ad | Technology is obviously coming on leaps and bounds all the time. Whilst there’s still many problems with various aspects of technology, I think we live in a time where we can keep ourselves and our possessions safer than ever. Cars are often a big part of our lives, whether you just use it to get from A to B or whether you’re a mega car enthusiast.

My partner and I definitely fall under the car enthusiast category and we both love his quite fancy car. It’s his absolute pride and joy and rightly so – he worked bloody hard to save up for that car.

But obviously with any nice car, comes the threat and worry about something happening to it, like theft or having it broken in to. It’s not something too common where we live, thankfully. But it’s definitely also not something to skimp on. It could happen to anyone.

My partner is smart and takes various safety precautions when it comes to keep his car safe. Not just from theft but also environmental impacts to the vehicle as well. Today we’re going to look at a handful of ways to keep your car safe:

Use a GPS Vehicle Finder

I was sent the Vehicle Finder 4G 1.0 to feature in this post as this device is another excellent piece of technology that can be used to keep your car – perhaps one of your most prized possessions – safer than ever. There are a few GPS Car Trackers to choose from but this tracker has many functions, including:

  • Giving you alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker is shaken or moved
  • Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker leaves the specified radius
  • Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker is disconnected from the external power supply
  • Alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker exceeds a certain speed
  • Alarm message as soon as the ignition is activated or deactivated

And is a small and neat piece of kit that fits easily to the battery of your car. Once fitted to your car, you scan the QR code on your device to take you to the set up process. As an extra layer of security for your car, this is a great option. The device retails at £149.99 then you register on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. A good option if you decide to change cars.

Ensure your insurance covers theft or write-offs

If you can’t prevent a theft from happening then at least you can be covered for if it does. My partner’s insurance covers theft and write-offs and they will give you the money back for the price of the car when you purchased it. This is always something to invest in and think about when sorting out your car insurance.

If you have a driveway, park rear first

Although you will see a lot of differing advice on this, the reason we park rear first (so back onto the driveway) with our car is because if someone wanted to tow the car away then it’s much easier to do so if you’re parked front first. If you have a rear-wheel drive car, it makes it more difficult to steal if you’re parked rear first with the handbrake on.

Keep any valuables out of sight in your car

Obvious one but always worth mentioning because how many times do we accidentally leave our phone or a wallet in the car? If you DO have to leave any valuables in the car for whatever reason, make sure they’re completely out of sight.

Invest in a steering wheel lock

Adding a steering wheel lock will deter criminals from thinking it’s going to be an easy steal.

Try and park as close to your house possible

Another thing to deter criminals is parking as close to your house as possible. Preferably with street lights or your own house lights lit and near to your car. Any space that’s likely to be seen by pedestrians is safer for your car.

Don’t leave your car keys around

And when you’re at home, try and refrain from leaving your car keys near any windows or doors. For example, throwing them on the hallway table next to the front door when you walk in. Another obvious point that we’re ALL taught at some point in our lives but one that’s easily forgotten.

How do you keep your car as safe as possible?


  1. That’s a really cool device if you are worried about your car getting stolen. They have so many great tracking devices now and it’s hard to know which ones are good. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Great post! I’ve actually started parking rear first on to our driveway for the exact reason you stated! The vehicle finder sounds great too!

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