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My Ideal Home Interiors: Scandinavian Design

AD | Although I’m nowhere near to being in the position to own my own home, a gal can still dream. A spend hours on Pinterest. I’ve got a pretty clear vision of what my dream home would look like and what it would include. And I’m manifesting a lottery win as hard as I can to make that happen… (and you know, working really hard too!)

Photo by Kirill on Unsplash

In case the title of this post didn’t give it away, a Scandinavian style home would be my perfect choice. I love the balance of functionality, simplicity and beauty in this style of decor. Which greatly appeals to my more minimalist side or not wanting to own unnecessary rubbish and also my love for aesthetically pleasing home decor.

I think the Scandinavian style is the perfect combination but actually achieving that style in your own home I can imagine will take a lot of thought and work. You want it to look homely and warm as well as simple and functional. A fine line and hard balance to hit.

Here are some elements of the Scandinavian home interior design that I absolutely love and how I’d use that in my dream home:

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Corner fireplace

A fireplace in the corner of the room is more traditional for a Scandinavian home whereas here in the UK we’re much more likely to have a fireplace in the middle of a wall. Although my boyfriend’s grandparents house does have a fireplace in the corner. I’d love an actual working fireplace for ultimate coziness in the colder months.

Nordic sauna

I know that the Finnish love their saunas. And I’d absolutely love to try that thing where they go in freezing cold water and then into a sauna and back again (I’m not sure whether this practice has an actual name?) You can purchase bespoke commercial and domestic spas which I’d love in my dream Scandinavian inspired home!

White or light grey base

Scandinavian style home interiors often stick with white or grey as their main colour for a room. These light and simple colours give you a great base to start on and allow you to work out from there, adding different colours and textures to make the room really pop.

Adding pops of colour

Too much white makes a room look cold and medical. But adding pops of colour can really help brighten it up and lift a room. Although colour would be kept to a minimum, one item here and there, perhaps a sofa, sofa cushions or a lamp would be a nice, subtle way of adding colour into Scandinavian style decor. And I’d probably chose a blue or a green.

Lots of different textures

I’m a huge fan of different textures anyway and luckily, so are the Scandinavians! So think exposed bricks, wooden pieces of furniture, rugs and blankets and of course plants. All these texture elements can add the homely feel to a Scandinavian style decor. I recently bought a very Scandinavian-esque light grey soft blanket for my bed!

Are you a fan of Scandinavian style home decor?

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  1. Scandinavian is such a gorgeous style. ❤ love this post! Hope you get your amazing dream home soon! I’m sure you will!

  2. Well, I love Scandinavian decor and minimalism, but on the other hand I also love boho and all those tiny decorations that just gather dust…

    1. I’m not a fan of tiny decorations that gather dust haha but Boho is a gorgeous style x

    2. I totally get you Paulina! I’m over here in limbo between minimalism and dust collecter 💁‍♀️ haha

  3. I do love the Scandi style and it is surprisingly easy to pull off

  4. I love this style but not sure my cluttered house could pull it off *sobs*

  5. oooh I love this style and vibe! I am a little more beachy but definitely go for minimalist!

    1. Beachy minimalism is definitely a thing!

  6. Very interesting article.

  7. Scandinavian design is really lovely and I do like rooms that are very minimalist. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  8. Mariam says:

    I also love a clean Scandinavian style home! That’s why IKEA is my best friend haha.

  9. Yes, I’d love this! I bet it’s sooooo hygge. My problem is that I’m super eclectic and just buy random stuff (my house is a combination of African, Indian, Japanese, witch, and pop culture decor, which makes no sense) so I don’t think I’d ever be able to achieve this style!

    1. Wow bet your house has some really interesting items in it!

  10. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I absolutely love the Scandinavian style of design, especially the corner fireplaces as mentioned aove! It’s so homely x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿 http://www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. It sure is! I love my boyfriend’s Grandparents corner fireplace x

  11. My ideal home in my head always fluctuates between what I actually like and what looks better in photos for blog purposes 😂. I like a lot of rustic features and darker wood etc but then photos look crap in that kind of lighting soooo I’m not really sure. I’ve always liked plain white walls though, I prefer the colours to be in furniture and accessories x


    1. Oh me too. I’d love a photo-worthy house!

  12. sarah says:

    I love grey and white! x

  13. I love the simplicity of Scandi decor.

  14. It’s such a lovely style. A working fireplace would be perfect for cooler months.
    We have one and never use it because stupidly we decided to wallpaper the chimney wall before we realised using our wood burner would strip it.


    1. Oh no! That’s a shame x

  15. Bethany Jane says:

    I love the Scandinavian style, but I’m such a hoarder that I’d have to get rid of half my belongings in order to pull off the effortlessly cool minimalist look! I really like the idea of bright rooms that you can add lots of colour and texture to though, it also makes it super easy to change up the look rather than have to redecorate the whole room haha!

    1. Oh no haha! I’m the complete opposite – hate having things! Having a white base and adding texture would definitely make it SO easy to change things up if/when you wanted to!

  16. I have so much grey in my house!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I love grey! I’ve recently bought loads of grey decor for my room too!

  17. I love the minimal scandinavian style! x

  18. thewildflowerhippie says:

    I love the Scandinavian design. I love to go on Pinterest and look for inspiration for hours. Definitely the style I am going for the next time I move


    1. Me too – I could spend hours looking at interior design on Pinterest.

  19. I love Scandinavian design. It’s so unique. We don’t have loads of colour in our flat as it’s rented but I’d love to add pops of colour to our next home xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. It’s so lovely isn’t it x

  20. Personally speaking I LOVE the Scandinavian design! Our house is meant to be minimal, and hopefully next wee Ryan and I can finally get there. We’re getting the living room painted which will take a load off our shoulders. Slowly but surely!

    Loved this post Jenny. I can totally see everything you described in my head – and I’m a bit jealous!

    1. Thank you! It’s the nicest design, for sure!

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