AD | Okay, who’s DONE with Summer now? Show of hands? I certainly am. And just when we thought we ought to be getting out our fluffy blankets and cozy pajamas we’re hit with another 4 scorchio days. 2 days prior to this unnatural heatwave, guess which idiot had actually gone and put the warm duvet back on her bed and covered it in a new blankets? Me. I am the idiot.

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

So what I’m saying is I CAN’T WAIT FOR AUTUMN. Like, I really honestly and truly can’t wait. I love the colder weather, the crunchy leaves, horror movies, firework night and of course wrapping up in all the lovely Autumnal clothing.

So to get into the Autumn mood, today I’m sharing my top picks for Autumn from justyouroutfit, for women and men!


1. Women’s Light Faded Denim Skinny Dungaree

I’ve never owned a pair of dungaree – short or long – but I really want to because I think they can make a lovely outfit for any time of year. But definitely Autumn! I’d probably pair these with a jumper and some cute trainers. Or a long sleeve top like the model has on in this photo. Imagine how cute a stripey long sleeve top would look under these!

2. Women’s Pink Ruffle Hem Knit Jumper

Would you look like Elle from Legally Blonde in this? Definitely. But I couldn’t not include this on my list. This is definitely the sort of thing I’d pick up in a shop. It’s super cute but also looks super warm and comfy and perfect to Autumn and to pair with a ton of different outfits!

3. Women’s Black Gingham Belted Cigarette Trousers

I am a sucker for trousers at the moment. It’s all I’ve wanted to wear and all I’ve been buying for like, the entire year. I used to be such a skirt person but trousers have well and truly taken my heart this year. I’m always looking for new trousers to buy and I think a pair like this would be great for Autumn because you could dress them up or down or even wear them for work!


1. Men’s Wine Hexagon Striped Zip Through Tracksuit

My boyfriend will not wear tracksuits and I know that he’d be super warm and comfy in them at home during Autumn and Winter. So maybe this is the year to introduce him to a selection of men’s tracksuits and loungewear sets! I love everything burgundy coloured – especially for Autumn. So the Men’s Wine Hexagon Striped Zip Through Tracksuit would be my top pick!

2. Men’s Tan Fleece Collar Jacket

Autumn is obviously the time where we’re all going to need to start wearing a jacket. Perhaps not a full on thick coat just yet – unless we have a freak spell of freezing cold weather – but definitely a jacket to take the edge off now it’s starting to get a bit chillier. Especially in the evenings. I really like the colour of this jacket. I love beige, brown and tan shades for Autumn!

3. Men’s Blue Blocked Colour Knitted Jumper

And finally, Autumn wouldn’t be Autumn without a knitted jumper would it? And if you haven’t got one to dig out from the depths of your closet, then it’s time to invest in a new one! I really like this pick from justyouroutfit. I like the colours and the block effect of the colours. It also look super warm and comfy!

What’s your favourite item from those I’ve picked? What’s your favourite type of clothes to wear in Autumn?

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  1. I’m so ready for Autumn too. It’s my favourite time of year from the crunchy leaves to the the crisp mornings, and of course “fall fashion”. I haven’t owned dungarees since I was a child but I remember how comfy they were, so I may have to get a pair. I love this gingham print trousers! They’d be perfect for me to wear to the office.

  2. I’m unbelievably excited for autumn!! I have to admit, if I didn’t have school, I’d still be okay with the scorching heat and triple-digit weather. Buuuut, my mind and heart turn towards the colder weather as soon as school is back in full swing because it’s my next favourite time of year :’) Love all of these picks!! xx

  3. Love dungarees! Mine are shorts so I wear them more in the summer but they’re so versatile and great for mixing things up. Love those cigarette trousers too! Hopefully the summer will just keep going on and we won’t have to think about changing up our wardrobes 😉

  4. I love burgundy so much, as soon I see the first people wearing it either in their clothing or as lipstick or nail polish I get SO excited for Autumn! I could never pull it off but that pink jumper is the cutest thing ever!
    Beth x

  5. I’m so ready for Autumn! This heatwave is lovely because I do love sun…only if there is a cool breeze!

    I love those trousers! I wish I could be a bit more fashionable but I just don’t know how to put items together! xD

  6. Love the women’s cigarette trousers. Talk about looking long and lean. And so easy to dress up or down.

  7. I absolutely love autumn because it’s more acceptable to finally start wearing winter coats! I’m a sucker for longline coats and I love them in beige x

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