In an ideal world, we’d all be heading off on spa breaks every weekend. Sadly, that’s not a reality for most of us (and if it is, you are SLAYING) so we just have to kinda… make do sometimes. I go for regular massages and get my feet professionally taken care of by a chiropodist that comes to my house but that’s about as far as a spa retreat goes for me. Can you believe I’ve NEVER actually been to a spa before?

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Tell a lie, I there was a spa available when I visited the Brooklands Hotel and Spa but our stay was pretty short so we didn’t really have enough time to use it. Which was fine because if I did go to a spa, then I’d want an entire weekend to take it slow, mooch around and really soak every minute of it up.

But like I said, that’s not a reality for most of us – including me – so how can we experience that spa indulgence but on a smaller scale, in the comfort of our own home?

I actually love bathrooms. I think they can be a really calming and tranquil place to be. Whether that’s at a party when you want to escape the crowds for a while, when you need a good cry on your own or, in the case of today’s post, when you want a truly relaxing, spa-like, self care day. The bathroom is the place to be, I reckon!

So if your bathroom is in need of a little TLC – and so are you! – then let’s talk about how to completely transform your bathroom into the perfect at-home spa retreat!

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A little bathroom renovation

If your bathroom is in need of a little renovation work anyway, then now is the perfect time to consider what type of bath or shower you want to optimize the spa-feel you’re going for. Steam shower cabins could certainly be the way to go! Not only with added bluetooth, a speaker system and LED lighting but giving you a spa-like feel too.

Spa music

Luckily, you have a speaker system in your new luxury shower cabin so adding a bit of spa-music to the mix couldn’t be easier. If you need other options, there are plenty of amazing spa music tracks on spotify and YouTube that you can play through your phone whilst you’re having your at-home spa retreat.

All the bubbles and bath bombs

If a bath is more your thing, then you’ll need plenty of bubbles and bath bombs readily available for your spa retreats. I’d recommend The Body Shop for all things bath related! I love a shower for convenience. But when I’m really tending to my self care needs, I love a really long soak in the bath. It always feels like such a treat, especially after a long week.


Lighting is really important when it comes to setting a scene or impacting a mood. You wouldn’t want to be in an actual spa with harsh white lighting in your face, nor would you want to be sitting in the dark either. So depending on what you need on any given occasion, think about the lighting in your own bathroom and how that can influence your evening. Or light a couple of candles as well!


I find plants super relaxing. I love being in nature and being around plants. I don’t know whether it’s the colour that’s calming or what but anything calming is always a go-to when it comes to a spa-retreat. So if your bathroom allows it, try scattering some plants around and see what that does to the environment.

Your favourite products & things you find relaxing

You can’t have a spa-day without all your favourite products. So gather up everything you love using; face masks, body lotion, fake tan, hair masks – the works. And ultimately, it’s your time. So do what you gotta do to relax. If you find metal music relaxing instead of spa music, go with that. If you’re rather sit in the dark, that’s cool. Do you baby.

Have you ever been on a spa-retreat? What did you think? How would you create your own spa retreat in your own home?

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  1. I’ve been on one spa day; I loved it and want to go on a longer weekend spa break next time. We’re currently redoing our bathroom, so this post has come at the perfect time. Unfortunately two of us want a shower cubicle and I want a bath tub lol… So we’ll see. I also love The Body Shop for bath stuff and recently got some of their Christmas plum range – it smells amazing.

  2. I went to a spa for my hen do but we only really had a massage – I’d like to go for a full weekend break one day. I also would love to have a much more luxurious bathroom. A huge big shower with the steam option would be incredible!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. This probably shows that I really don’t like myself because I’ve never been to a spa, never had a massage and never been to a chiropodist either! Maybe I should try one of them! xD

    Daisy xoxo TheDeeWhoLived

  4. Ever since I moved recently, I’ve been obsessing over how I was going to make my new bathroom have a relaxing and calming look. These are great ideas!

  5. I’ve been to a spa once and absolutely hated it. I’m not really a fan of beauty treatments where other people are touching me for extended periods of time so the whole experience was somewhat wasted on me 😂. I’m all for making your home bathroom like a mini spa though. My final year of uni I lived in a studio flat that was supposed to be for disabled students so my bathroom was HUGE (for wheelchair access) and I filled it to the brim with my favourite products. Every shower was a mini pamper session. And the room had no ventilation…so I had a session in my own private sauna too…x


  6. I’ve never been to a spa either, but I often have bubble baths at home. Before I moved out to my own place I didn’t have a bath at home so as soon as I moved out I had to make sure I had a bath! Love the body shop for all things bath products too!

    Chloe xx

  7. I’ve been to a spa retreat once. Since then I’ve re-decorated my main bathroom and have added quirky spa items. It brightens everything off and is so calming when you go for a bath!

    Great post and it’s such a great idea to turn your bathroom into a spa 😀

  8. I’ve never actually used a candle in my bathroom because I feel like it would be a safety hazard, even though I see it all the time on TV. 😅

    I listen to podcasts when I take a bath, and sometimes when I take a shower using a Bluetooth shower. The bubble bath I use is often just shampoo/conditioner/body wash if it’s bubbly. I’ve been experimenting with different kinds lately and some work better than others. Dove body wash, for example, is not bubbly at all but Old Spice body wash is. Yes, I’m guilty of using Old Spice sometimes. 😂

  9. I love this idea! I’ve never been to a spa either but I’ve been trying to make my own bathroom more spa-like – I always use candles when I have a bath and I’m in the process of adding more plants.

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