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A big part of Christmas for a lot of families is coming together and spending quality time with each other, eating, drinking, watching movies and playing games. Games tend to be a big part of our Christmas – and things can certainly get competitive! If you’re looking for fun and traditional toys and games for children and adults this Christmas, Jaques of London is the ultimate (and I mean ULTIMATE) choice for that. Here’s why!

Who are Jaques of London?

Jaques of London – established in 1795 – are one of the leading companies for making and selling beautiful wooden toys and games, aimed at bringing the family together through more traditional means, encouraging less screen time (not just for the kids!) and bringing educational elements to their products too.

Jaques of London are actually the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world, having been passed down through eighteen (yes, 18!) generations and being the idea behind many games we’re all familiar with today, including: Croquet, Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, Snap and more.

Why should you consider them for Christmas?

Not only are you buying into a family business, you’re also getting the best quality in the products too. The wooden toys and games are all handmade and beautifully produced. And don’t forget the sustainability aspect of buying wooden toys and games too – they’ll last the test of time and are much more eco-friendly for the environment.

If you’re buying for children, most of their toys and games are designed by UK teachers, so the educational element of play is right there. But a lot of their games are designed for the whole family to enjoy, so even if you’re buying for adults, you’ll be able to find something beautiful and unique. Their products also come beautifully packaged and wrapped.

Which games did I receive?

The first item I chose was one of their chess sets. I used to play chess as a kid – I remember my old best friend’s Dad used to be excellent at the game and him teaching me a couple of moves one afternoon. I specifically remember him telling me that you’ve always got to be 10 steps ahead of your opponent. Which, for anyone that’s watched The Queen’s Gambit, will be familiar with!

I’ve never owned a nice chess set however. My boyfriend and I bought a super cheap one a couple of years ago and played for a while together but that board has since been lost. We’ve tried playing chess on our phones and through apps on the PlayStation but it’s just not the same, is it?

This chess set from Jaques of London is beautiful. The hand carved wooden Staunton chessmen are beautiful and neatly tucked away inside when the board is closed. This would make a beautiful gift for an adult OR child; perhaps a child in your family who wants to learn how to play chess in a traditional way (not on a screen!)

The second item I chose from Jaques of London was their Shut the Box game. I’m not familiar with this game – unlike chess – but I thought it would be a nice addition to Christmas day. And no doubt cause a few feuds in the family! I’m always up for trying new games and getting competitive with loved ones!

This game is beautifully crafted as well. The woodwork is stunning – and smells gorgeous too! the game comes with 2 die and the instructions and it’s a fairly small and compact game that doesn’t require a lot of stuff (unlike chess with all the pieces) so it would be ideal to take with you for game nights if you’re moving around a bit to different houses over Christmas. 

Records of this game can be traced back to 19th Century France but the game did not appear in England until the mid 20th Century. Jaques were one of the first companies to market Shut the Box in the UK – which is really cool. When getting a game like this, you’re buying a little piece of history!

Grab a discount just in time for Christmas!

Christmas is an expensive time of year – there’s no doubt about that. But thanks to Jaques of London, I’ve been able to offer you 15% off their site. If you head to this link:, you’ll find the discount code and you can start shopping!

With the exquisite quality of these products, you’d think the price would match but Jaques of London is actually super affordable for toys and games over Christmas! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with these games; they will definitely become a permanent feature of our Christmas and I can image long hours sitting over that beautiful chess board!

Have you ever purchased anything from Jaques of London? What do you think of these two gift ideas?


  1. I’ve never purchased anything from Jaques Of London but I’ve always admired the quality they put into their products. There’s a reason they have been trading so long. Such a lovely idea for a gift.

  2. Your photography is so wonderfully festive! These games look really high quality – we’ve got really into board games with COVID, so I shall check out this brand for christmas gifts 🙂 xx

  3. These games look lovely – games especially around the holiday time when the weather is not so nice and everyone has a bit more time off work are so nice! I can’t believe it’s been 18 generations, that’s so exciting for Jaques.

  4. This is such a wonderful chess board and honestly in love with wooden toys, they’re such a better choice for both environment and kids and very long lasting. I didn’t know Jaques London was behind Snake and ladders, I used to love playing with it in school x

  5. These look amazing.

    We love a good wooden item for our little, because they look so lovely, expensive and you want to keep them forever.

    This is a gift I would buy for someone special.

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