Netflix shows to binge watch when you’re feeling low

When it comes to films and TV, I tend to be drawn towards the darker, disturbing and mind-fu*k options as opposed to the light, funny and warm choices available. I’m sure that says something about me as a person, I’m just not sure what yet… But like with books, I love a dark show that’ll shock me, confuse me but ultimately have me completely hooked. Think Lost, Dark, American Horror Story, Ozark, Breaking Bad, those kind of shows. BUT, when I’m feeling low there’s definitely a small part of me somewhere deep in my messed up psyche that craves that warmth of something a bit lighter, a bit more easy going and something that isn’t going to leave me awake at night. It’s not often that I opt for a “lighter” show but I’ve certainly come across some really bloody good ones. These are all perfect recommendations for when you’re feeling a bit ‘bleugh”.

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My Favourite Disneyland Paris Park & Studio Rides

I love every aspect of a Disneyland Paris holiday: from the journey on the Eurostar, the hotel, the parades and the character meets. But the rides and attractions also play a huge part of the holiday for me. I’m not a lover of big, big rides so Disneyland is ideal for me because most of the rides aren’t too scary but some are just enough to give you a thrill! I’ve spent many an hour queuing for all the rides at Disneyland Paris so here are some of my favourites.

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Keeping Your Family Entertained During Half Term


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Half term is an incredibly exciting time for kids. It gives them a fun and well deserved break after weeks of working hard at school. But while it may be exciting for the kids, their parents might not be as enthusiastic. Keeping your kids entertained when they are not at school can be challenging. The last thing you want is for them to be bored and fed up. So instead of dreading your children’s half term break, use this list to get inspired instead. Continue reading “Keeping Your Family Entertained During Half Term”