Ad collaborative post // Arlington is a city known for its deep history, but many people don’t consider modern daily life.  The town has a livewire of a restaurant scene, and the locals are passionate about their favorites.  As varied as the people who live here, the restaurant scene is flexible and ever-changing to match them.  The top three rated restaurants in the city are from different cuisines and offer very different menus, and you’ll never find a better set to show what the city is about.

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Mussel Bar And Grille

Affordability: comfortably affordable

Location: Ashton Heights

How The Locals Fee: 4.4 stars out of 5 stars

Seafood is highly controversial among diners, dividing people on whether it’s the best or worst cuisine, but Mussel Bar and Grill is one place where all guests agree: it’s delicious.  Offering muscles seasoned in various delicious ways, woodfired pies, and different other meat and seafood dishes, this restaurant ensures it has something for everyone.

Although most people think they know what to expect from mussel dishes, there’s something constantly new and fun about what this bar and grill has to offer!  Seasonal flavors like Thai seasoning, and spicy mussels that will make you salivate, will leave you returning for more.

Whitlow’s On Wilson

Affordability: in the middle range

Location: downtown

How The Locals Fee: 4.6 stars out of 5 stars

Bar food may feel played out, but it leaves endless space for cooks and restaurants to play around with flavor.  This neighborhood bar and grill offers many dishes that play with sweet and savory, paired with a tiki bar that mixes drinks that will swirl your troubles away.

The locals flock here at the end of the week, making it the ideal place to meet new people if you’ve just moved here and purchased Arlington real estate.  Try some of their tempting appetizers while you mingle and have fun getting to know what the city’s population is really like.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised all around.

FYVE Restaurant Lounge

Affordability: more expensive

Location: in the Pentagon City area

How The Locals Fee: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

If you want classy and creative dining and don’t mind a higher price tag, FYVE is the spot for you.  In the middle of the business district, this restaurant knows the importance of aesthetics and beauty in every part of our lives.  The food is modernized American favorites, with flavor combinations most people wouldn’t expect to be so delicious.  Don’t be afraid to try new things!  The drink menu is also very impressive but will also break the wallets of those who weren’t prepared for it.  This is an excellent restaurant for date night!

Arlington is out to entertain and ensure that you enjoy everything you experience.  The next time you’re in town, plan to try at least one of these eateries; it’ll quickly become a favorite!  The locals here know how to appreciate good food when they taste it.


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