ad collaborative post // There are several ways to get rid of unwanted body hair such as waxing, using an epilator, tweezing and shaving but in recent times, both men and women prefer more result-oriented methods such as without pain LASER hair removal and electrolysis but there is a catch here.

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As per popular opinion, pain free LASER hair removal is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body hair and the reasons are plenty but before we get into that, it is best to know the basic difference between electrolysis and LASER body hair removal treatment.

What Is Electrolysis?

In electrolysis individual hair strands from the target areas are removed using chemicals or heat injected into the hair follicles using a fine probe. After the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair strand is then removed from the skin using tweezers.

What Is Pain Free LASER Hair Removal?

It is indeed pain-free. All a person would feel during this treatment is a sensation that is similar to a rubber band snapping against their skin. The treatment proceeds as follows –

A high-intensity LASER beam is directed on the target area of the person. This beam of LASER penetrates the skin and the intense heat renders the hair follicle inactive for several weeks.

Benefits Of LASER Hair Removal Over Electrolysis: 

● It is apparent from the definition of the two body hair removal methods that electrolysis is a painful, downright dangerous (as chemicals are injected into the skin of the person seeking the treatment – yikes!) and time-consuming (as each hair strand has to be taken out with a pair of tweezers after each hair follicle is destroyed using harsh chemicals).

On the flipside, LASER body hair removal can deliver impeccable results, in a short time and that too without compelling the person seeking the treatment to go through excruciating pain or subject his or her skin to harsh chemicals.

● Another benefit that you can enjoy after you choose LASER body hair removal treatment over electrolysis is that you can shave the stubble that grows in the treated areas of your body if you miss an appointment with your LASER body hair removal dermatologist. That is not the case with electrolysis.

● LASER body hair removal treatment is perfect to get rid of ingrown hair and the best part, unlike electrolysis, LASER beams can work well on all skin types and complexions.

● Electrolysis hair removal is a treatment that has many side effects. For instance, after the treatment, the treated area(s) can get infected if an antibacterial ointment is not applied on the same immediately. Other side effects of the treatment are redness, swelling, excessive instances of ingrown hair, dryness, excessive scabbing and a lot of inflammation.

On the other hand, LASER body hair removal treatment comes with negligible side effects such as light burning sensation, redness and a bit of swelling on the target areas. All of these can be kept under control with cold compresses, cold water baths, minimal exposure to sunlight and staying away from cosmetic products.

Irrespective of the unwanted body hair removal treatment you choose, make sure that you are getting your treatment from a reputed skin clinic that has experienced professionals and revered dermatologists as its staff. It is the only way to keep your skin from getting damaged and your time as well as money from getting wasted.

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  1. I’ve thought about laser hair removal over and over again! I love getting beauty procedures done but have been trying to save up a lot haha In a perfect world, my eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, waxes/laser hair removals, hair colour/styling would be done frequently! One day! Thanks for sharing, Jenny x

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