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Hello hello! Welcome to Christmas Gift Guide 2021 part 2. Two whole gift guides in one day?! I am SPOILING YOU. I’m also making a dent in your bank account, so sorry about that. But like I mentioned in part one of my Christmas gift guide for 2021, I was so inundated with brands and products that I had to split it into two. Otherwise you would have been here until Christmas 2022.

Christmas Gift Guide

I have another range of amazing brands, products and gift ideas for you in today’s Christmas gift guide. From personalized gifts to practical gifts and more, there’s a little something for everyone. We have a lot to get through, so I won’t go on, let’s jump in!

Ready for another Christmas gift guide for 2021? Let’s go!

Christmas Gift Guide Printster

Printster Personalized Mugs: from £4.99

For the tea or coffee drinker: My family are big on mugs. For some reason, I’ve bought my Dad a mug for every occasion since I was old enough to know what I was doing. In that time, he must have accumulated around 500 different stupid mugs over the years – that’s not about to stop now! I think personalized mugs are a great gift idea.

These mugs are from Printster, a fab brand which sell a HUGE range of personalized products from wrapping paper, to socks, mugs, magnets and more. Their mugs are priced from £4.99, so they’re a great stocking filler gift to include for your loved ones! I chose a range of mugs for my loved ones, all of which are great quality and I know they’ll love!

Printster Personalized Socks: from £19.99

For the funky sock lover: Sticking with Printster for a while, I wanted to showcase another one of their products as well as the mugs and that’s the personalized socks. Over the last couple of years, I’ve actually bought a few pairs of personalized socks for people in my life; with my dog’s face on them, my boyfriend’s dog’s face, my OWN face. Some of them have been a little hit and miss.

But the Printster ones turned out great. The photo is clear (enough for a pair of socks) and the quality is good. You can choose from a wide range of colours as well so of course I went extra and chose the brightest pair for my friend with her adorable cat on them. Again, another fab stocking filler option!

Kaiyu Studio Sakura Candle: £18.00

For the scent lover: I’ve completely fallen in love with this next brand. Kaiyu Studio sell beautiful handmade candles, made from a soy wax formulation. They only use cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate and paraben-free oils and are highly sustainable in all parts of their process. But the thing I love the most about Kaiyu studio, is their relationship with scents.

Kaiyu Studio scents take inspiration from scents and aromas that they are used to smelling within Asian households; that are also currently under-represented within the candle industry. I received the Sakura candle – otherwise known as cherry blossom, popular and a symbol of Japanese culture and an absolutely BEAUTIFUL scent. It is without a doubt one of my favourite candles I own. Not to mention they are beautifully made. A perfect gift for a candle lover.

PrimaBerry Orchid Bloom Umbrella: £14.00

For the one who’s always outdoors: I love a practical gift too. I think practical gifts can be really meaningful because it shows that you know what the person enjoys and the fact that they will 100% use it! Which is where my next gift idea and brand come in. PrimaBerry sell a range of lovely products, such as bags, notebooks, clothes and umbrellas.

The umbrella I chose is a beautiful colour and a really practical gift for someone who perhaps commutes a lot or who just generally loves being outdoors! These high quality umbrellas are water repellant and strong wind resistant – so will cover most of our wonderful British weather!

Neve’s Bees Bee Happy Body Oil £19.99

For the skincare fan: Neve’s Bees are a super sweet brand where all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients, organic (wherever possible) and produced in their village, in West Oxfordshire. A true family based business with a beautiful personal inspiration behind the brand.

They sell everything from body oil (like the one I was sent!), lip balms, hand products and more with with different ranges, based on what you want from your products. They have collections for calm, sleepy, happy and more! This gorgeous body oil is scented of grapefruit, orange and rose and is just a beautiful consistency for application straight after a bath!

It’s a Religion Personalized Art Poster: from £34.95

For the one who’s sentimental: How bloody BEAUTIFUL is this print? I absolutely adore this print and the second it arrived I squealed. It’s a Religion personalized art posters would make STUNNING gifts. You can choose either fine line drawings or colours and have up to 4 people in the photo, so they would make really lovely sentimental pieces.

Perhaps for someone you know who’s just moved house, just got married or maybe a family photo. The options are endless but what I do know is that gift wise, this is a good one! The service is just incredible too as you get a digital mock up first to make sure you’re happy with the piece.

REAL Kombucha Fermented Sparkling Tea

REAL Kombucha is brewed from hand-picked, loose-leaf teas carefully selected from small gardens around the world. Focused on complexity of flavour, these fermented, sparkling teas have an ability, unique amongst non-alcoholic drinks, to pair with a wide variety of foods. Food and drink are great options for gifts, on their own, as stocking fillers or to include in hampers. REAL Kombucha is a real contender for that type of gift!

I was sent two of their flavours; REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon and REAL Kombucha Royal Flush. Both with different scents and tastes but both equally as refreshing. I know these would be perfect to have on the dinner table over Christmas and for anyone that doesn’t drink alcohol, a great alternative!

Personalized Oak Garden Wine Waiter: £27.50

For the wine lover: Although this gift might not be used right now in Winter, when Spring and Summer rolls around and it’s nice enough to sit outside in the garden again, these beautiful Oak wine waiters will come in a TREAT! They very cleverly stick in the floor and have two glasses holders as well as a holder for the bottle.

The perfect piece for a garden party or a picnic and they’re also customizable, so you can get the special person’s name engraved right on the top, too! For any wine lover, this would make a really lovely but unusual and different gift idea this Christmas!

That’s the end of my Christmas gift guides for this year! Again, check out part 1 if you missed that. I love creating gift guides, I find so much joy in it and I love being able to promote and share these amazing brands with you. Thank you to all the brands featured in these posts this year!

Which of these gift ideas stand out to you? Anything you’ve got your eye on or know would be perfect for a loved one this year? Let me know!


  1. Again, these are all great gift ideas & I especially love the personalized mug & socks! Also, the personalized print of you & your boyfriend is so cute & I’m intrigued by the kombucha sparkling tea as it’s something I’ve never had before.

  2. Candles are usually my go-to when it comes to giving presents and of course receiving. I remember few Christmas ago I gave my sister a personalize sock with my mom dog face. Maybe, this year I would do the same thing.


  3. Some lovely gifts included here.

    I love a mug as a present for Christmas. I am always the one buying them for other people.

    Also loving the print. It’s great and such a personal touch.

  4. As a huge candle lover, those candles from Kaiyu Studio have caught my eye immediately (although I’d never say no to some personalised cat socks…). I always think the best gifts to give are those you want to keep for yourself 🙂 Lovely suggestions, Jenny, I’m off to check out Part 1 now! xx

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