My Spiritual Routines

My Spiritual Routines #InternationalYogaDay

GIFTED | Tomorrow is International Yoga Day and if there’s anything you know about me by now, it’s that Yoga is one of the biggest parts of my life. I literally couldn’t live without. Now by all means, I don’t believe that Yoga and spirituality come hand in hand. I spoke quite frankly in this …


Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Part 2 *

I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my gift guide that went live last week and having the pleasure to feature some really fab brands. The interest from brands to be featured in a gift guide was fairly high, so instead of cramming everyone into one post and risk the post being too long and people getting bored, I decided to split it into two to make it easier and more manageable. So settle down, grab a cuppa and a pen and paper… Here are some more wonderful brands and product suggestions for all types of people in your life this Christmas!

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