I don’t know about you but I love seeing all the cute Christmas content over my Instagram feed! From November 1st onwards, sparkles, decorations, gift guides, Christmas trees and festive bakes adorn our screens and I am fully here for it. If you want in on in this year, I’m sharing 63 (yes, 63!) Christmas photoshoot ideas for Instagram.

christmas photoshoot ideas for instagram

I’m certainly not the type of person that spends hours taking photos for Instagram, finding locations, wearing extravagant outfits and turning the house upside down to get the perfect shot.

But I don’t think you need to be. Christmas is all about joy and fun and this is a great chance to get creative, in whichever you see fit for your own Instagram account and daily life!

Over the years, I’ve created Christmas Instagram content to varying degrees. Some years there was more than others, other years I just couldn’t be bothered at all and that’s fine to.

christmas photoshoot ideas for instagram

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 63 photoshoot ideas for you to consider for your own Instagram this Christmas, split into categories depending on what you fancy, including:

  • Couples Christmas Instagram photos
  • Food-themed Christmas Instagram photos
  • Fashion and beauty themed photos
  • Photo ideas to include your pets

And more! And remember, don’t fret over getting the perfect shot. Many people on Instagram do and it’s just not worth it. Have fun with it, experiment with different types of photos and start spreading the Christmas cheer on your Instagram account!

Dotted throughout the lists are some of my own examples that I’ve taken from my own Instagram account. Use these as inspiration, if you wish!

Here are 63 Christmas photoshoot ideas:

christmas photoshoot ideas for instagram

Couples Instagram photos 

  1. Decorating the tree together
  2. Matching PJ’s in front of the fire
  3. Cozy Christmas jumpers
  4. Shopping for presents
  5. Wrapping gifts together
  6. Exchanging small gifts
  7. Romance in the snow (if you get any!)
  8. Kissing under the mistletoe
  9. A Christmas toast in front of the tree
  10. Watching a Christmas movie

Solo Instagram photos 

  1. Wrapping presents in front of a Christmas movie
  2. Cozy bubble bath with candles
  3. Reading a Christmas book
  4. Holding a stack of gifts
  5. Hanging a bauble on the tree
  6. Or placing the star on the top of the tree
  7. Show off your Christmas slippers
  8. Writing a letter to Santa
  9. Waiting for Santa
  10. Hanging your wreath on your front door
  11. Writing Christmas cards

Pet Instagram photos

  1. Your pet in front of the Christmas tree
  2. Sofa snuggles with your dog
  3. Doggy Christmas outfit
  4. Wear matching jumpers
  5. Taking your dog Christmas shopping
  6. Christmas decor for your dog’s bed / rabbit hutch etc
  7. Your dog in the snow
  8. Your dog waiting for Santa
  9. Your dog looking at his stocking
  10. You and your pet around the Christmas tree

Fashion + Beauty Instagram photos 

  1. Christmas Day outfit ideas
  2. Christmas Eve pyjamas
  3. Christmas party outfit
  4. Your go-to Christmas Day make up
  5. Show off your Christmas nails
  6. Christmas themed hair ribbon
  7. Christmas pamper party
  8. Dressed up cozy in the snow / outside
  9. Dressed up in sparkles
  10. Santa inspired outfit

Décor Instagram photos

  1. Your Christmas tablescape set up
  2. Candy cane heart in front of the Christmas tree
  3. Your full Christmas tree
  4. Christmas fireplace stockings
  5. Your favourite bauble
  6. Christmas shop displays
  7. Décor from your favourite homeware store
  8. Christmas blooms
  9. Your front door wreath or front porch
  10. Christmas coffee table centrepiece
  11. Cozy bedroom Christmas décor

Christmas food Instagram photos

  1. Hot chocolate in front of the tree
  2. Christmas dinner
  3. Baking Christmas cookies
  4. Gingerbread house creation
  5. Christmas treats charcuterie board
  6. Make snowmen marshmallows
  7. Christmas market finds
  8. Making a Christmas cake
  9. Christmas food display at a bakery
  10. Bucks Fizz cheers
  11. Pouring the Champagne

christmas photoshoot ideas for instagram

I hope this post has got your creative juices flowing a bit in preparation for creating some amazing Christmas Instagram content this year!

This will be my first Christmas in my own house, so my Christmas content will look a little different this year! I’ll need to experiment with a few things to ensure I can get some sweet photos to share but I’m excited for it!

Will you be taking some photos for Instagram this year? Which types of photos are you excited to take?

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  1. It has been forever since my last IG post, but I do love seeing all the holiday pictures! These are fantastic ideas for photoshoot ideas, and I love that you broken them down into categories.

  2. I love all of these ideas. I’ll have to get me and the husband to take photos together this year, he was deployed last year. Your photo’s are gorgeous! Mine usually look like a 4 year old stole my camera hah. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  3. “Romance in the snow (if you get any!)” – here’s hoping for some of both! Lovely to see the photo of Rory at Christmas again. Some fab suggestions here, Jenny – I don’t usually create Christmas Insta content unless it’s in the garden but I might incorporate a few shots this year now! xx

    1. Romance in the snow would be nice wouldn’t it 😂 Awh little Rory, I used to love creating Christmas photos of him, buying him silly Christmas jumpers etc. Garden shots at Christmas is good! Especially with how beautiful your garden is xxx

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