Hello friend! Happy September. Goodness me, SEPTEMBER. ALREADY.

Although this year has gone literally quicker than the speed of light and we had basically no Summer in the UK (anyone remember July and those 3 precious minutes of sunshine we had? Good times) I am secretly, a bit chuffed, to be in the peak third of the year.

Let’s be honest, September, October, November and December are DEFINITELY the best months of the year.

The weather is getting cooler, the cozy clothes are coming out, we’re gearing up for Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

I’m buzzing. Truly. 

And before we get on to this new freebie in my library, I just want to remind you of the October, November and December awareness day sheets that dropped last month. 

If you’re looking for some guidance and ideas for your last quarter blog and social media content, awareness days can serve as excellent prompts. And there are some great ones coming up, so head to the freebie library to download your sheets, if you haven’t already.

But the purpose of this post is to draw your attention to my newest freebie in the library which dropped today:

The 30 Day Comfort Zone Challenge

My latest freebie is a gentle little 30-day comfort zone challenge for you to help you step out of your comfort zone in a gentle and non-threatening way.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone a LOT over the last 5 years or so. As most of you will know, from the age of 21, I suffered from a horrendous anxiety disorder which stripped me of my independence, my friends, money, prospects and my personality.

I was an absolute shell of myself, I had no goals, no vision, I could barely make it through the day and spent months terrified to leave my own bedroom.

Over the next 10 years, I started therapy, anxiety medication and pushed myself more mentally than I ever thought I would have to, to end up officially “undiagnosed” with my anxiety disorder in 2019.

I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come and in these last 10 years, I’ve basically been in a constant state of having to step outside of my comfort zone, in order to get my life back.

But I know how absolutely utterly terrifying that can be.

So it’s all very well and good people telling you in order to step outside of your comfort zone, you need to go travelling alone, skydive, swim with sharks, move to another country or something else equally as daunting.

But for most of us, those things are 1) not accessible and 2) far too much for us to even consider.

And that’s OKAY. I want to stress that.

If getting a different order at Starbucks is your idea of stepping out of your comfort zone, then that’s great. And never mind anyone that judges you for that.


In this freebie, I’ve created a 30 day challenge (which you don’t have to complete in 30 days!) with lots of small, attainable and achievable things to help you step outside of your comfort zone, if that’s something you struggle with.

There’s also lots of days that require you to journal and think about how you’re feeling in regards to stepping outside of your comfort zone, which I think is an important aspect of the journey as well.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, great!

You can head over to the freebie library and grab it now. If you want to grab this freebie as well as ALL my others currently available in the library, sign up to my mailing list where you will receive a welcome email with the access password.

My freebie library is accessible only to mailing list subscribers and the password does get changed occasionally, so if you want access to every freebie I’ve created (and all future freebies) make sure you sign up!

There are plenty more to delve into, including:

  • End of the Year Blogging Reflections Workbook
  • Self Love Handbook
  • Bookish Instagram Templates
  • Affirmation Bundles
  • Journal Prompts Bundle

And much more.

So that’s my spiel for today. I hope you enjoy this new freebie (and my others!) If there’s anything you’d like to see in the freebie library in the future, do let me know.


  1. I am so ready for the autumn to arrive as I also love these coming cooler/cold months. I find this is the time of year that I can really focus on healing, growth and taking things slowly (which is what I need). Thanks for creating this; I love it!

  2. Ooh I love the thought behind this! Stepping aside our comfort zones can be so challenging but so rewarding – I think it all starts with those small steps. Thank you so much for sharing, definitely going to check it out! x

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