ad // I love personalised gifts and always try and get my loved ones something personalised for special occasions. Photo gifts are one type of personalised gifts that I find you can’t really go wrong with; first of all, they’re SO personal. Nobody else is going to have a photo of your loved ones face on a cushion (unless they’re like, a stalker).

And secondly, there are just so many options. From serious and sentimental items to something a bit more fun and silly, you really can get your personal photos printed on absolutely anything these days!

Although it’s only September, Christmas will literally be here before we know it. I honestly don’t know how we got to this point in the year so quickly as it is – last Christmas only felt like yesterday.

So if you’re like me and you’re ready to start a bit of Christmas shopping to get ahead of the curve and save yourself that last minute shopping frenzy, then this post might give you some ideas!

Here are 6 personalised photo gift ideas for Christmas that you might want to consider for loved ones:

Personalised blankets

It’s the ultimate cozy season, so a personalised blanket for your loved one could be the perfect Christmas gift idea. Personalised photo blankets could be given to an array of people including partners, children or grandparents and is a great comfort gift on those chilly Winter nights where you just want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

Personalised canvas prints

I love canvas prints and feel like they bring a lot to a room, especially if you choose a larger print that is the main feature of the wall. This could be a great gift idea for a newly married couple with one of their beautiful wedding photos or for a couple with a new baby.

Personalised socks

This is probably one of the more sillier ideas but still a cute and fun Christmas gift idea nonetheless! I bought my Dad a pair of socks with my face on them a few Christmases back and he loved them – although I don’t recall him wearing them much! This would be a nice little stocking filler idea.

Photo book 

A personalised photo book is a great gift if you really want to go all-out and spend a lot of time creating something beautiful and special for someone you love. It could be a themed photo book, such as from a recent holiday or travelling experience, a yearly photo book, from the year you’ve spent together or just a general photo book. As you’re purchasing them a photo book for Christmas, you could go for a seasonal holiday photo book full of festive memories that’s bound to bring a smile to their face.

Personalised mugs

We all drink out of mugs and these are a great idea for a gift because you can never have too many mugs! You can either upload a special photo with a sweet message or something silly to your personalised photo mug for your loved one.

Personalised calandars

I used to make my Mum a photo calendar each year of our dog Rory and it was always a tradition. Perhaps you have a beloved pet that you’d like to create a calendar of photos with? Or fill your personalised photo calendar with photos of your family!

Do you like giving personalised gifts for Christmas? Have you ever received a personalised photo gift that’s really made you smile? Let me know!


  1. I love personalised gifts, both getting them and receiving them. I’ve never heard of or thought about personalised blankets though, that’s a wonderful idea, I’ll definitely look into that, especially with it getting so much colder by the day! x

  2. We sometimes receive personalized gifts from my SIL. My daughter got a shirt with a drawing she made and her name on it, which she wore to school on the first day. I recently received personalized travel mugs from my SIL.

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about getting something personalized with my dog’s name on it for my parents. They had to put my dog down earlier this week and we’re missing her terribly. I’m sad I couldn’t be with my parents when they put her down because I live so far away. I’m thinking about getting an engraved stone with my dog’s name on it to put in their garden but I haven’t had any luck finding this yet. It would be neat to get them a keepsake book as well.

  3. Personalized gifts are so special! I’ve gifted photo books in the past and it was so much fun to put together. Christmas will be here before we know it, so thank you so much for these gift ideas!

  4. I love gifting personalized gifts because they are so special. I gave my mom socks with her dogs face on it before as well as a photo book with my photos of my daughter. Also I have a mug with my name on it & I LOVE it.

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