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I think most of us have a sport fan in our family. My Dad has always enjoyed watching football (and was actually an incredible football player when he was younger!) My Granddad never missed a football game of his favourite team either. And my boyfriend grew up in a Formula 1 and Motorsport mad family. Sport brings people together and as a sport fan myself, I think it’s an absolutely beautiful things to be a part of.

Historic Newspaper Books

Sport history books make an amazing gift idea for the sport lover in your life. Years ago, I actually bought my boyfriend a Formula 1 version of the personalised newspaper books and he absolutely loved it. We’re both huge Formula 1 fans so we spent ages flicking back through the years to some of our favourite moments in the sports history. As it was at the time.

Todays post has kindly been sponsored by Historic Newspapers, who have an incredible range of sport history books from football to Formula 1 (even a specific Lewis Hamilton book, which is incredibly apt considering he’s just won his 7th title!) to rugby, cricket and more. Whatever you’re sport, you’re likely to find a book for you.

I chose the Millwall personalised football book as a gift for my Dad for Christmas. Now, first things first, I don’t personally watch or follow football. I don’t support any football team. So let’s leave any judgment for the team at the door for the sake of this review. I don’t understand football team rivalry!

What really surprised me about this book was the beautiful presentation box it arrived in. I didn’t get that with the Formula 1 one I purchased a few years ago, so that was a nice surprise. The book itself is absolutely beautiful too, with the personalization option on the front cover and on the first page which makes it an absolutely perfect gift for someone special.

They have a huge range of Personalised Football Books of all different teams and newspaper coverage goes back to 1900’s in most cases, you can witness the story of your favourite team unfold before your eyes, from triumphs to heartbreak to broken records and more! These are pretty big books of tabloid size and come in a range of colours and and options to suit different price points.

This particular book goes all the way back to 1909, so you really can delve right into the history of your favorite team and see what they were doing when you were born or even way before that!

I know my Dad will absolutely love this for Christmas this year. This is the kind of really special gift that your loved one can keep in a special place to reach for whenever they’re feeling a little sentimental or perhaps want to show it off to someone else! And despite the size of these books, I think they’d make great coffee table books too!

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the sport lover in your life? Check out this incredible range of personalised football books or of course, the other sports that Historic Newspapers have available too!


  1. I ~love~ the concept of having all the articles of those moments put in one!! I’ve collected lots of newspapers over the years, when my various teams have made it to the playoffs, won the finals, etc, and I plan to make a homemade scrapbook of them, but it would be lovely to have an actual book of it all! My dad would definitely enjoy one of these regarding the big years of the Boston Celtics, and not gonna lie, so would I :’)

  2. I enjoyed this gift guide because it’s so different from your typical ones! I feel like my father in law and dad would love these! Thanks for sharing a different gift guide this year Jen ☺️


  3. What an incredibly beautiful gift. My Dad is a huge sports fan and I think if I got this, he’d genuinely have no idea what it would hold. The presentation is spot on.

    Think I might have to check this out x

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