In May I worked with a fab shoe company, xylondon on a review of a pair of their boots. I bloody love these boots and have certainly got some wear out of them since receiving them so I can hand on heart, recommend this brand for all your boot-related-needs. I was thrilled when they wanted to work with me again on a more Summer-themed shoe post so I hopped onto the website and had a good old browse for something more summery. And I found the cutest pair of shoes which I can’t wait to share with you! 

I chose the Nyla Ivory Satin Court Shoes* from XY London and when they arrived, I believe that they are designed to be a bit more “dressy” that I first anticipated. And also, certainly not Summer-exclusive either. I think these could definitely be worn all year round, for various events. Even Christmas parties (because Christmas and glitter go hand in hand). So although I’m focusing more on Summer in this post, I think it’s great that such a lovely pair of shoes can be so versatile.

I tried these on first with socks, as I imagined I wouldn’t be able to just whack them on and roll out the door. I wore them around the house for a little bit to get used to them and on first impressions, they were comfortable and fit pretty perfectly on me but I’d have to “wear them in” a little before they would be totally comfortable. Hence the socks. The heel also felt nice – although it’s so small you can barely notice it there but it felt comfy to walk on nonetheless!

The buckle has plenty of options for foot size as well so although I’d prefer them a bit tighter, I’d probably start with it fairly lose so it doesn’t dig in my foot. I think these shoes would be comfiest worn with tights or perhaps tights and socks. Again, this is something I’ll work out over time once I’ve worn them in a bit more but I couldn’t wear them sock-less right now otherwise blisters galore!

I really love the style of these and I’ve really enjoyed trying to pair them with different outfits. As I said, they can certainly be worn throughout the year and also dressed really up or just worn as smart casual. My only worry would be getting them dirty; they’re a satin finish and a gorgeous ivory shade so worn on grass could possibly be a bit of a disaster. But I’m sure there’s a sufficient way of cleaning this type of shoe (if you know how, please leave me a comment!)

My favourite part of this shoe is obviously the glitter heel and if you look on their website, you’ll see that they do a few different colours of these shoes which match up to different glittered heels. The glitter is stuck on pretty harshly so absolutely none of it has fallen off in the time I’ve had them – which is brilliantly and definitely a plus if you’re looking to wear them to an event or occasion. You don’t want to get back home to find all the glitter gone! I also love the strap and the buckle; I think it’s really cute.

So again, another pair of xylondon shoes that do not disappoint. I think they offer such a great range of shoes to suit different styles, occasions and preferences. I’m really happy with both of the pairs I’ve been sent and they’re so reasonably priced as well. As for these shoes, they’re definitely nice enough to wear to a posh event, like a wedding. In fact, I have a wedding to go to in August so if I can find something to go with them, I’d definitely consider wearing these!

What do you think of these ones? Do you prefer these or the boots? Is this a type of shoe you would go for? Let me know!

* Products marked with an (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. These are gorgeous! I’m a glitter fiend so these really caught my magpie eye haha. They look lovely on you and go so well with your outfit too! They definitely look wedding appropriate so hopefully you get some good use out of them this summer!
    Beth x

  2. So pretty! Hadn’t heard of this brand before, glad you like them! Not sure if they are something I’d go for myself but they might be nice for a special occasion!

  3. Wow, these shoes look absolutely gorgeous! I love the subtle glitter on the small heel, too; it really completes the look without throwing glitz in your face, and keeps it classy, too (not that there’s anything wrong with glittery shoes, of course). Like you said, these are perfect for a wedding, and other events, no matter what time of year it is, so you definitely did well to pick such a versatile pair of shoes!

  4. Absolutely loving your outfit and loving those shoes! 🙂 They’re so pretty and fits you perfectly 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

  5. These are such pretty shoes Jenny! I’m loving the glittery heel. They look perfect for weddings and special occasion as as they are so glamorous and sparkly. Loving your photos too, the glittery skirt is gorgeous! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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