AD | I’ve always had a bit of a love / hate relationship with my own birthday. Leaning more towards the “hate” side of the scale although there have been birthdays I’ve had which I’ve spent will all my (old) friends, felt incredibly loved and spoiled and thoroughly enjoyed. But the older I get, the more I dread my birthday. But I’ve always loved other people’s and being able to spoil them with birthday cards, special gifts, cakes, decorations – the lot!

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I spoke more about the reasons behind why I don’t like my birthday in this post. And all of that still stands today. As I’ve gotten older, the number of friends I have has gotten less and less. For a number of reasons. But I don’t really have people to spend my birthday with – other than my boyfriend and my parents – anymore.

So I never make a huge deal of it. My boyfriend and I will probably go for a day out at the zoo. Then we’ll all go out for something to eat. I usually still get a cake and presents from them – but it’s mostly stuff I’ve asked for and/or need. Because I don’t like owning too much either and hate unnecessary “stuff”.

I think birthdays are an amazing thing to celebrate. The end of another year on this planet. The start of a brand new year full of potential opportunities and joy. Even just making it through another 12 months if you’re going through a tough period is cause for celebration in my opinion.

But I just can’t personally bring myself to do it.

And there’s no doubt that money might play a part in that too. How would I celebrate my birthday if money was NO object? If I could do, buy, spend and purge on whatever my heart desired in order to treat myself and heck, celebrate myself on my special day?

Well, it actually IS my 27th birthday next week (4th September, if anyone wanted to surprise me with any of the below!) so here’s how I would celebrate if money was no object:

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First, I’d buy myself my dream car

I know I don’t like “stuff” but I don’t really see a car as an unnecessary item. It’s been years since I owned my own car. I’ve only had one car in my life, which was a cute little mint green Ford KA. But since that failed it’s MOT, got scrapped and my anxiety got too bad which stopped me driving for years, a car hasn’t been high up on my agenda.

But if money was no object, first of all, I’d get the best hypnotherapy that money could buy and get rid of my anxiety around driving. Then I’d buy myself a white Audi TT RS – my dream car!

I’d go out for a fancy meal with my family – no expenses spared!

Spending time with my family on my birthday is still important to me. Although I don’t like the day to be *about* me. More about having that time together on a day which is notable in our books. So a meal is always a great way to be able to do that.

I’d go to my favourite restaurant – Cote – and I’d tell everyone to order whatever the hell they wanted. And I’d order the most expensive bottle of champagne for my Mum too. I’ve been to Cote a couple of times and their food never fails to impress. The Risotto Vert is my dish of choice – a gorgeous, creamy, Vegetarian risotto full of greens!

I’d head off to Disneyland Paris for the week

I mean, I couldn’t not include a trip to Disneyland Paris in this post could I? I’d go to Disneyland Paris for every birthday if I could! But sadly I don’t think money would allow for that. But I’d really splurge out on an amazing holiday at Disneyland Paris – no expenses spared.

So that means staying in the Disney hotel, eating at all the best restaurants, fast passes, all the sugary snacks and of course some merch to take home with me. Although I don’t like unnecessary stuff, when I’m on holiday, I do like buying something special as a reminder.

And I’d ask Mary Berry to bake my birthday cake

I mean, you can’t have a birthday without cake. But there’s only so much joy an £8 cake from Tesco can bring you. Can you imagine a cake from one of the best bakers in the world sitting in your kitchen for your birthday? I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I’d probably go for something chocolaty – maybe a white chocolate and raspberry cake because that’s one of my favourite flavor combinations. If not, carrot cake or a lemon drizzle would be just perfect too!

If money was no object, I’d love to hear exactly how you would celebrate your own birthday! What would you treat yourself to?

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  1. Oh, happy birthday for tomorrow Jenny. I don’t tend to like celebrating birthdays either and will often spend my day at the zoo or catching a movie. These are some great ideas though! I’d love to spend my birthday at Disneyland. 💕

  2. This is such a fun post! If I were to have unlimited money to spend on a birthday, I’d probably go traveling to be honest! Somewhere sunny preferably.

  3. Mmmm that cake would be on my list. I have spent many birthdays totally alone, if money was no object I would fly my sons to wherever in the world I am and have a lavish dinner followed by that cake.

  4. I feel like once you turn a certain age birthdays become not so important to you. Especially for me who has an obsession with time. I never feel like I have enough of it. Also money too! I loved your list though and I enjoyed the post. Its nice to have a different take on it instead of another post about what you did on your birthday.

  5. I totally get you with birthdays. I used to love them in the past but my 30th kind of broke me. Mum’s cancer had really hit her and she forgot it was my birthday so I had to buy my own cake and card and pretend that she’d gotten them for me! I didn’t mind since it made her happy but yeah…

    I’d love to go back to LA for 10 days to experience more of the life there. Oh…Mary Berry would make THE best birthday cake! xD

  6. Mary Berry baking your birthday cake would be the best thing! Good choice of car, too. I think if I had loads of money for a birthday treat then I’d probably do a tour of Europe or something like that… For me I just can’t beat travelling!

  7. This may sound corny but the last couple of birthdays have been really special. Either going off for the day doing something with the OH like being taken shopping or going to a car museum (I’m big into cars) so just enjoying time together doing something new is always fun.

    However, if money was no object, I’d totally buy myself an obnoxious car!

  8. Omg having Mary Berry bake your birthday cake would be the absolute dream :’) I think I’d get myself my dream car as well, a sleek BMW convertible. I’d spend my birthday week by the coast, in my favourite coastal towns. I’d have a classy dinner with my family and friends as well. I love celebrating my birthday since it’s a day I’m with my family, but I feel your dread a little. I’m turning 20 this year (don’t hate me for whinging about this haha!!), and I’m sad to be leaving my teenage years behind.

  9. Usually it’s just me, my husband and my daughter and we def do nothing big. I would make a trip to another country also if I had the extra cash and vacation!

  10. I like my birthday. It is in the summer and I just like going out with friends. For 3 years we went out to a restaurant that served hot dogs, my favorite. It was called Haute Dogs and Fries. We spent a few hours in this casual atmosphere with our friends and had a great time. But it has closed. So if money were no object, I would charter a nice 50′ sailboat and sail on the Chesapeake Bay to a lovely dockside restaurant, enjoy the sunset and sail back to the home dock and have some cake, champagne and spend the evening with my lovely wife and good friends. And since money is no object, Jenny, I would by you the Audi just because I can.

  11. this is such a great post, my 25th birthday is on Friday and I’ll be seeing the Jonas Brothers for the first time in a decade the day after so my birthday dreams are kind of coming true lol. Other than that, I’d also buy my dream car which is a range rover. and I’d probably get my dream chanel bag as well. other than that just spending time with loved ones is all i need. xx

    mich /

  12. I have good friends scattered around the world so if money was no object my 38th birthday would involve flying every one I love to an island somewhere for a week.

  13. I really don’t think birthdays feel as special the older you get. It was my 28th last month and I wasn’t excited for it at all. That been said if money was no object I’d spend each birthday in a different destination like a little birthday ritual!

    Lauren |

  14. I think as you get older, birthdays feel less special than when you were a kid don’t they? A Mary Berry cake would be would be awesome!

    I think I would just love to be on holiday somewhere when my birthday rolls around. Just waking up to the sun and sea would make it the best day haha.

    Aimsy xoxo

  15. Asking Mary Berry to bake your cake made me laugh. I never really celebrate my birthday either other than maybe going out to dinner, I don’t really like birthdays much so try not to draw too much attention to them. I’m not sure what I’d do with all the money in the world but I’d probably end up celebrating by taking a holiday and spending the day somewhere else. In first class…because…unlimited money… x


  16. I don’t tend to do a lot for my birthday each year, but I would love to take a dream trip with my husband and the pups if money was no option! We’d purchase an older camper van, fixing it up exactly how I want it and drive across Canada and the US!

  17. That definitely sounds like a dream birthday indeed! I don’t blame you for not really wanting to, I don’t have much people to spend mine with either, and budget is also tight for me. I would LOVE to have my dream car and go visit Disneyland Paris, I hear it’s so lovely there!

    Geraldine |

  18. Reading this it’s like we’re the same person! I love other people’s birthdays but I don’t really enjoy my own – because I hate being the centre of attention and that “all eyes on me” feeling. Since I’ve turned 27 I genuinely enjoy adult things like flossing my teeth – welcome to your late twenties! 😉

  19. Happy Birthday (early). The cake looks marvelous. Mine is 6 days after yours. I appreciate the birthday because I do not like the alternative. Two years ago I did not know it would be the last of my birthdays that I would have my father there to celebrate with our family. He passed 4 weeks later.
    If I would to have no limit on cost and what to do for my birthday I would love to go on a cruise to Alaska or go over to Ireland and Italy with my husband.

  20. Such good ideas – a cake by Mary Berry too would be AMAZING! I’d do a similar thing in that I’d go out with my family for a lavish meal, but I’d also plan a couple of nights in my favourite hotel in Barnsley – we stayed there for a night after we got married and it’s beautiful, but very expensive! Xx

  21. Erm, excuse me, but can I come to your birthday and try some of that cake out please? Sounds incredible! I’m a bit like you, I don’t usually make much of a fuss about my birthday and half the time I spend the day on my own anyway. This year I’m turning 30 though so we’re off on a little holiday which I’m very excited about. However if someone offered me an Audi TT I think that’d be the best cherry on top haha!
    Beth x

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