ad collaborative post // Having the flu is no fun, and watching your child deal with the symptoms, such as fever, body aches, vomiting, and coughing, is even harder. The good news is that most kids have hearty immune systems and are able to fight off viruses better than adults.

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However, during flu season or if you feel like your child needs an extra immune boost, you may want to use Wellements immune support and other boosting nutrients to prepare. If your child does happen to get the flu, there are things you can do to ease the symptoms.

Preparing your Child for Flu Season

The best way to fight the flu is to take preventive measures to make sure your child does not get the flu in the first place. There are things you can do to give your child’s immune system a boost. One supplement that all parents should give to their kids is vitamin D. This has been shown to help support immunity and reduce the severity of symptoms.

The sun is the best source of this vitamin, but during fall and winter months, it is not strong enough for you or your child to obtain the necessary levels. Supplementing with vitamin D3 is easy, no matter what age your child is. For babies, there are drops available that you can add to water, milk, or juice.

Other supplements that you may want to implement are vitamins A, B, C, and E; iron; folate; zinc; and selenium. When looking for the best immune booster for kids, this is often a combination of organic fruits and veggies, plenty of sleep, hydration, and an immune support supplement.

How to Ease Flu Symptoms

Even if your child eats healthy and takes Wellements toddler immune support, he or she may still get the flu. If this happens, do not fret. There are things you can do at home to make him or her feel better. Make sure your child is getting enough liquids, as dehydration is common with the flu. Water is good, but you can also give coconut water, tea, or even broth. Using a humidifier helps increase the amount of moisture in the air, which helps with congestion.

If your child is hungry, stick to bland food, and skip the sugar, as sugar suppresses the immune system. Try to get your child to sleep as much as possible. Also encourage quiet rest time with books and soft music. If your child has a bad cough, give him or her a teaspoon of honey before bedtime. Do not give honey, however, to babies who are younger than 12 months.

Although there are over the counter meds for flu symptoms, they all come with potential side effects, and many of them can be dangerous for young children. If home remedies are not making a difference, search for homeopathic flu medicine for children. These work with the body to fight off the virus, and they have been shown to reduce symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu.


  1. Great post! It is good that you mentioned reducing sugar as that lowers your immunity to the flu. (For so many reasons, a lot of sugar is not good.) My little grandchildren are sick at the moment…so hard to see them down with a cold or flu! Thank you for sharing some great tips!

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