that? Are you in a position to work with and pitch to brands? If so, check out this eBook (aff – use code JENNY for 10% off!). Perhaps you can offer advertising packages for other bloggers or look into affiliate marketing.

Or outside of blogging, perhaps you can sell things online, open an Etsy shop, offer dog walking services, do a boot sale, freelance – there’s a huge number of options!

Make extra cash through survey sites and cashback apps

And finally, not something that will make you millions but certainly something to put a bit of extra cash back into your savings account. Cashback apps are great for making purchases that you were going to make anyway but also getting a little bit of cash BACK on that purchase.

Survey sites are also a great alternative because over time, you can built up quite a bit of extra cash and that’s Christmas sorted for that year! Check out this post for 3 survey sites I used to make extra money!

How do you boost your savings account? Any tips to add to this list?


  1. Fab post Jenny. Money is definitely becoming much more important to me and I’m finding that my usual unbothered approach is becoming stricter and more organised – and it’s paying off! I definitely am a bit frivilous when it comes to spending so I do need to work harder at that, but some of these tips have given me the motivation to get my mindset in order!

  2. I’m currently trying to save for a house deposit so I need as many tips as possible! I have got rid of loads of subscriptions I was paying for without really using, and I have been making the most of selling clothes on depop during the lockdown!

  3. Great tips jenny, I find it difficult to cut down my spending habits, I think I will give it a check with your great tips, love ❤️ this, thanks for sharing.

  4. I have to admit that I’m really bad at handling my finances. I’m alright at watching what I spend, but even things like checking in and making sure it’s in the right account to optimise interest I’m rubbish at. But considering I’m hoping to start house-hunting soon (when things aren’t as crazy), it’s something I need to get better at. Thanks for the tips!

    Lindsey |

  5. Good Tips!! One thing I tell everyone to do it automatically add money to their savings accounts from their paychecks. Of course, this is a little hard to do when you are self employed, so it takes a bit of self control and accountability to do it!

  6. With stores closed here it’s been SO difficult to not shop online. Thankfully I’ve been keeping myself busy and away from shopping sites because otherwise it’d be a disaster.

  7. Great tips, I think being aware of all of your income and outgoings is so important (even if that is a little harder when it can vary a lot as a self employed person). I’ve definitely been guilty of boredom shopping in the past, not something I do these days but it’s such a bad habit! x


  8. I love all of these different ways to save money! YES on noting all of your money transactions. We need to see where our money is going in order to understand our habits. I agree on unnecessary subscriptions. I love random things to try out but we’re better off spending on one things that we need and actually use. Thanks for sharing all of these different resources!

    Nancy ♥

  9. Great tips! Mine is to check the products’ producers because it often turns out that products vary when it comes to price but are exactly the same

  10. These are really good ideas! Sitting down properly over a weekend and really thinking about possible income streams really helped me with working out future finance ideas.

  11. It’s so easy to spend especially on purchases that are online; food, clothes, makeup. Maybe because the transfer of money is digital rather than physical so you don’t take into account how much your are spending and how frequent.
    Takeways really adds ups. I remember looking back on on of my bank statements and was appalled by how much I had spent on ordering food and eating out. It really does take away a chink of your earnings.
    Thanks for the post and great recommendations!

  12. This is very eye opening for me I feel like I’v learned a lot on making extra cash on things Iv been not very much paying attention on thank you for sharing.

  13. Great tips! This lockdown showed me that I buy so many things I don’t actually need and that’s not good at all. I have learned my lesson the hard way.

  14. Great advice Jenny, thanks for sharing.

    I’m working on saving money and have recently paid off my credit card, which I’m so incredibly happy about. I think the pandemic has really made me re-evaluate my life choices and as a result I’ve been able to spend a lot less. However, my income changes from month to month so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

    Kate |

  15. I feel like the current situation has really helped us to acknowledge where we have been spending unnecessarily. I know that we’ve recognized that we don’t NEED to spend on all the luxuries that we were previously splurging on. I think that this is going to help us out a lot moving forward in terms of being more responsible with our finances.

  16. These are some really good tips. I know we all need to have a little bit extra in today’s economy so saving for a rainy day is definitely a must and I think these ideas can really help.

  17. thank you for sharing these tips! you really do post a lot of helpful content and I’m very grateful for that! ❤️

  18. Love this post! So many great ideas and tips. I do want to grow my blog and maybe earn some money of it, that would be the best!

  19. Great tips! Whenever I sell something, it goes straight into my savings and I never touch it. And then I use Monzo’s saving pot as a way to put away money for a rainy day. So far, it’s working well 🙂

    Anika |

  20. I absolutely love this post! Me and my boyfriend have started to get a lot better with saving as we’re wanting to buy a house at some point in the near future – so this post was a great way to keep up motivation! ❤️

  21. These are some great ideas for saving money. I haven’t been spending much at all. Putting as much as I can into my savings account. I haven’t been buying takeaways which you don’t realise can mount up. I haven’t thought about surveys before, I might have to look into those! Thank you for sharing Jenny xxx

  22. This is a helpful post! I always have shopped second hand and I love the fact I might find something that is not what everyone else has. I definitely want to look into doing more for my blog as well, I just need to read more before I pitch to anyone or even offer advertising on my blog xx

  23. I have been so good with money during lockdown, It is going to be really hard when my spending has to return to normal because I am loving ending the month with loads left.

    There are somethings though that I will continue to be careful about. I have not been buying non essential items just because, it is so easy to go and spend a fortune just because I fancy it, I have really reigned it in.

    Surveys are a great idea, I have made a fair bit from that recently and it all goes in the wedding fund.

    Great advice here, as you say it is the perfect time to really look at our financial situations x

  24. I completely agree with all these points! I am always in second hand stores you can find so many treasures in there so it is always good to give it a go!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  25. Great post and tips, I’ve got bags I’m going through ready to sell on eBay it makes such a difference and goes towards Christmas! Some great ideas to save more money thank you!

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