Ever since I was 12 or 13 years old and entered my “grunger” phase of life, I have loved eyeliner. Granted, my eyeliner looks have changed quite dramatically over the years and whilst I no longer look like a literal panda, I do still enjoy using eyeliners of different brands and shades. I mostly only use it if I’m going out out and I definitely use it less in the Spring and Summer (because let’s face it, my hay fever is so damn bad it’ll get rubbed off within 10 minutes anyway) but I still like experimenting with different looks and colours. 

So I was keen to try a few of these Aturvedic Kajal eyeliners from Soultree* and was kindly sent 3 shades of my choice to play around with. We’ll get on to the shades in a second but a little bit about the brand first! These liners are all handmade, natural, organic, chemical free and cruelty free (sound like a dream, right?) All the colours you see are made from natuaral ingredients such as organic ghee, organic almond oil and other natural colour pigments. 

Soultree themselves began in 2002 where they discovered that communities in the Himalayas were still living in harmony with nature, using it’s benefits but giving back to the same degree. So Soultree channeled that concept into creating beautiful, high-quality beauty products which are as natural and harmonious with Mother Nature as possible.

I was really impressed with the packaging to be honest. It was nice that the eyeliners came in a box each to keep them safe especially during transit but the eyeliners themselves really floated my boat. Looking at them, I’m sure you’d assume they were lipsticks or maybe concealer but I really loved the sleek, elegant and smart silver tubes, along with the simple Soultree logo. The tubes are super sturdy as well so the eyeliners will stay safe as houses for however long you have them!

I was  impressed with the range of shades there are to chose from – all the way from Transparent to Pure Black and a range of greens, blues and grays in-between. There’s definitely a color for everyone. As I said, I’ve always been a huge black eyeliner user so one of my choices had to be one of the black shades. I chose Cold Black which I believe isn’t quite as black as pure black. I mean, there’s not an awful lot to say about the color black other than yes, it was black so good start!

Next up was the Indigo Blue which thankfully I have something I little more constructive to say about this shade other than, “it was blue”, haha! I’ve always liked trying out bright blue around my eyes. I’m not a very bold person (okay, I’m like the least boldest person you will meet) but I think a pop of blue around the eyes can look really nice. This blue definitely wasn’t too overwhelming, too bright or too “HERE I AM”. It was quite subtle when it was on my eyes, for a blue and I really liked that!

I’ve saved my favourite until last because this isn’t a color I would probably have ever chosen, had I been walking around a shop looking for eyeliner but I thought it sounded nice and wanted to give it a whirl! The description says it’s a dark brown with a hint of gold shimmer in the coloring and whilst I probably wouldn’t say it was dark brown – more a medium – I did notice the shimmer and I absolutely love this shade. I can’t wait to try this with some nude / brown / gold eye-shadow looks!

I’ll say this straight up but I’m not really a beauty blogger so I don’t know an awful lot about formulas of different products and what they should feel like but from my experience using these, I really liked how creamy they felt, both on my hand in the swatches and when applying to my eyes. They went on super smoothly and actually gave me a fairly good flick on first application!

These eyeliners retail for £13.90 each on the Soultree website which to me on first glance, seems like a bit much for one eyeliner however… When you compare to other quality brands, it seems fairly reasonable especially as you’re getting the natural elements as well as the products being cruelty free. You also get a lot of product in each one, I was quite surprised with how far they twisted up so I can imagine these lasting quite a while!

I was really happy with these eyeliners from the colors to how they applied on my eyes. I’m putting these firmly in my make up bag and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them in the coming months – especially the Copper Tint around Autumn!

What’s your favourite color here? Have you used this brand before? Do you prioritize cruelty-free when purchasing make up and what are some of your favourite cruelty-free make up brands?

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the shape of these eyeliners, so cool! The copper one looks beautiful for autumn x


  2. these eyeliners are beautiful! i love all the colors, i think my favorite would be the copper one because I have blue eyes so i think that one would compliment my eyes the best. it’s great that they are made with such natural ingridents, especially since you are putting these products close to your eyes. The more natural the better! lovely post jenny!

    mich / simplymich.com

  3. I love the sound of these anything that’s made only with natural ingredients is a big win for me. I’m usually a black flick eyeliner girl but I like the look of the rusty copper colour here

  4. I’ve never heard about this brand before but they sound amazing, love that they are all cruelty free and natural. The colour selection also looks amazing loving the blue shade that you got! Great review x

  5. I love the blue colour a lot, but that copper is stunning! I’m sure it’ll really make your eyes pop. I love the colour selection too, there’s such a good choice. And the packaging is so cool, definitely the best eyeliner packaging I’ve seen. They are so creamy and easy to apply, I love this brand.
    Beth x

  6. First up, what absolutely STUNNING photos, Jenny! These look so lovely, my first ever piece of makeup was a kajal and it feels like I’ve been trying to find something as smudgy and creamy ever since. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some kajals too so, after reading this lovely detailed review, I can’t wait to get playing with them 🙂 xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  7. I don’t wear eye liner very often but these look GORGEOUS! Those colours are so vibrant and they sound like such high quality products. I really love Indigo Blue, it’s really pretty and eye catching. It was interesting to learn about the brand too and I really like their natural and harmonious approach. Your photography is absolutely stunning Jenny, fabulous review <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  8. Ahh the copper looks lovely, I’ve been told I should wear copper more often as apparently it suits my hair… I think I will stick with black though, ahaha

  9. I’ve never heard of this brand before but those eyeliners are gorgeous and they look really creamy – I hate hard, scratchy eyeliners. They are also really pigmented too. I’d wear all three of those colours but I love the Indigo Blue.:) x

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