1. I felt like I could have written this post! I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression just before lockdown (how ironic) and I really struggled to feel like myself. I felt so disconnected and like I didn’t know how to be myself – I was trying so hard not to be anxious and depressed that I was making myself feel worse! These tips were so helpful and you look incredible 😍 Thank you for sharing!
    J E M M A ♡ http://www.ohhjemma.com

  2. Very good post and outfits. I feel that dressing up is one of the most important thing one needs in such a mood. Because if you don’t do, not only you loose confidence but you feel low in spirits. So this is a must. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  3. Yoga on Sunday’s has really been helping my writer’s back and my lower back pain. It’s nice when I don’t have to think of impeding disease from sore muscles.

  4. Another great post! Decluttering and wearing what I love are always great ways to make me feel happy! Also neglecting the basics is something I do need to work on as I can be that busy looking after Leo I can forget to shower or eat!

    Corinne x

  5. Oh I completely feel you! It’s been an ongoing thing for. abit and even before the pandemic, so usually re reading a book, writing or looking through some old pictures gets me grounded. I reallu love how these pieces look, the grey dress is amazing x

  6. Having a big clear out and declutter really helps to reset my mind. I start with my list and choose a new room or draw I want to sort through.

  7. My god, I relate to this. I’ve been working from home since long before the pandemic and worried that I wasn’t feeling like myself a lot back then just because I wasn’t making the same level of effort as I used to (and hanging with Hugo all day, I get worried about him snagging my favourite clothes) so I used to make a real effort to be me when I went out. Anywhere. But then we stopped going out and I felt that pang hard. Making an effort to dress up at home or plan my outfit just to go to the supermarket really helped me keep my sanity over the last 18 months x

    1. Ah Sophie sorry to hear that. It’s amazing how quickly we can lose those habits when there’s something going on around us isn’t it. Glad you managed to keep that up and continue to feel like yourself even during the pandemic!

  8. Aw I love this post Jenny! Sometimes I have to take a step back and think about what I’m doing and who I am, and these are some great ways to do that while staying happy and body confident. Thanks for sharing x

  9. Great ideas! I loved it! We should all make ourselves the first priority. You are right recalling old happy memories makes us feel better within moments. I also recently followed you other advice about wearing our favourite clothes no matter what the occasion is and it also lifts the mood instantly.
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Great post with some great tips! I love to declutter my home when I’m feeling this way. I start on one room and do it really really well then keep going until I feel better. I also love to do my hair and make up and use my fancy perfume for no reason what so ever! Sometimes you are all the reason you need! Xoxo

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