ad collaborative post // The ‘show, don’t tell’ philosophy is widely followed by many across globe and for good reason. Sometimes, no matter how close someone is to us, we’re not able to fully understand how they feel for us. That said, gestures that show someone what they mean to us and how much we care for them are always successful in making a person feel loved and cared for.

We all have certain people in our lives that make every day a little easier, every occasion a little happier. Expressing how much you care for them this festive season can be a great way of reminding them of their importance in your life and how much you love them. Whether it is a note for your sibling, a box of gourmet chocolates for your family member, a close friend or thoughtful festive gifts for your significant other, there are many thoughtful things you could do to show them that you care this holiday season.

That said, we have put together a list of the different ways one could show their loved ones how much they mean to them.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. A Personal Handwritten Note

A personal note, written just for you, is one of the most underrated ways of expressing yourself. While this gesture has always been something we all could do, not many find the time to do so.

For your loved one, writing down a note that comes straight from the heart on a simple yet elegant card can make a huge impact. True feelings can be powerful in conveying the importance of someone in your life and with a handwritten note, you can attempt to do exactly this.

The recipient of your note, on reading the note, will surely have a warm heart and a big smile on their face, making your intentions behind writing the letter successful!

2. Take Some Time To Talk

A simple phone call or a heart-to-heart conversation is another thoughtful way to show someone you care. An occasional phone call to check on how they’re doing, face timing to virtually be with someone or a family skype call with everyone, thanks to technology there are many ways you can connect with someone.

Through this, the person knows that they’re on your mind and even though this may not seem like much, it is your attempt at spending quality time with them in any way you can.

Whether it is someone you haven’t spoken to in ages or someone you speak to every once in a while, this gesture will be appreciated by them.

3. Send Them A Present

One of the best ways to show someone you care about them is to send them a nice personal gift. A present doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The recipient can understand the feelings behind this and truly cherish whatever you give them, especially if they’re close to you.

From something that reminds them of an insider joke, a Christmas related memory, or something that promotes self-care like a box of fragrant candles, there are many things you could consider as your gift options.

To this, don’t forget to attach a personal note with a simple message like ‘thinking of you’ or something more thoughtful. It will surely brighten up the recipient’s day!

4. Take Them Out For A Meal

Spending quality time with someone and being there for them in person – nothing beats this way of showing that you appreciate and care for them. When you add a nice meal to this, it cannot get any better!

Another thoughtful idea that many people usually rely on is going out for a meal. While homemade meals are always a nice idea, it adds a little pressure on the person preparing the meal. By going out, you and your loved one can have uninterrupted quality time together where you can chat about anything and everything under the sun.

You both could go to a café or restaurant that fits well with your preferences and maybe indulge in dessert too! With the food, great conversations and quality time, the both of you are sure to have a memorable day.

To sum up…

While these are only a few ideas or ways you could show someone you care about them, there are many more things you could do. The idea is to find a moment or a medium to express with words or actions how much they mean to you and to remind them how you’ll always be there for them.


  1. Spending time with someone is one of the best ways to show you care. Thank you for the reminder, I think it’s time to meet up with some old friends this Christmas! Em x

  2. Other than taking out for meals, I really like a hand written note. Infact anything to do with hand work, any diy, or drawing, even gift preparing. These require time, dedication and hence love. Very rightfully out Jenny! Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  3. these are all amazing ideas! I always love to show it giving them a present and even better something they love or something personalised to remind of something we did together x

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