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I found this post on Amanda Green’s blog who took the idea from Suzie’s post and I thought it was a lovely idea so I wanted to give it a go myself. I think it’s a great way to spread some positivity and writing about these things definitely made me feel happy!

1. Books: Do I need to explain this one? Reading is my greatest pleasure and past-time and all book lovers will know and understand how happy books make me!

Rory with his new set of teeth!

2. My Dog: Any dog owners will agree with me on this one that dogs have this incredible ability to cheer you up whatever you’re going through. Dogs just know. And my dog always makes me happy. He’s so loveable and cuddly and dopey – he’s the centre of attention in our house and always makes us laugh.

3. Days Out: I love booking days out and having to get up early and pack a lunch then set out for a long day somewhere nice! Most of my days out are at the zoo – there’s lots of amazing zoo’s just a cars drive away from me and I love animals so being surrounded by them for the day make me happy.

4. Holidays: Now everyone loves a holiday and holiday’s are my favourite time of the year. It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic either – just a weekend break away in the UK is enough to make me happy! I just love getting away from home for a while and embracing somewhere new!

5. Food: Right, I love food. All food. Food. And eating nice food makes me extremely happy. Whether it be a takeaway I’ve been looking forward to or a new recipe that I’m trying or my mum’s Sunday roast. Although I’m never happier than when I’m stuffing my face with a Chinese takeaway!

59d07bfbe6ea67e06b181055043fa0bc6. Disney: It’s no secret that I’m a massive Disney fan and settling down for a night and watching some Disney films never fails to make me happy! They transport me right back to my childhood and I have so many memories that are linked to Disney and Disneyland, thinking about them makes me smile (and feel a little nostalgic!)

7. Being Tidy and Organised: I always feel much happier when my room is neat and tidy and my schedule is organised. I love having a mass clean out of my room every now and again too and getting rid of the clutter can really help clear my head and make me feel calmer and happier!

8. Feeling Successful: Success doesn’t have to mean huge, massive achievements or earning a huge sum of money. For me, feeling successful is a lot smaller and when my blog is doing well and organising blog tours which authors have booked with me makes me feel very happy and successful!

9. Friends and Family: Knowing you have family, friends or a partner in your life who care about you should be enough to make anyone happy. Obviously humans are more complicated than that but I love the people I have in my life and they (mostly!) make me happy!

10. Going Through Old Photos: I love love love going through old photos of my teenage years and although it makes me incredibly nostalgic and sometimes sad it obviously makes me very happy as well to know that I had such a brilliant childhood and teenage life. I miss those times and the people but obviously everyone has to grow up.

11. Bonfire Night: Bonfire night is my favourite time of year – I prefer it to Christmas and my birthday because I just love fireworks and every year, bonfire night has been a time for friend and family to get together, build a bonfire and watch some beautiful fireworks.

12. The Beach: The beach is my favourite place to be. I love the sea, the sand and everything about it. I love watching the waves and everything about being by the sea makes me so happy and calm.

The beach where I'm going on holiday next year! Can't wait!
The beach where I’m going on holiday next year! Can’t wait!

13. TV Shows: Who doesn’t love getting stuck into a really good TV show? I love those shows that you get so addicted to, you end up having a 18 hour Netflix marathon with!

14. Buying/Making Presents: I’d much much rather buy or make other people presents than receiving presents myself. I love the effort of finding the perfect present – something a bit different and personal that the other person will really really love and it makes me very happy knowing that it’ll make them happy!

15. Making Plans: Having things to look forward too makes me really happy. Knowing I’ve got lots of exciting things planned! This year, I’m going on holiday in May to the Lake District which I’ve always wanted to visit! I’ve also got a baby cousin on the way and have booked outdoor cinema tickets for Back To The Future in July which should be fun! The most exciting thing of all is a holiday to Turkey next April!

Feel free to do your own one of these posts or leave me a comment about a few things that make you happy!

Love Jenny


  1. We live out in the country and have a small bonfire most weekends during summer. Love them! I also enjoy surprise family day trips. I gather my wife and sons on a weekend morn and just head out, not telling them where we are going. One of our best was a few hour drive south of us to elk country in PA to both watch elks and have a lunch at restaurant there.

    1. That sounds lovely! I’d love to live in the country and be able to do that in the summer – there’s nothing nicer than spending a warm summers night outside in the garden. The surprise family days out sounds great too!

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