ad | Solo travelling has gained popularity over the years with many people choosing to travel solo these days. Social media, blogs and the internet has shown that travelling solo isn’t boring or lonely, it can be one of the most uplifting and life-changing experiences for many people!

Travelling solo (or just going on holiday alone) is something I always wanted to do. It was firmly on my bucket list, ever since I knew what a bucket list was. Ever since I watched The Beach for the first time, I had this sense of longing for an experience like it.

Whilst it didn’t pan out for me and I’ve still not been travelling solo, due to my anxiety disorder taking most of my 20’s from me and now not being the time for it, I have come to learn to love my alone time.

I like to do things alone when I can, like solo cinema dates or solo spa breaks (which are a kind-of holiday, I guess!) and I think spending quality time with yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable is SO important.

I still haven’t scratched the solo travel itch myself yet – maybe in the future, maybe not. I’ll see how things pan out.

But there’s absolutely NO denying that solo travel is something people who do it gain a LOT from. I follow a fair few incredible creators who do a lot of solo travelling and I’m always in awe of them (Absolutely Lucy being my absolute fave!)

Especially being women and the innate fear of being somewhere unfamiliar alone. That’s one of the main things that would put me off, so any woman that does it is a huge inspiration to me.

So I’ve done my research by reading many articles and checking out all my fave online solo travellers to bring you 5 benefits of travelling solo. Some of which I’ve definitely experienced myself on a smaller scale from my little solo ventures.

5 benefits of travelling solo:

It increases your confidence

Doing anything alone I think takes at least a base level of confidence and this is something I have a lot of experience with, considering I was too scared to do ANYTHING alone for at least 7 years.

Once I did started doing things alone again, I felt so much more comfortable and confident in my own abilities. Travelling solo is that but on a much large scale. It shows you how capable you are, having to navigate an unfamiliar place by yourself.

Allows you to do whatever you want

When you’re travelling or going anywhere with other people, there’s always at least some level of compromise on what you do, where you eat and how you spend your day.

One huge attraction for solo travel is the fact that you’re able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to check in on anyone else first!

You can meet new people on your own terms

Solo travel doesn’t have to mean you’re spending your whole time alone – and it often doesn’t. Solo travellers tend to find each other and it’s an amazing way to meet a whole host of people from different walks of life.

There are companies such as Friendship Travel, who offer can offer a single holiday abroad, which is quite specifically, designed for solo travel and solo holidays, allowing you to meet new people in a way that suits you!

It’s an opportunity for personal growth

Travelling solo will always require you to step out of your comfort zone in more ways than one. Perhaps it’s throwing yourself in to a different and unfamiliar culture or learning to navigate a language barrier.

But learning and doing all these things alone is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, financial growth (from managing your own money) and spiritual growth.

You learn how to spend time with yourself

I always say that the only person you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with, is you. So you’d better make peace with that and learn to enjoy your own company. Solo travel is no better example.

Although there will be people to meet and things to do and see and learn, ultimately, you’re spending your whole trip with yourself, counting on yourself and trusting yourself to navigate it. This is probably the biggest – and best – lesson of all.

Have you ever travelled solo? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I have done quite a bit of solo travels, where it be day trips or managing 24 hrs in Singapore, I would like to do more, but I am suffering from a lot of anxiety at the moment 🙂

  2. I loved your post about the benefits of traveling alone. You have shared some great points and personal experiences that resonate with me. I agree that traveling alone can boost your confidence, help you discover yourself, and make you more adaptable. I have also traveled alone to some places and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility it gave me. Thank you for this inspiring and relatable post.

  3. I haven’t ticked off solo travel abroad. I did a few years ago rake myself off to Derbyshire for a five days to write in a cottage – I ate out alone, went for long walks. It was blissful.

    Working away from home last year got me into the habit of doing things by myself like going to the theatre – it really does give you more confidence

  4. I’m in awe of solo travelers too! Their bravery and determination to explore the world on their terms are truly inspiring. At the moment, traveling alone feels a bit daunting for me, but deep down, I aspire to embark on solo adventures and explore the world one day.

  5. I have done solo traveling for some time before covid and once post covid era. Solo traveling is an ultimate de-stress alternative. It is less complicated in everything. It definitely made me more confident and independent. I make new friends. I can change my plans whenever I want. Solo traveling is liberating.

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