I love every aspect of a Disneyland Paris holiday: from the journey on the Eurostar, the hotel, the parades and the character meets. But the rides and attractions also play a huge part of the holiday for me. I’m not a lover of big, big rides so Disneyland is ideal for me because most of the rides aren’t too scary but some are just enough to give you a thrill! I’ve spent many an hour queuing for all the rides at Disneyland Paris so here are some of my favourites.

My Favourite Disneyland Paris Park and Studios Rides

Thunder Moutain

This is my absolute favourite “big” ride at Disneyland Paris and definitely my favourite rollercoaster. I love the theme and even the queue isn’t too bad with all the winding pathways. I absolutely love the part at the beginning when the train goes down into the tunnel and under the lake onto the main track, as it’s completely pitch black, noisy and so very fast!

Peter Pan’s Flight

This is my favourite ride of all in Disneyland and of all 3 times I’ve visited, it’s been the first ride I went on and the last 2 times I visited, it was the last ride I went on before I went home. We were even at risk of missing the train home because we were queuing for so long! It’s such a beautifully staged ride and makes me incredibly emotional, as Peter Pan holds a very special place in my heart.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

This ride reminds me a lot of my parents and when I was younger and I find it incredibly nostalgic. I remember my parents taking me around this maze when I was 6 – there’s photos somewhere. It’s also a lot of fun and I just love getting lost in there and bumping into all the Alice in Wonderland statues along the way. It sets the scene and really transports you to wonderland!

It’s a Small World

Although not the most exciting or riveting ride in the park, It’s a Small World is another favourite of mine for a lot of the same reasons as above. When I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time, I was very young and small and couldn’t go on many rides but this was one of the ones I could go on and it’s magical and holds a very special and important message.

Crushes Coaster

As rollercoasters go, this is the most fun I’ve ever had on one. Despite the extensively long queues you usually get for Crushes Coaster, it’s definitely worth the wait. Finding Nemo is one of my favourite Disney and I love the graphics and staging for this ride. Although I love the part where you plummet down into the East Australian Current and start flying and spinning around!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This rollercoaster is so much fun and I can’t say I’ve ever been on one that combines being in the pitch black dark with music coming out of your headrest as you go along. The atmosphere on it is brilliant, the Aerosmith song playing is brilliant and it’s just wicked. Although it did take me an awful long time to pluck up the courage to go on it but once I did, it was totally worth it.

What are your favourite rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris? (or Disney World – which I’ve never been too, boohoo) Let me know!


  1. It’s a small world is my absolute favourite ride, my daughter loves it too and we went on it 3 times in 2 days last time we went. I love the buzz lightyear ride aswell where you have laser guns and shoot at the targets! Great post, made me want to go back to disneyland!

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  3. I’m not sure if they have these two rides at Disneyland Paris, but at the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California, my favorites are Space Mountain (currently retired Hyperspace Mountain) and Star Tours.

  4. I’ve never been to Disneyland Paris but I have been to Disney World and Peter Pans Flight was one of my favorite rides as well! I also really loved the Haunted Mansion Ride, soo much fun!!

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