ad collaborative post // So, you’re curious to know the importance of fasteners and fixings… you’re not alone. Fasteners and fixings might not be the most glamorous parts of hardware but they are an essential part of any structure. I’d go as far as saying that fasteners are the bedrock of a structure.

Not a single structure and/or object will work properly without fixings. Have you seen a door work without hinges? Have you seen shelves be installed without a screw? Fixings and fasteners are essential and today, that’s all I’m talking about. Plus, I’ve partnered up with Speedy Fixings, fasteners and hardware supplier, to share some more about these essential bits of most home renovations and repairs.

What are fasteners and fixings?

Fixings and fasteners are a term used interchangeably to refer to the device used to join two surfaces together. However, as Austin Williams, architect and project manager, comments on the NBS, once this term is used “interchangeably, as it invariably is, the meaning can become confused.” He recommends using the word fastener and shared the best definitions for both fasteners and fixings.

  • Fixing” refers to the act of holding and securing an object in place.
  • Fastener” is the device used for fixing.

“General fasteners, such as bolts and screws, are used for all kinds of applications. Most things we use in our day-to-day lives have screws or other fastenings to be operational.” Says My Pinstrosity Life. And I couldn’t agree more. As I said previously, we wouldn’t be able to use most objects we are used to if these didn’t have fasteners.

What are permanent and mobile fasteners?

Fasteners fall into two categories: mobile fasteners and permanent fasteners. As this article on Bright Hub Engineering mentions, “The union of parts made by the fasteners can be of two types: mobile or permanent.” So, what do these terms mean?

  • Mobile fasteners” refer to fasteners that can be easily removed without damaging the union between two objects. Examples of mobile fasteners include bolts, nuts, washers and some screws.
  • Permanent fasteners”, as the name states, are fasteners that create a permanent union between objects that, when removed, will cause damage to the union. Examples of permanent fasteners include welds, rivets and some screws.

Good quality fasteners are incredibly important to ensure the longevity and efficiency of a connection between two objects and/or surfaces. Whether you leave any home repairs or renovations to the professionals or like to tackle these yourself, it should come as no surprise that these small details are so important.


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