With Boris’ latest announcement causing all our hearts to sink at the prospect of another lockdown or more restrictions being put in place over the Christmas period, I feel like “Christmas Party Picks” would have been a little redundant. But Christmas is still a GREAT time to get dressed up and today I want to share my top fashion picks from NA-KD for Christmas this year.

I love looking back over images from Christmases gone by and seeing what I wore on various occasions. I almost always go for a dress on Christmas Day, apart from the year I had an awful cold and stayed in my pajamas all day long. I couldn’t even taste my Christmas dinner that year, which absolutely sucked!

Whether you’re getting dressed up for Christmas Day, looking for the pair of perfect Christmas PJ’s or investing in some beautiful loungewear for those long days over Christmas curled up, drinking mulled wine and eating chocolates, fashion and clothes are a great way to express yourself and get into the festive spirit even more over the Christmas period!

So here are 9 of my top fashion picks from NA-KD, for a variety of different Christmas occasions!

1. The Christmas Day Dress

If like me, you like to go for your dresses on Christmas Day then I think this is a great pick. It has the Christmas sparkle and the long sleeves to keep you a little warmer. You could also dress this up with a blazer, if you wanted a smarter look.

2. The Christmas Drinks With the Girls Dress

This pick is a lot more fun and carefree I think, which I feel is exactly what you need when you’re getting together with your girls for a Christmas drink! Again, lots of Christmas sparkle!

3. The Family Gathering Dress

Something a bit more understated, which is what I would personally opt for during a family gathering at Christmas. I don’t want anything that’s going to stand out too much but the lovely wine colour is still very seasonal.

4. The After Christmas Dinner Walk Coat

Ah that dreaded after dinner walk on Christmas Day. It’s going to be cold so you’re going to need a good coat and this one is absolutely beautiful. Stylish as well as weather appropriate.

5. The Super Cozy Every Day Winter Sweater

Over Christmas, you’re going to be wearing a lot of cozy sweaters! At least, I am. Something white and Wintery is always a good choice and this pick could be paired with absolutely anything in your wardrobe!

6. The Must-Have Winter Loungewear Set

Everyone needs a good loungewear set for over the festive season. That thing to whack on when your jeans have become uncomfortable or all your guests have left. The perfect pick for snuggling down for the night of Christmas movies.

7. The Classic All-Rounder Chelsea Boot

A good boot in the Winter is a must-have so you can’t go wrong with a Chelsea boot. These can be paired with literally anything over the Winter.

8. The Chunky Warm Scarf

I love a good thick chunky scarf to keep me warm in the Winter. This is a great pick and I love the colours too!

9. The Little Touch of Seasonal Sparkle

And finally, we all need a little extra sparkle to go with our Christmas outfits. I love these earrings, they’re just the right level of sparkle without being too over the top.

What sort of clothes and accessories do you like to wear over the Christmas season? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oooo you’ve shared some great ideas here. I love seeing what people wear over Christmas, it’s always so glam and festive! I’m a pyjama girl on Christmas myself but I know so many of my friends will love these ideas so I’ll be showing them, asap! Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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