ad collaborative post // The last thing you want as an online teacher is to go through all the trouble of getting ready to impart knowledge and skills only to be stood up by your attendees. So, how can you make sure that your class or workshop is captivating enough to keep people excited about showing up? We’ve identified five foolproof ways to improve your attendance.

People Love Freebies

We all know the teacher’s pet technique: bring your teacher an apple in the morning, and you’re sure to get in their good books. As an instructor, you’re going to want to flip the tables on this one.

Generosity marketing helps you carve out your brand identity, and giving away promotional products is a great way to show how much value you’re going to be contributing to the lives of your audience.

Give away some bonus material or have an early bird discount – whatever it takes to foster a good relationship with your customers while building brand loyalty.

Divide and Conquer Subscribers

You need to build rapport with your students, and what better way to do that than by using the most popular medium of communication on the internet? 

There are over 4 billion email users in the world, with over 7 billion accounts sending millions of emails each day. Of course, you can’t email someone who’s engaged with your material in the same way that you send a newsletter to someone who isn’t familiar with it.

Segmenting your email list can help you with targeted marketing, and thanks to the latest email marketing software, you can also organize your audience and personalize your campaigns.

Take Charge Of Local SEO

If you want to climb to the top of location-specific search results, create content that’s geared towards local events or developments while making use of local keywords.

Not only will your online presence improve, but you’ll also build trust and authority while giving similar local businesses a run for their money.

Communicate And Get Feedback

Interacting with your audience is a guaranteed way of getting them engaged. It shows that you’re invested in your class or workshop, and it’s a great way to rouse interest and grab their attention. 

Send out messages via group text and make sure that each text is specific to each of your subscribers. It’s also a good idea to create a dedicated FAQ page in case your audience is uncomfortable with asking what they fear may be “silly questions.”

Also, whenever you have updates or new information about your class, relay it to your audience. As for those you’ve already taken under your wing, get them to do a review or a testimonial so you know what you need to work on.

Exploit Social Media

Create social media pages for your class or workshop and then use social media analytics to carry out some quick market research. Don’t be shy about sharing your content on various social networks and getting friends and followers to share it too. Creating a solid presence on social media makes it easier for people to have confidence in you.

By now, you should have a plan and know how to execute it. Be that as it may, you mustn’t forget about the little things. Figure out the logistics, have a clear-cut agenda, and don’t forget your manners. Most importantly, try to set your class or workshop apart from the rest, and watch those seats fill themselves up.  


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