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Loved up fashion model Nola and her handsome Haitian fiancé Louis have finally set the date for their wedding. All they need now is a venue and a guest list, but before Nola can have the wedding of her dreams, she has to deal with something old, something new, something borrowed… and something voodoo!


This is the second book in the How Do You Voodoo trilogy and again, it was a very short book but it followed on perfectly from the first instalment. Nola and Louis got together at the end of the previous book and in this one it’s time to plan their wedding. Nola has to make a brave decision whether to leave her modelling career behind and Louis is in his final year of becoming a doctor so planning their wedding hasn’t been easy however, it gets even harder when the press get involved, Nola gets betrayed by a close friend and Louis’ American and Haitian relatives start performing rituals which will summon the spirits of their dead ancestors so they too can join the wedding. The voodoo isn’t over for Nola!

I’ve grown quite fond of these characters which I’ve followed through two books and it’s nice to see that they’ve changed, especially Nola who is now compassionate and caring compared to the first book where she was stuck-up and self-obsessed. Janice really shows how much Nola has grown up over the space of the two books. I found this book slightly different to the first. It was a bit more slow paced and took a fair while for anything ‘Voodoo’ to happen (compared to How Do You Voodoo when it all happened within the first few chapters). However as certain events happen along the way you know that something is coming and I wasn’t expecting it when it did arrive! I like how their wedding plans are all going fairly well and you think everything is going to go to plan but then all of a sudden ‘Voodoo’ comes and slaps them around the face again.

Janice’s writing style is consistent and well established and extremely easy to read and get lost in. Just like the first book, this one proved to be different, fresh and enjoyable. She keeps all the aspects of the book in balance and doesn’t over do it with the romance or the drama. She also keeps to the theme of the books which is crucial considering the title and the way the first one panned out. The third and final part of Nola and Louis’ story,’ Voodoo Child’ will be out in October this year and I can’t wait to see what Janice has in store for them.


Janice Horton writes fiction with humour and heart. Look out for her Amazon Kindle bestselling eBooks ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot’ and ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and her magically romantic Voodoo Romance novellas ‘How Do You Voodoo? and ‘Voodoo Wedding’. Her latest title is a nonfiction guide ‘How To Party Online’. Janice is a regular blogger and you’ll also find her partying on Facebook and Twitter. She is a Featured Author and Associate Editor at Loveahappyending.com.

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  1. Hi Jenny! You have made my day – and my week! – with your review of Voodoo Wedding. I’m so happy you enjoyed it and your review has spurred me on while I’m writing the third in the series ‘Voodoo Child.! Thanks so much!

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