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With last Christmas being a bit of a disappointment for SO many people due to last minute restrictions, COVID and not being able to travel, it’s completely understandable that some might want to really go all out this year to make up for it. But whether you’re in a pandemic or not, the cost of Christmas can seriously build up without you even realising.

christmas essentials

It’s always good to look for discounts and deals wherever possible around Christmas; I’m sure I’m not the only one to have noticed the IMMENSE Black Friday deals landing in their inbox this year. And there are a lot of fantastic retailers that make budgeting for these big times of year a LOT easier on your bank account. You don’t have to splash out hundreds of pounds on your basic Christmas essentials.

I worked with Cherryz last year on a collaboration and I was so impressed with their brand and service. I’m thrilled to be working with them again today and sharing the Christmas essentials I picked up on their app. There’s also a wonderful 25% discount code for you to use on your own Christmas essentials too!

Who are Cherryz?

Cherryz are an online retailer who believe that nice things don’t have to cost a fortune. They sell everything from food and drink, toys and games, kitchen and cleaning, health and beauty and much more. With their items costing anything from £1-£10, Cherryz is a perfect option for those who want to save money this Christmas with products of their own design, trusted brands and cherry-picked goodies from around the world.

Fancy a discount?

Before we see what’s in my box, Cherryz have kindly offered readers a 25% discount on your first order on the app or website and free shipping on your next three orders. Just use code JENNYIN25 at the checkout! Every little helps when it comes to saving money at Christmas, whether that’s a couple of pounds or a couple of hundreds. So make use of this to get some money off your Christmas essentials!

What Cherryz Christmas essentials did I pick?

I was kindly gifted a £75 voucher to use on the Cherryz site for the purpose of this collaboration. I actually only used £65 of it because I ended up with SO MUCH stuff and I didn’t want to just pick things for the sake of it and end up with waste. Which before we even go on, just shows how amazing their prices and selection of products is.

I tried to stick to my theme of Christmas essentials and split my picks into a few categories:

  • Gifts or stocking fillers
  • Christmas food and sweet treats
  • Decorations / wrapping / cards etc

And I think I did pretty good at sticking to these categories. Whilst there’s a few items here I’ll probably just use myself (like the travel mug and the notebook and pens), they would still make good stocking filler ideas for anyone in your life who needs them!

christmas essentials

I picked up two boxes of biscuits which are going to be given to various people we know. Which household DOESN’T end up buying boxes of chocolates and biscuits for people over Christmas? I also grabbed a lovely little Yankee Candle for my Mum, some fluffy stocks for a friend and some Galaxy Truffles for my boyfriend’s stocking.

Onto more food and sweet treats now, this is obviously the MAIN part of Christmas. Food is endless this time of year and probably the thing that costs us all so much freaking money. So it was nice to grab a few essentials here too. Crackers for cheese? Check. Candy canes? Check. J2O cans? Check. I was really surprised with their choice here as I ended up getting loads of little bits we probably would have bought in the shops anyway.

christmas essentials

And of course chocolate. Although Animal Bars are arguably NOT Christmas (I just really really like them ok?) I did manage to get some Cadbury’s Snowballs and After Eights Bites which are definitely Christmassy and nice to have in the cupboard as a treat over the holidays. Or thrown in a bowl for guests to pick at.

And finally, the decorations etc. category. Now I was reaaaally happy that I managed to find a few lovely bits here, especially Christmas cards and gift bags which I always need and end up spending a fortune on. I also picked up some snowflake stickers for my bedroom window and some little baubles to go on the tree in my office when I finally get around to putting it up!

Cherryz also have a good range of homeware stuff so I picked up some Christmassy tea towels to use as well as some battery operated tea lights for the dinner table on Christmas day. For some affordable Christmassy homeware items, Cherryz is a really great place to look.

I’ve been thrilled with my little haul from Cherryz this year and managed to pick up SO MANY handy bits that I probably would have ended up paying twice the price for had I got them elsewhere. The Cherryz app (which I used) is great as well as it’s so easy and user friendly. My stuff was with me in 2 days – so if you need Christmas essentials on a time frame, they’re a good one to use!

Don’t forget to use code JENNYIN25 for 25% off your first order on the Cherryz app OR website. You’ll also get free delivery on your NEXT three orders after that!

Have you ever used Cherryz before? What did you think? And what’s on your Christmas essentials list? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve never tried Cherryz before but I’ve seen them a fair bit on Instagram and it souds like a great way to get your Christmas essentials so you don’t have to worry about getting then closer to Christmas.

    Corinne x

  2. I have never heard of this company before. But the items you got, for the price, were amazing.

    I am going to have a look now because I’m starting to buy a few bits for the festive season. And I do love a good discount.

  3. I am so glad that I come across this post. I have been looking for the perfect gift for someone special. I will definitely look at this. It looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your haul looks fantastic and I’m hungry just looking at it! This sounds like a great place to shop and who doesn’t love a discount! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I actually did not see your collab with them last year but I am glad to be introduced to them now. They sound fantastic and I’m on a budget so it’s right on time.

  6. Wow!! You were able to get so much stuff from Cherryz. That’s amazing! I enjoyed reading your post and went to check out their website right away. If only they were available in Asia, I would love to try them out. But when I’m able to travel to the UK next time, I would love to order from them. 😊

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