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Mother’s Day is almost here so it’s about time for my Mother’s Day gift guide for 2021, don’t you think? It feels like gift guides on steroids lately, as all my gift guides since Christmas have been absolutely mega, featuring a ton of amazing brands and products that not only I love but you seem to love too! And this one is NO different! So I’m mega excited to show you

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I always enjoy shopping for Mother’s Day gifts as my Mum and I have a good relationship and we like a lot of the same stuff too. I know there are a ton of products you absolutely just can’t go wrong with for Mother’s Day, so I hope you will find plenty of those within this post along with some different types of products to gift your Mum, Mother figure, wife, Mummy friend or heck, even yourself, this year!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021:

For the fan of a cozy night in: Cosy Aromas Soy Wax Melts£5.99 each // Ceramic Wax Burner – £9.99

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Candles, fragrance and scents always go down incredibly well for Mother’s Day. In fact for any occasion! I know I’m always delighted to receive something smelly and my Mum is exactly the same. Cosy Aromas has a wide range of beautiful soy wax melts which burn for approximately 100 hours – wow!

I received 4 scents and although my favourite is Black Opium, they are all absolutely beautiful. And you will be spoilt for choice with the amount of scents available! You can also grab a gorgeous wax burner if you don’t have one already. The perfect gift for the Mum who wants or needs a cozy night in!

For the one that needs some self care: ME-TIME Self Care Well-Being Kit£25.00

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Everything from Me-Time Therapies are Vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, natural and contain no nasties. So these really are the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day as you’re giving them something super special and good for their skin. I featured this brand in a previous gift guide but today I’m sharing the newest product the Self Care Well-Being Kit!

Which is something we all need a bit more of right now. This handy little kit contains: 50ml orange blossom (Neroli) water, 50g french green clay, 50g whipped Vegan body butter, organic cotton muslin cloth, a link to exclusive access to  a 15 minute hand reflexology video and links to exclusive access to 2 mindfulness meditations. Everything you need for a few lovely little self care rituals!

For the brand new Mum: The Gift of Support for a New Mum £99 for 2 hours

mother's day gift guide

I love this idea as a Mother’s Day gift because not only is it something different, it’s also something EXTREMELY useful AND it’s something that’s safe to do in the current climate, as it’s virtual. It ticks 3 boxes at all once! April is a doula who provides one on one virtual and personalized postnatal care to new mum’s in a time where they need the support the most.

For your initial 2 hour session, you’ll discuss everything from mental health, positioning and attachments, feeding questions, nutrition, settling into family life and much more. Each session thereafter is personalized and curated to suit YOU and your needs as a new Mummy! For a new Mum in your life, I think this would be an AMAZING gift. The gift of help, support, time and education.

For the Yoga loving Mum: DIYogi Premium Yoga Matfrom £94

Mother's Day Gift Guide

There are a lot of special things about the Yoga mats from DIYogi, so let me explain. First of all, they are INCREDIBLE quality. I bought a new mat last year from a popular retailer for around £30 and let me tell you, it ripped within the first few practices. There is NO CHANCE of that happening with these mats. It’s extremely non-slippy and stays stuck to the floor during practice. Bingo.

The DIYogi™ mat also has an antibacterial cotton layer under its surface, making it more cushioned than other mats, is fully eco-friendly and recyclable AND is longer than standard mats. But the coolest thing is without a doubt is that these mats can be personalized and DRAWN ON. You can purchase additional stencils and pens through DIYogi so this mat is a real personal piece of your practice!

For the relaxation lover: Freyaluna Relax & Unwind Gift Box £50.00

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I am absolutely in love with this beautiful gift set and it would make the most luxurious and special gift for the Mum / Mother figure / friend / girlfriend / YO’SELF in your life. I’m a big lover of baths, unwinding, oils and scents to amplify that experience and these smell absolutely beautiful.

This gorgeous set contains bath oil, bath salts, a beauty balm and a soap. I know I’ll be using these very gingerly because I won’t want to use them up too quick. If you’re in the market for a really special and natural gift set that will help someone relax and unwind, then I’d highly recommend checking out Freyaluna as they have a wide range of beautiful products. 

For the antique loving Mum: AC Silver

AC Silver

There are thousands of utterly beautiful pieces on AC silver. From earrings, brooches, silverware, cutlery and more. If your Mum is an antique lover, then this is definitely somewhere to keep in mind for future Mother’s Day and special occasions. You know you’re getting a truly one of a kind piece that your Mother figure will hold dear forever.

For the art loving Mum: Chattyfeet Art Socks – £8.00 each

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Chattyfeet are another brand I’ve worked with in the past but I absolutely LOVE them. They’re so cool and fun and I actually wear my Meghan Ankle and Kate Middle-Toe Chattyfeet socks on a regular basis! But I’m excited to introduce you to a few NEW faces today!

These socks are perfect for the fun, art-loving Mum. Meet Frida Callus and Vincent van Toe. Not your average gift, for sure. But definitely something that will put a smile on their face (and their feet!)

For the health conscious mum: Naked Nutrition Green Superfood Powder – $29.99

Potentially not your obvious choice for Mother’s Day gifts BUT as you’ll know if you follow my gift guides, I like to cover all basis because we’re all into different things and enjoy different lifestyles. So this next product is perfect for the Mum who’s health conscious and into healthy living.

Naked Nutrition superfood powder contains six different organic vegetables and grasses along with organic prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens. Taken daily it promotes detox, stress reduction, and supports gut health and immune function. Vegan, diary free, GMO free, soy free and more, this power will be an excellent addition to the diet and lifestyle of someone who likes their powders!

For the jewellery lover: Green Tigers Eye & Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet with Essential Oil£30.00

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I absolutely ADORE this bracelet and I know if I was to have received this as a gift, I’d have been over the moon. I picked this product especially because I love my essential oils but I’m also a fan of crystals and stone and the power they can bring to your life. The Green Tiger’s Eye helps give you courage and overcome fear and anxiety. Whereas the Lava Stone gives us stability and helps us stay grounded.

Two things I think a lot of people will need right now and this bracelet is so cool because it comes with a little bottle of essential oil to dab on the stones to release and rejuvenate whenever you need it. It’s a stunning deep green and beautifully made too.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day gift guide for 2021! Which of these products would you gift your Mum / Mother figure in your life? Let me know!


  1. such a great post, so much to choose from! I love wax melts, especially in lockdown when we are all spending so much time at home! Thanks for this post, definitely given me some ideas x

  2. Some fabulous suggestions here – and I love how different some of these are. My mum was complaining about her socks having holes in the other day – looks like I know where to check out for something fun!

  3. This is a wonderful gift guide! I would have really appreciated the Postnatal Support Session after I had my kids. That is such an incredible idea! I also really love the Me-Time Self Care Well-Being Kit! I may have to drop some hints to my husband and kids! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  4. Beautiful gift guide! Like you myself and my mum are close and although we are different, we do like some similar things like candles etc. However, I always struggle because her birthday just happened a couple of days ago so it’s always so close to Mother’s Day. So I spoil her on her birthday and need more ideas for Mother’s Day haha xx

  5. You’ve really provided a wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts! I will keep these in mind when buying a gift for my Mom (it’s in May in N. America). Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are great gift suggestions for Mother’s Day! My mother would probably like the Me-Time Self Care Kit & the Freyaluna Relax & Unwind Gift Box. I personally would love the Chattyfeet Art Socks because they are so fun looking!

  7. A really great gift guide Jenny! I’m terrible as after all these years I always struggle to figure out what to get my mum for Mother’s Day so guides like this always give me good ideas to spring from. Though – I definitely like the look of that bracelet!

  8. I mean I loved everything and would buy it for myself! The idea of the boostology bracelet is amazing, I am sure my mom would adore it as well as the self care kit! From a huge socks lover you just opened me a new window, i had never heard of Chatty Feet, they’re great! Thanks for sharing x

  9. This is a great post- I’ve heard good things about boostology and their products look lovely! I love this post, and there are some fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day or special birthdays 🙂 thank you for sharing Jenny x

  10. You’re right these are such lovely gift ideas for any Mum. I have an obsession with wax melts at the moment. Especially when I am working from home, I love being able to smell them all day long.

    I don’t celebrate Mother’s day anymore but Rob always wants ideas so I think I might drop some hints in the form of actually just sending him your post! Although I can almost bet he buys himself the yoga mat!

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