Now before I get started, I just want to explain that the photos in this post don’t accurately reflect what I was trying to get at. I’ve been lucky enough to work with xylondon twice before, on a Spring and a Summer post. The next logical step would be Autumn, right? But 2018 continues to grace us with wildly unpredictable weather and it certainly didn’t feel like Autumn, the day I took these photos, under a clear blue sky in 22 degrees. But hey ho, life is unpredictable and so is the weather and I worked with what I had. So today I’m featuring these gorgeous burgundy ankle boots, the perfect staple for your Autumn wardrobe (and Summer wardrobe, apparently…) 

I had a tough time choosing which pair to feature for Autumn because I love boots and I love Autumn. I knew I wanted ankle boots because they look cute with so many outfits and are usually super comfy, which is ideal for days out so eventually, I settled on the Nicola Burgundy Zip Up Ankle Boots* and what really sold me on these ones was the colour. Burgundy is such an Autumnal colour and I really wanted to embrace Autumn with these shoes (which again, clearly didn’t translate in the photos, whoops).

The day I took these photos was the first day I wore these and I had them on for a good hour and a half and didn’t experience any pain or discomfort, which was amazing considering I hadn’t “worn them in” yet. Although if I was wearing them for a day out, I’d definitely wear socks underneath them to give the backs of my feet a bit more support because they’re a fairly sturdy shoe. Which again, is good but might feel a bit stiff before they soften up.

I love the faux suede material (I mean, I wouldn’t opt for real suede ever) and the gold zip detailing in lovely. The two colours go really well together and the colour and the shoe itself will go with so many different colours and outfits. I opted for something super simple in these photos so the main focus in on the shoe (and plus it was too hot to wear a jumper) but paired with leggings, jeans, dresses, tights or socks will all look cute with these boots.

I’m extremely happy with my choice, they’re really comfy, 100% my style and there’s no awkward heel to aid me in falling over. As a staple for your Autumn wardrobe, these are pretty much perfect for all the reasons mentioned above and I can’t wait to wear these more when the weather gets colder and I can play around with outfits. I also want to add that I really struggle with having photos taken on myself because I have incredibly low self esteem but I’m pretty happy with how these ones turned out so thank you to my boyfriend for taking these!

Xylondon are currently supporting the Young Women’s Trust which is an amazing charity that helps to support 16-30 year old Women on low or no pay in England and Wales to find work or a better paid job. The trust offers practical support in the way of coaching, CV writing skills and job application preparation which helps transform their confidence in finding better work.

What do you think of these boots? Is burgundy one of your staple colours for Autumn? Let me know!

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. They’re gorgeous! I love red/ burgundy anything all year, but especially this time of year. Probably because the shops are full of it. And I can totally imagine these boots looking amazing walking over a pile of fallen leaves…which I’m pretty sure is more of the idea you had anyway…x


  2. Brilliant post, the photos are great! You look fab! I haven’t had any boots that colour before. I normally opt for black, navy or brown colours but after seeing how lovely these boots are I wouldn’t mind giving them a go! They’re a gorgeous colour and I love how they have a bit of a heel but not one that’s too high.

  3. I love the colour of these boots! I have some ancient purple faux suede boots that I adore but really are falling apart so these look like the perfect replacement. Will definitely head over to their site for a browse. Also, you look lovely in these photos, very relaxed and stylish xx

    Lisa |

  4. Those boots are gorgeous – I love the colour of them! I wouldn’t usually go for a colour like that for my shoes, I only really have black ankle boots but seeing how you have styled them really makes me want to be braver with my choices. They sound like they are really comfy too, which is definitely what you need with ankle boots. Your photos are great too – I love your outfit!


  5. I love these boots! Every year I end up having to buy a new pair and I always toy with the idea of burgundy or brown etc but always end up buying black. Maybe this year I’ll finally be persuaded otherwise!

  6. Faux suede is the best thing ever and the color….oh my gosh! I’ve never needed or wanted to own red shoes in my life but these might be selling me on the idea.

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