Netflix gets a lot of hype but today I want to focus on Amazon Prime. An underrated service in my humble opinion and lately I’ve been thoroughly enjoying delving into a bunch of things on Amazon Prime, from Desperate Housewives to New Amsterdam. But as it’s October and Halloween (aka the best time of year) is approaching, I want to share some horror movies on Amazon Prime that I think you should watch this Halloween!

horror movies on amazon prime

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I love horror. And thriller. And anything dark and creepy that’s going to leave me scared to go to the bathroom at night on my own. And I can imagine I’m not the only one that likes that exciting thrill of being scared. Sadly, I do struggle with scary films sometimes because I’ve seen so many, not much scares or shocks me anymore. I’m always looking for new releases and you can find a ton of upcoming horror movies at

But there’s definitely more to horror than your bog standard jump scares. It’s also the psychological elements that I love too. The way certain movies with a dark or disturbing premise can really get in your head. Considering I suffered from extreme anxiety for almost a decade, it’s kinda weird that I like those sort of things!

So onto the post. If you’re planning a cozy night in or a movie night this Halloween and are ready to delve into some scary, thrilling or chilling movies, this is the post for you! However, if you use Amazon Prime, you’ll know that movies on there aren’t free forever so at some point in the future, you may have to rent the 10 horror movies on amazon prime I’m going to mention in this post. But they’re so good, they’re well worth it!

10 horror movies on Amazon Prime to watch this Halloween:

horror movies to watch on amazon prime

The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige is one of my favourite ever films and you know me, I’m a big reader. It’s also based on a book. Which is VERY good. And very creepy. Like most adaptations, the film does alter some things but as it’s own entity, it’s a fantastic watch that combined Sci-Fi with magic and drama. Perhaps not a horror but definitely one worth watching this Halloween!

Mama (2012)

Mama is a creepy as crap film starring Jessica Chastain from the director of Pan’s Labrinth and is about a young couple who take in their two nieces who have just lost their parents. Only to find that a sinister entity seems to be latched on to their family – called Mama. A very good choice for a horror movie to watch this Halloween!

Countdown (2019)

A very similar concept to the book, They Both Die At the End but just way creepier and not at all heart-warming. Countdown is about an app that can tell you the exact moment you’re going to die. A young nurse downloads it and find she only has 3 days left to live. I didn’t find this one scary but I did like the concept. Also, if you’ve seen YOU on Netflix, you’ll recognize the main actress.

Coherence (2015)

If you want a PROPER mind-f*** of a film, this is the one for you! This is a completely mind-bending Sci-Fi Thriller about alternate realities. So if you’re anything like me and find that sort of thing utterly fascinating, then this would be a good choice for you! Not scary but definitely creepy and weird – which is still good for Halloween!

The Meg (2018) 

I have to tend to all my peeps and their preferences so although this one is far from your typical horror, it’s still pretty scary! It’s definitely no Jaws but The Meg is a decent Thriller that will definitely leave you not wanting to hang your feet over the end of the bed at night. Although if you’re scared of sharks, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this one!

horror movies on amazon prime

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Ah, you can’t have Halloween without a bit of Anthony Hopkins and Hannibal, can you? If you haven’t seen Silence of the Lambs yet, make a point to watch it this Halloween as it’s an absolute classic and has some great sequels to it as well (including Red Dragon which is brilliant!) Anthony Hopkins is completely mesmerizing in this film. And not in a good way!

Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Want one of the cheesy horror movies on Amazon Prime to watch this Halloween? Cabin in the Woods would be my choice! I feel like this is a bit of a marmite film. My boyfriend thought it was absolute rubbish but I actually really enjoyed it and thought the concept was interesting. You’ll have to find out for yourself though and add this to your Halloween watch list!

Patient Zero (2018)

If you want a film that suits how this ridiculous year has gone, then Patient Zero is a good choice. A pandemic Thriller about humankind who are battling with super strength, super angry creatures who carry a viral super-strain. And as the title suggests, they want to find patient zero. If you’re a bit sensitive towards everything that’s happened this year, I’d suggest perhaps giving this one a miss too!

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Everyone’s heard of Paranormal Activity and you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it but you can’t deny that it’s mega creepy and really cleverly done. I get super hooked on these films. I think it’s just the “normal” aspect to them. Although as far as I’m aware, just the first one is available on Amazon Prime, I’d recommend delving into the whole franchise because the story-line gets very interesting!

The Shining (1980)

And finally, I couldn’t have a list like this without including the King himself, Mr Jack Nicholson in The Shining. If you’ve not seen The Shining, it’s definitely another classic to watch this Halloween. There really is no other time to watch this movie. It’s like… against the law.

Have you seen any of these movies? What will you be watching this Halloween? 


  1. Kinda want to check out Patient Zero, kind of want to leave everything remotely similar to this year alone at the same time. I totally agree with you that Prime is underrated in terms of options available but I do find Netflix easier to navigate when I’m looking for something new x


  2. As a fellow horror watcher I have seen all of these 😂 like you I think I’m at the point where I have watched so many now not much can scare me, but there are some films sometimes that do make you feel a bit “wow” 😂 This is a great list though! I love Silence of the Lambs xx

  3. Ohhh there’s some fab suggestions here. I loved Silence of the lambs. Such a brilliant movie. I don’t like horrors personally.

  4. This is such a great post, was looking for some good horror movie list for Halloween, I’m definitely going to try one of them from your recommended list. Thanks for sharing ☺️😇

  5. Im absolutely terrified of horror movies (very childish of me I know) , I wish I could enjoy these , seems like a great list and of course an amazingly written post !

  6. I’ve watched half of movies in this list and I LOVE them! Since I love horror movies, cabin in the woods and the prestige are my favorite ones! Going to check the rest and add it to my list 😀 Thank you Jen x

  7. Omg, how is it that I have never watched any of the movies in this list?! I do not have an Amazon prime subscription, and can I add that the ones on Netflix are a little disappointing? They just aren’t as scary as I would like them to be. Or perhaps, the Asian catalogue is more limited.

    Thanks for these recommendations, Jenny! Keeping my fingers crossed that at least SOME of these titles are on Netflix!

  8. My prime subscription expired, but you made me want to resub, considering the whole embarrassing deal with Netflix.

    Haven’t watched any of these, though!

  9. Thanks for the link! I still feel I should apologise for the emotional whirlwind, aha! You know I don’t think I realised that things aren’t guaranteed to stay free on Amazon Prime and that’s definitely making me think that I need to up my use of it to make it worth it. There are some great suggestions here!

  10. Like you, I have seen so many scary movies over the years that nothing really scares me anymore. That being said, I still LOVE curling up for an evening of my favourite horror movies – especially this time of year. There are a couple on your list that I haven’t seen in FAR too long. Guess what I’m going to be doing in the evenings this week? lol

  11. I have always wanted to watch The Shining but didn’t realise it was on Prime, I’ll have to watch it! You’ve introduced me to loads of new movies, I know what I’ll be up to this weekend!

  12. I do have to say that horror films aren’t my favourite, I’m a little bit of a scaredy cat but my boyfriend loves them so I’m sure he’ll be watching a few that’s on this list! X

  13. Usually not a horror fan because im a total wuss but I have seen a couple of these, cabin in the woods is definitely a good cheesy one if you get scared easily like me haha!

  14. Seen most of these Jennywise – good suggestions! Watched The Shining for the first time and enjoyed it and really enjoyed Countdown too. My advice? Stay clear of the All Hallow’s Eve films! As much as I love Art the Clown, the first one was possibly the worst horror I’ve ever watched! Then I decided to watch the second for some reason too…

  15. I never watch Horror as I’m a scaredy cat but this year my boyfriend suggested we watch a Horror and I agreed! I’m torn between The Meg and Cabin in the Woods… But I’ll probably end up with Hocus Pocus LOL

  16. I’ve been looking for an Amazon Prime watch list for Halloween, and this is perfect! I’ve watched Cabin in the Woods, Paranormal Activity and The Shining, but will have to check the others out. Thank you for sharing. 👻

  17. I love classic horrors like The Shining! I am dedicating this entire week to watching only spooky stuff and I am so excited! Amazon Prime literally does it all, doesn’t it!


  18. Mama has always freaked me out so much. It’s the way she moves and how they cut it to make her look even creepier! Great suggestions here! I’ve got a few lined up for Halloween night and I’ll hopefully be having my bubble friend up to hang out!

  19. I’m so bad with scary films lol. I would really like to watch more though. I’ve seen a couple of these, the Coherence film sounds pretty interesting actually, I do love films where it really messes with your head and you just don’t know what to believe! x

  20. I really rate Amazon prime although I’ve watched none of these except the shining! That’s a classic, those girls in the corridor *shudder*

    I like the sound of some of these so I will check them out x

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