collaborative post // One of the main talking points of the last year has been the rise in energy prices and cost of living. I can only speak for us folk here in the UK but there are people all over the country struggling to pay bills and stay warm right now due to this unnecessary hike and everyone is looking for ways to keep those costs down, even just a little bit.

When we’re in a crisis like this, Winter seems to go on forever. There doesn’t seem to be a respite in the freezing cold weather any time soon, so we can just hope and pray that Spring decides to make an appearance.

But until that happens, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower your heating bills.

Some will require more costs upfront but have an outstanding payoff down the line, in Winter’s to come. Other’s are more affordable ways to lower your heating bills which most people will be able to do within reason. But any chance to save money is a bonus!

I’ve tried to compile a list of various different ways in which you can lower your heating bills in this post but you also may be entitled to help with your energy bills from GOV.UK.

Here are 8 ways to lower your heating bills:

Replace single glazed windows

The ability to retain heat inside a room is practically non-existent with single glazed windows. They’re often draughty and can also cause a security risk, as they’re easier to break into. It could be worth your time and money to replace single glazed windows in your house, to help lower your heating bill.

Don’t heat rooms you’re not using

Why would you need to heat the rooms that you’re not using? Turn the radiators down or off completely in the rooms you don’t need heating at any given time to avoid wasting heating.

And only heat your house when you’re home

And similarly, you don’t need to heat an empty house. Only having the heating on when you need it is the best way to save energy and thus, save money.

Once you’re warm – stay that way

You might think it’s more efficient to leave the heating on a lower setting all day but actually, that’s a myth! Once your house is warm and you turn your heating off, ensure there are measures in place to make it (and you stay that way).

This is where draft excluders come in handy. Even things like your letterbox and keyholes can bring in unnecessary cold, so get creative and draft proof your house. You can also find some super cute draft excluders so they don’t look boring around your home.

Bleed your radiators

Trapped air in radiators can stop the warm water flowing effectively, so making sure your radiators are in top condition is beneficial in the colder months. Check out this post on how to bleed your radiators.

Go for a thermal underlay

If you’re looking at changing your flooring, consider carpet. A dense carpet is much warmer than wood or laminate, trapping heat and making a very real difference to your heating bills.

If you do go down the carpet route, go for a thermal underlay underneath. These thick, dense underlays are designed to add an extra layer of insulation, which means the amount of heat that can escape through the floor is reduced, while also stopping cold air rising from gaps in the floorboards or cold concrete subfloors.

Insulate your loft

Similarly, you might want to consider insulating your loft as well because as well as your floor, that’s another main place that the heat can escape from and cold air can come in from.

Stock up on jumpers, blankets and warm socks

A super simple point but an effective one. If you’re cold – wear more clothes! Stick on an extra jumper, your dressing gown or an extra pair of socks or wrap up in a blanket whilst you’re watching TV to stay warm and cozy.

How are you saving money on your heating bills? Any tips to add?


  1. We’re actually redoing our floors now and we went for an option that will insulate the room better and keep out any moisture and such, so that’s good to hear we’re doing good! We also have a wood burner and no heaters, and we’re going to have to replace our front door too – but the windows are all double glazed so that’s another win!

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