AD – This post contains gifted items but all thoughts are my own | When you cut your finger or sprain your ankle, what do you do first? Apart from curse a few times and potentially cry, you head for that trusty first aid kit that’s probably gathering dust under the bathroom sink. As we become more and more aware of the importance of mental health, it would make sense to have something similar to turn to when you metaphorically take a cut or a graze to your mental well-being (I think that makes sense haha?) This is where the self care kit comes in!

Self Care Kit

If you’re not familiar with what a self care kit is, it’s basically a kit or a selection of products that you keep on hand for when you need a self care boost. Or are having a self care related emergency. Perhaps you’ve been through a break-up, had an argument with a friend or are just having a really crappy mental health day. Whatever the reason, your self care kit should come in handy, if you fill it with the right things.

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There are hundreds of different items you could put in your self care kit. But today I’m going to be focusing on the different categories of items, as well as some suggestions of specific things you can use. As your kit will be used for a variety of different reasons over the period of time you have it, it’s important to cover all basis. And whilst face masks and chocolate are a vital act of self care sometimes…

That’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s the basic self care we really need to focus on or another area of self care like your spiritual or emotional well-being that needs tending to. BUT, that’s where the handy self care kit comes in!

So if you’re ready to create your very own self care kit but not sure where to start, here are some items you can include!

Products that will pamper you

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? The things we all associate with self care straight off the bat. Pamper products. As surface level self care goes, a pamper night is a great way to switch off and relax and give yourself that well needed self care you deserve.

Of course you can put any products you like in your self care kit, including face masks, body scrubs, moisturizer etc. but if you’re looking for all the products you’ll need in one handy place, the CIRCLA self care box is for you! Jam packed with cruelty free and Vegan products for the perfect self care pamper night. I was kindly sent a box to try out and feature on my Instagram but I loved it so much, I wanted to mention in here too.

Self Care Kit Ideas: CIRCLA Self Care Box

Something that will help you relax

If you’re reaching for your self care box, chances are it’s because you’re feeling over-whelmed, stressed or out of sorts in some way. Items that help you relax are a great thing to have on hand if you need a quick fix. Some things to include in your self care kit that will fit under this section are:

  • Candles or incense
  • Coloring books or art supplies
  • Relaxing room spray
  • Relaxing music
  • Essential oils

An item that you find comforting

Next, we have a item that you find comforting. The reason for this is simple. Human being need comfort and care when we’re feeling sad or low. So including an item that you find comforting within your self care kit will help you find those warmer, fuzzier, feelings much more easily. Self care isn’t always pampering ourselves until we gleam. Sometimes, it’s about curling up in a warm bed with our favourite teddy. Here are some suggestions for this category:

  • A teddy bear or a favourite toy from childhood
  • Your comfiest and coziest jumper
  • A fluffy blanket
  • Hot water bottle or microwaveable animal
  • Old photographs or keepsakes

A yummy treat (or treats!)

We all need a yummy treat every now and again, don’t we? And whatever you’re coming to your self care kit with, it’s always time for something sweet. If you need your kit, chances are you’re feeling a bit vulnerable, so cut yourself some slack and give yourself a treat (or two) such as chocolate, sweets or popcorn.

Something that will distract your mind

Perhaps you’re reaching for your self care kit because there’s a lot going on in your life and you really need just take a moment to breathe and distract yourself from the stress. So having an item or a few items that will distract your mind is handy and there are LOADS of options to choose from here, depending on what personally distracts you. Some suggestions of things that will distract your mind are:

  • A Rubix Cube / other hand held puzzle or game
  • A fictional book
  • A notebook and pen
  • Your favourite movies
  • iPod or music player

Something practical

Let’s get real for a hot second. If you’re reaching for your self care kit, you might be a bit distressed for whatever reason. So including some practical items within your kit is a really good idea in case you’ve been crying or feeling particularly low. This second is also good for items which will allow you to block things out. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like they need everyone and everything to shut up when I’m over-whelmed. Some suggestions here:

  • Tissues
  • Ear plugs / eye mask
  • A bottle of water

And in case of an emergency…

Whether you call it a self care kit or a mental health kit, it doesn’t really matter but I think having something in your box that’s handy for an emergency is a smart idea. Especially if you have a history of mental illness. When things are really bad, essential oils and a face mask isn’t going to cut it. Hopefully you won’t be coming to your kit with an emergency but if you are, it’s always good to be prepared:

  • Medication / inhaler / paracetamol
  • A list of emergency contacts
  • Phone numbers of emergency services / mental health services
  • Plasters / bandages
  • An anchor object (something to stop you spiraling)

I hope this post comes in handy for anyone looking to create their very own self care kit! Do you have a self care kit? If so, what do you have in yours? Let me know!


  1. I don’t have a self-care kit as such, but this is such a good idea and I think I need to get one! I found curating a skincare regime really beneficial for helping me feel more human even on the days where I’m mentally struggling, so practical and distracting items would be so useful to have on hand!

  2. This is such a good list. I have a little prepacked bag of beauty self care bits (I travel with it and leave it packed so I don’t forget anything) but I’ve never thought about making a full kit. I love the idea of whipping out a box with a book I’ve always wanted to read, some fluffy socks and a snack or two in. I need to have a go at this x


  3. I really enjoyed this post and you’ve featured some great recommendations. For me, I’d definitely include some comfy clothes, a hot water bottle and a good book.

  4. You know, I’ve put together soooo many care boxes and baskets for people all throughout lockdown but it’s only my lovely mum that’s made me on and she absolutely nailed it! I think it’s time I treated myself and put some of these amazing items into a box for myself!

  5. This is a great list. I’ll have to make an official kit. I have a lot of self-care items just kind of sprawled about and in my vanity, but an actual kit.

  6. I’ve never thought to make a self care kit – but it actually makes a lot of sense! If i were to make one now, I would include a book, candles, writing utensils and paper, and of course snacks!

  7. I love this neat list. I feel like I could put together a sweet box based off your suggestions, though I am torn between my favorite stuffed animal and the fluffy blanket . . .

  8. I love the idea of having a self-care kit! That’s genius and I really would love to put one together. So smart to put something from each of these categories. I love that self-care isn’t just bubble baths and candles but so much more.

  9. I have never really thought about having a self care kit, but what a great idea. I have a box with extra skincare, face masks, bath bombs and bath salts. So I suppose I kind of have one. I have eye masks too. I might have to make myself up a kit now! Those products look beautiful. I love the packaging. Thank you for sharing Jenny xxx

  10. Love this! I have a happy memories box and list of distractions for my bad mental health days but you’ve definitely given me some great ideas of what I can add to it to make it better! 🤍

  11. This is such an awesome idea for a present – whether it’s for a loved one or for yourself! I like the different ideas you added and how there’s something practical or general and also other things which can be more personalised. Thanks for sharing as always Jenny x

  12. Love this post! I don’t actually have a self care kit but definitely have a few items around the house that I go to or use when I’m having a tough time. My hot water bottle is one of my favourite things ever, it makes me feel so cosy and it really helps relax me – not in this heat we’re having at the moment though! I like the idea of getting a few things together when I’m in need of some self care. Great post!

    Chloe xx

  13. Since going back to work I have actually been doing a lot of self care to make sure that I relax and unwind. I really like the look of that box and all the products inside! The best way I like to relax is when a warm bubble bath x

  14. These are some lovely ideas! I’m thinking of adding a few puzzles and books to my self kit. Would be a great way to get some distraction after a long tiring day.

  15. What a lovely kit! I don’t really have a ‘put together kit’ for myself, but I do have my usual face masks, body moisturisers, body scrubs and hair mists that I sort of throw together 😀

  16. I think the idea of a self care kit is definitely needed more and more nowadays. The world can feel hectic and overwhelming sometimes so it’s good to have ways to tune it out and just relax yourself. These are some great tips. Thanks much

  17. I used to have a mental health kit after my counsellor suggested I put one together but then I used everything up and forgot to refill it 😂 I’ve been meaning to make a new one for months so I love reading posts like these. Thanks for all the suggestions – some of these I’ve never considered but will be sure to include in my next self care kit.

  18. I absolutely love this! Having a self care kit can make such a difference to how you’re feeling and give you the comfort or boost that you’re looking for. It’s very personal and can be used in so many circumstances and for different ways you may feel at different times. I really do think this is excellent. Thank you for sharing this. x

  19. I love this! It’s such a good idea to create a physical box with all these things in. Something you can easily pick up and use when you need that lift or time for yourself. It would make a really good gift too. I’m considering making some mini ones to give out to some of my friends. So if they’re having a bad day, they have something ready to open that will make them feel better. Thanks for the idea Jenny! X

  20. This is such a cute idea – one that would make an amazing gift both to yourself or to a loved one! It is so easy to forget about self-care, but this kit would motivate me to be kinder to myself. My favourite items would be a blanket, chocolates, a face mask and a note book. I love my notebooks, especially cute ones, as I can write all my worries, lists and crazy ideas!

    Em x

  21. I think you’ve ticked off every single thing I used to have at one point! When my anxiety was so bad I used to carry a lot of these things with me!! Especially the medication one! I do love a good jigsaw Puzzle to relax with as well as a colouring book!

  22. I don’t currently have a self care kit but after reading this I think I’ll invest! This is such a good idea especially for someone like me who quite often gets bad mental health days. Thank you for sharing such a good post x

  23. I don’t have a self care kit; but I think I will be making one after this! What a wonderful idea; and can be a great pick me up all ready for when you need it – this would certainly help me when I’m having a bad day. Thanks for sharing x

    Paige // Paige Eades

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