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Social media is an integral part of blogging. Being able to expand your content across various channels, grow various different audiences and promote your work on a large scale. Who wouldn’t want that? Bloggers have varying degrees of success across various channels. But Twitter has always been one my most successful and where I get the a lot of traffic to my blog. So in this post I wanted to talk about how to use Twitter to promote your blog.


How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog

When it comes to social media promotion, there are certainly things that work and things that definitely do not work. Different platforms work for different people and it will obviously depend on factors such as your niche. But in general, these tips on how to use Twitter to promote your blog can and will apply to most bloggers reading this.

If you want a MASS of blog views, Pinterest is the place to go. If you want to build up an audience who are engaged, then Twitter is your friend. And both have their place in the blogging world and both are worth the time and effort to work on and grow because both things will have a positive impact on your blog.

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So if you want some top tips on how to use Twitter to promote your blog, you’re in the right place!

how to use twitter to promote your blog

You’re under-sharing your blog content

You might simply not be sharing enough. The average shelf life of a tweet is around 18 minutes so if you share once in a day, that doesn’t give people an awful lot of time to stumble across your tweet in their feed unless they click directly onto your profile. So up the ante a bit. I tend to schedule around 7-8 promotional tweets a day, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. But that seems to work for me!

You don’t share anything but your links

So although you’re sharing your blog posts an appropriate amount, which is great, you might not feel like your Twitter channel is gaining momentum. That might be because that’s ALL you do. And you look like a robot. And nobody wants that, really. It’s called “social” media for a reason. So be social. Make sure you chat, reply, engage and get involved in things too!

Your tweets are boring or they don’t stand out

Sorry to put this bluntly but this really may be a reason why people aren’t clicking on your blog links through Twitter. It’s because you’re not giving people anything interesting to click on. Your tweets aren’t noticeable (and don’t forget the sheer amount of tweets people are seeing each day, you NEED to stand out) and you’re not drawing people in.

You can provide a basic tweet with the blog post topic and a link but back it up with an image, a Twitter graphic to promote your post or a fun GIF. Use emojis in your tweets, ask questions, tell a joke – anything – to stop people scrolling past your tweet.

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how to use twitter to promote your blog

How to use Twitter to promote your blog

You’re not using relevant hash tags and RT accounts

Of course you can get plenty of blog views without hash tags and RT accounts on Twitter but they definitely do help at times. If you’re not using them, why not? If you are using them, are you using the correct ones? For example, don’t use the #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) hash tag on a Tweet promoting your blog post about recycling. That’s pretty obvious (but you’d be surprised with how many things like that I’ve seen!)

You’re begging for views and irritating people

This might just be me but I’d consider this a pretty big reason why you’re not seeing results from Twitter for your blog. All the begging… sheeeeesh. Cut it out. I’m certainly not the only one that finds this annoying but begging for views in your tweets is a sure fire way of putting people off clicking on your posts at all. So don’t do it, it’s fucking annoying.

You’re using the #bloggerswanted hash tag to promote your posts

Let me tell you something. Every time I search through the bloggers wanted hash tag on Twitter to look for blogging opportunities, I mute EVERYONE who misuses the hash tag. Yep. Everyone. They clog up the feed and make it incredibly hard for people who want to use the hash tag for what it’s for (looking for blog opps). So just be wary of HOW you’re using Twitter and whether you’re doing anything like this that might put people off.

I hope these tips on how to use Twitter to promote your blog were helpful. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment!


  1. Great info thanks – I’m still getting my head around twitter but I read some great articles which I also shared on twitter – see how we go – what is your advice on whether to make the blog hidden or public?

      1. Hidden isn’t private. Apparently Hidden is still on the net it just isn’t crawled by search engines. But you’re right – I need to take it that one step further – hmm a couple of days more 😬

  2. Jenny you don’t hold back now do ya love lol 😆 that was the most uncanny blog post on how we as bloggers are using twitter the incorrect way lmao 😆 definitely deserves a like and a comment

      1. Your more than welcome to give me any feedback on my blog posts anytime would be cool 😎

  3. I had this post bookmarked because I seem to be so hit and miss with whether my Twitter is effective or not. Reading this has actually set my mind at ease though, because I think I’m doing alright and it’s just chance of some days hitting the right people at the right time. i totally agree about the begging though – nothing stops me clicking a link as effectively!

  4. I definitely undershare my posts! That’s something I need to work on. I’ve been thinking about using Buffer to schedule my promotional twitter posts.

  5. Ahhh! Now you’ve made me super paranoid! I try not to over-share my posts because I know how annoying it gets and try to chat more with people to market my posts differently!

    I’m going to go curl up in a corner now! ;P

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. It irritates me so much when people use #bloggerswanted for promotional content! Genuinely one of my biggest social media pet peeves. Totally agree with this list – I find I get too repetitive with my tweets sometimes so I think I need to get better at mixing them up a bit.

  7. How frequently do you think it’s ok to re-share the same post? Right now I don’t share any link more than once and it’s really not working but I’m really worried about oversharing!

    1. When I have a new post out, I share it around 6 times a day. Then sporadically thereafter. So once a day for the next week or so. Sharing a new post once isn’t reaching even 5% of your followers!

  8. Wonderful points as usual Jenny! I relate to the under sharing of my tweets. I used to promote my blog posts twice every three or four days because I didn’t want to feel like I was bragging. But once I realized how illogical that sounds considering millions of people use Twitter, I started promoting old and new blog posts twice every day. It works for me and it doesn’t annoy my followers. Plus, I’m getting views and comments on older posts too. I really liked that you shared these simple tips because they make the biggest difference.

    Natonya |

  9. I go through so many phases with scheduling tweets/ forgetting/ scheduling/ forgetting again. It’s ridiculous. When I’m actually on top of my game, I go for about 5 a day to not spam people with too many. Twitter is definitely my best performing social media platform by a mile though x


  10. These are some excellent points!! There’s nothing worse than seeing someone just tweet their links out, especially if they don’t share any context about their post :/ Engagement is the biggest key to Twitter, that’s for sure!

  11. Love these tips! It is so hard to find ways to stay engaging and ever so easy to fall into the rut of over-promoting boring content (I know what it looks like; I scroll right past it!) Identifying what turns you off in a tweet is a great way to make your tweet not like that.

  12. I could be guilty of these all! Lol, not really but it does really careful intention to promote correctly on social media (Twitter included) without becoming downright annoying or coming off as insincere. Good reminders and enjoyed the humor as well.

  13. Good advice here Jenny thank you. Twitter is my main social media outlet so will certainly take on board the advice to be more ‘social’

  14. Ugh twitter is my worst one. I fall in and out of love with Twitter so often. I think I’m an undersharer really. I’ll try this Tips to see if it makes a difference

  15. Twitter is definitely the social media that helps me the most! Thank you for sharing! I’ll be taking all of this into consideration when promoting my posts!!

  16. You brought up one of my greatest pet peeves – people who share nothing but spamming their own content on Twitter, yet get upset that others aren’t engaging with them. How can you expect others to engage with you if you won’t also engage with others? It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason…

  17. Thanks for this Jenny, I will certainly keep these tips in mind. I’m probably under sharing posts but do use some of the RT accounts as well for promotion on Twitter and just hope that doesn’t lead to over sharing for my followers!

  18. On point advice for new and old bloggers. Some bloggers do not know how often they tweeted their links that it becomes overbearing for their followers. Thank goodness I never even wanted to use the #bloggerswanted hashtag. Great post, Jenny. x Ain

  19. I am so glad I learnt most of my twitter strategy from you!
    I think I’m probably guilty of the too many links at times – mostly the days when I’m really active on comment threads and I forget that they show up on peoples feeds as well as my scheduled tweets.

    I keep trying to tweet more about life things but I’m so bad at it XD

  20. Some good advice here Jenny! For me, I think when I first started blogging I never used my twitter enough to promote my posts and then I went through a stage were I used it too much. I finally think I have a good balance now were it comes to Twitter – now I’m just considering what to do with my Instagram and need to learn to master pintrest!

  21. I’m cackling at the #bloggerswanted bit, people are so annoying! I’m definitely undersharing posts at the moment (as in, not sharing them at all) which isn’t good so I will definitely be taking your advice and trying to get a few promo posts up! Excellent tips as always 🙂 x

  22. This is a great post! I feel I have committed a couple of those mistakes. I have such a hard time getting engagement on my tweets that I sometimes on just quitting altogether, but these tips give me hope.

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. This is great advice. I have a hard thinking about what to say outside of promoting my blog. Hashtags and promoting on posts that ask for blog sharing has been helpful. Pinterest doesn’t bring me any views. Only twitter once in a while

  24. this is such an informative and helpful post! i tend to only share my blog post once a day out of fear of annoying my followers, so maybe that’s where i’m going wrong x

    1. definitely! Most of your followers won’t even see that one tweet because Twitter moves FAST. Like I said, the average shelf life for a tweet is around 18 minutes, which isn’t long at all!

  25. I only auto post to Twitter with each new post. There you go, that’s why I get almost zero engagement from it. I post to Facebook and gain more views from specialist pages. I’ve 2 of my own. X

  26. This post has so much good advice Jenny! Especially the too many links part – when I was hiatus my blog still auto posted links and I lost a fair few followers! x

  27. Oh goodness! I hope we have all comited one mistake or two when we first started promoting but these are so typical, indeed. I hate the robot part. Please, show a bit of the person behind the scenes. Hahaha.

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny. On point, as usual.

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