ad | Your wedding day is one of the biggest, best and most important days of your life, so it’s no surprise that most brides (and some grooms) will be spending a lot of time, money and effort on beauty treatments for the big day. Known as bridal tweakments, these are tweaks you can make to your appearance to boost your confidence for your wedding.

Of course everyone is beautiful and nobody needs beauty treatments or needs to enhance their looks in any way but I can certainly understand why you would, especially before such an important day.

Beauty treatments can be a lovely act of self-care as well, boosting your confidence, whilst also being a relaxing activity to do alone – or with friends, family or your bridesmaids!

There are so many treatments (or tweakments) you can get from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. It can be difficult to narrow it down to the ones you want or need for your wedding.

Especially financially, when you’ve just spent so much money on your wedding!

But your wedding day is your big day and you definitely deserve to have the treatments you want in order to feel like the most beautiful bride you possibly can!

Here are 8 bridal tweakments before the big day:

A new haircut, colour or style

Your hair is a BIG part of your wedding outfit, with many brides spending lots of money for the perfect hair-do. You could certainly go one step further and have a bit of a hair revamp before your wedding, to mark the start of your new married life and wow your guests – and hubby!

Spray tan (no sunbeds, please!)

Nobody wants to be damaging their skin by using a sunbed when there are spray tans available which offer a beautiful, healthy and safe glow to the skin without the damaging side effects! If you like a healthier glow, then a spray tan is a great option for before the big day.

Dermal filler

Dermal filler is a popular choice for a pre-wedding tweakment that many brides are opting for these days. Dermal fillers are injectables that can smooth lines and wrinkles and add volume to certain areas of your face. They provide instant results and have a minimal recovery time, which means you can get them done fairly closely to your big day. However, make sure to consult with a qualified practitioner who can guide you on the best timings for your dermal filler tweakments.

Sort out those brows

We don’t want those flyaway eyebrow hairs in our wedding photos, so getting your brows done is a good idea before the wedding. Whether that’s tinting, threading or microblading, there’s certainly an eyebrow treatment for every bride and groom out there.

Get a hydrafacial

A hydrafacial is a nice pre-wedding option as it can promote bright and youthful looking skin, perfect for those wedding snaps that you want to cherish forever. This multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates and extracts to help maintain healthy skin, therefore is a popular pre-wedding option for brides.

Wax on, wax off

Ouch. But it IS the big day! Waxing and hair removal is something lots of brides opt for before the wedding. Underarms, legs and pubic hair can all be removed via waxing. But of course, body hair isn’t gross, disgusting or shameful, so if removing it isn’t your thing, that’s cool too.

Manicure and pedicure

Getting your nails done for your wedding is a popular beauty treatment for most brides but it wouldn’t hurt for grooms to get their nails smartened up for the big day either. For the brides, peaches, manicures, neutrals are all popular colours and don’t forget the toes as well, especially if you’re wearing open toed shoes.

A massage 

And finally, a massage. No, this isn’t a tweakment as such but it IS something that brides and grooms need to have before the big day. Getting married is Stressful, with a capital S. All the months (or years) of planning is almost over so it’s about time you relax and destress with a nice full body massage!

This is a pretty small list of beauty tweakments that you can get as a bride but definitely the most popular and well-known options.

Whatever tweakments you choose should be because you want them yourself and will make you feel more confident, not because anyone else is telling you to.

If you’ve had a wedding, let me know what bridal tweakments you had before your wedding!


  1. Yes, this is such great info and help for all those brides to be out here! Thanks for sharing this awesome list!

  2. My best friend got married last summer, and all of us bridesmaids went out to get our nails done together. (Of course, we went out for margaritas afterwards.) It was one of the best parts of the wedding week, and our nails looked great for the photos!

  3. I’m definitely going to do all of these on your list before my big day 😀 I love self-care, and the process turns me into a person with great patience haha

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