Well hey there chum. How are you? In today’s post we’re looking at 10 amazing wellness hacks that will change your life. So if you’re not feeling too hot right now, don’t worry. I got your back. And hopefully by the end of this post you’ll have some new tools to implement into your life.

Wellness Hacks

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So wellness and improving my overall wellness – not just my fitness and how I’m eating although is part of the picture too – has become incredibly important to me over the last year or so. I’ve learnt more than ever that we really do have to look after ALL of us.

One of the biggest things I’ve implemented into my life is my office, which is finally finished. Having that dedicated space to myself has given me such a huge boost and allowed me to be more productive, feel more grounded and not get overwhelmed by the constant chatter of every day life. Of course a whole garden office isn’t an option for everyone, you could consider office pods instead if that’s a route you want to go down.

But what I’m getting at is that all of these little things combined help us to tend to all those different parts of us.

We are more than just a body and a brain.

We are spirit. We have emotions. And each and every part of our being deserves that same love and respect that we often give our physical bodies. I’ve been on a pretty incredible spiritual journey lately, which has definitely helped me see light to this.

Wellness is something a lot of us are focusing on lately so today’s post will hopefully show you some different types of wellness tips to add into your daily life to help you tend to ALL THE GOOD STUFF.

So, ready to change your life, one small quantum leap at a time?

Here are 10 wellness hacks that will change your life!

wellness hacks

Use blue light settings on your phone

I mentioned this in this post about self care tips to incorporate into your night-time routine but it’s so good I want to mention it again. Since setting the blue light to mimic the sunlight on my phone, my sleep has improved AND I’ve suffered from less headaches!

Dive deep into your limiting beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are strong. And for most of us, they’ve been there since childhood. These limiting beliefs might be what’s holding you back from reaching your full physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and financial potential. One of my biggest emotional and spiritual wellness hacks would be to dive deeeeep into those beliefs.

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Or if you can, invest in a life coach

Or even better, work with a life coach. Investing in a life coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have broken through so many mental barriers – some of which I didn’t even know I had. And I have never felt more abundant since working with a life coach.

Walk (whatever the weather)

Walking is something I incorporated into my life in Summer of 2020, when we were first in lockdown. I just needed to get out of the house but it turned into a crucial part of my day. If you don’t like running, walking is your option. If you need to clear your head, go for a walk.

Okay, perhaps not ALL weather is appropriate for a long walk. Which is fine! Not all of us enjoy walking in the pouring rain or blazing sunshine. If that sounds like you, then an under desk elliptical could be the answer!

Under desk ellipticals are a great way to get your body moving and blood pumping, when you’re going to be at home or at your desk for a longer period of time. And a great alternative if you don’t fancy going for a walk outside!

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Express gratitude every single day

Ohhhhh gratitude. This one is an absolute game-changer and it’s SO EASY. Everyone can express gratitude. It doesn’t require any money or special equipment. But it will make you happier, more thankful and help you attract more good shit into your life with this one EASY wellness hack!

wellness hacks

10 wellness hacks to change your life continued:

Limit screen time

That dreaded screen time. As someone that works on a laptop all day, every day, I can reaaaally feel the effects of too much screen time. We’re CONSTANTLY looking at screens so it’s no wonder our eyes hurt, our heads hurt, our backs hurt from hunching over our phones. So set those screen limits, you won’t regret it.

Listen to uplifting and educational podcasts

I have been LOVING a podcast lately. And my favourite thing to do is run myself a bubble bath, with candles, crystals and chocolate and put on a good podcast. Right now, I’m loving Manifestation Babe and Badass Manifester.

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Curate your social media to suit YOU

Another game-changer but something super simple that we should all be doing anyway. Curating your social media is so beneficial for your mental health and mental well-being. Those block, mute and unfollow buttons are there for a reason – use them!

Start your month with an intention setting ritual

Monthly intention setting rituals have changed my life. They are the perfect way to end a month / start the new one. I have a FULL GUIDE on your end of the month ritual in my freebie library, which you can sign up to receive exclusive access to by clicking on the image below!

Freebie Library Sign Up

Start your day with a glass of water

Ending on a nice simple but effective one here and that’s just starting your day with a glass of water. Hydrate yourself when you wake up and start noticing the difference. I like to add a slice or two of lemon to my water in the morning sometimes too, which is really refreshing.

Will you be incorporating these wellness hacks into your daily life? Which of these are you already doing? Or do you have anything else to add into this post? Let me know!


  1. These are all such great hacks for wellness. I am really bad in terms of screen time just because of my work and then blogging as well. It’s something I am trying to cut down when I can x

  2. Love this post! I am walking every day and listen to podcasts regularly. I came across Manifestation Babe last year and am listening to all her podcast episodes, well I am trying as she has tons. Do you have any other podcasts you can recommend/you are listening to or maybe do a post on the once you find inspiring?

  3. Such great tips! Going for a walk has been so so good for me as well, especially at the moment. Some days I’ve had such stressful days at work and just don’t want to go out anywhere, but when I do it makes me feel 10x better. I’ve been trying to drink lots more water too! xx

  4. Screen time is the big one I’m trying to work on! I’ve had to put app limitations on, and finally started using the night light functions to try and improve my sleep hygiene

  5. The number one point kept me reading! It’s true and I’ve been using blue light settings on my phone for almost 5 years already. Most people won’t understand how dim my phone could be but it really helped me avoiding those eye strains that led to migraines. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  6. Such a fab post. I always find that if I limit my screen time and go for a walk I feel better regardless. Thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  7. I’m so bad with screen-time – I finish work, then jump on my laptop for some blogging or writing time. Need to make more of an effort there. I’ve just started integrating having a glass of water when I wake up but it’s still a working progress. Some great tips here!

  8. Such a great tips, as always Jen! I’m trying to have social media detox every weekend now! It allows me to have a pamper weekend. Thanks for sharing x

  9. This is a beautiful post – lots of great tips and ideas. I was the same last summer with always going on a walk, and I always try to start my day with a glass of water. You’ve given a couple other ideas that’s I’ve jotted down to try in the upcoming weeks! Thanks.

  10. So many great wellness hacks here. I’ve been really trying to consider my screen time use and using my blue light settings but the hack I liked the most was about curating your social media for you.

  11. These are some seriously phenomenal tips and I know I need to incorporate more of them into my life. I LIVE by the warm light on my phone and other devices (I have it set that way on my laptop too) and I still wear my blue light-blocking glasses throughout the day haha. I also just avoid electronics an hour before bed to let my mind relax. I’m going to be saving this post to come back to because I need these reminders!

  12. I’ve been on a self discovery tour lately and I’m learning a lot in terms of recognising limiting beliefs I have. Podcasts are also a huge help in this indeed, I love listening to people more than reading to be honest haha. Great tips here, thanks for sharing!

  13. Great hacks here, really simple ways to make wellness a part of the day. I definitely recommend 10. I start my day with water except on the days where I have to do my lateral flow test and I can really tell the difference!

    So much so I am going to start doing the test the night before because I feel so sluggish without it x

  14. I’m glad you’ve found a life coach has worked well for you, and I definitely agree that walking has helped my mental health a lot! I always walk to and from work- whatever the weather- and I’m so excited for it to be light and sunny in the coming months x

  15. I would LOVE to chat to a wellness coach, someone close to me does this and they seem so much happier and more calmer already. Walking for me has been great. no matter the weather, I take myself off around the block or further afield with a podcast and just walk away my toubles!
    Great tips, thank you!


  16. Fab hacks Jenny, I am living for your posts at the moment. Thank you, I really feel like you have our backs. I’ve been listening to podcasts such as manifestation collective by Victoria and happy place by Fearne Cotton.

  17. Getting out for a walk no matter the weather is so helpful! It was one of my new years resolutions to get out in the fresh air at least once a day and it totally helps to change my mindset! I’ll have to try out some of your other tips too, they sound so helpful! Thanks for sharing x

  18. Listening to education podcast has been such a big one for me lately – especially manifestation/science/history podcasts and has honestly really changed up my habits on what I listen to during the day. I’m definitely going to try and have a glass of water in the morning too x

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