AD collaborative post // Do you sometime pore over the pages of glossy lifestyle magazines, gazing wistfully at articles where a count and countess of some obscure European kingdom showcase their salubrious home? While your toddlers throw spaghetti in your face and your partner screams at you for forgetting to take the bins out?

Yup, us too. But while there’s no point wishing that you had a ‘small private income’ by dint of sheer good fortune, there are some home improvements that don’t require a king’s ransom! And most of these are easy interior design tips that will help it look like you’ve hired an interior designer!

Here are five easy (and affordable) ways to refresh your home interior:

1. Carpet and upholstery cleaning

In a busy household with pets and kids, your brand new carpets and sofa sets can start to look like they’ve been in a battle zone in a matter of months – and replacements don’t come cheap. However, carpet and upholstery cleaning from the likes of ServiceMaster Clean can really work wonders – you can hire similar machinery yourself, but it takes a pro touch to get great results, and their prices are reasonable.

2. Painting

Changing the paint palette of your living room and bedroom is a brilliant way of altering the ambience and if you do it yourself, you can save cash and enjoy the cathartic experience of changing your décor stroke by stroke.

There’s something deeply satisfying about opening your windows on a sunny day, turning on the radio and working with your rollers and brushes – have a go and we’re sure you’ll agree.

3. Replacing doors

Want to improve the energy flow throughout your interior and create a more positive, airy ambience? Ordering and hanging replacement internal doors from craftsmen like Oakwood Doors is a reliable way to make a difference – delivery is available, and you can install yourself or pay a tradesperson to do it for you. Either way, new doors make a massive difference. Consider the variety of athletic upgrades from a range of designs such as airy sliding glass doors to convenient accordion doors.

4. New curtains

Replacing your curtains is another simple way of achieving a radically different look in a room that’s feeling rather staid and tired.

Swapping drapes for blinds allows in more light and can create a contemporary look, while it’s always good to have lighter curtains to allow light in during spring and summer.

5. Wall art

Last but not least, investing in some wall art can add the final design flourish to your hallway, living room or bedrooms.

What you choose is entirely dependent on your personal taste – for instance, you might like a customised poster print of your family, a landscape from a favourite local or overseas location, or even a reproduction of a famous painting, like these Klimt prints from King & McGaw?

These five easy ways to refresh your home interior won’t break the bank but will restore calm and comfort to your abode – so the next time you’re leafing through one of those glossy magazines, you won’t want to bin it in frustration!


  1. I’m a big believer in up cycling. I love renovating old furniture and canvas that I no longer like. I’ve made numerous pieces of art using disused canvas, cardboard and old pieces of wood.

  2. Love this! Wall art is a big one for me!! We live in a rented place and the paint is just terrible. I almost want to repaint it myself haha but I haven’t quite decided if its worth it. Curtains also are awesome to swap up every few months! Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn |

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