Yes, I’m about to drop a huge bomb. Working from home might be the dream for a lot of people, for many reasons. But today I’m here to tell you about why working from home sucks. Don’t mistake this post for being ungrateful or moaning (although I am moaning a bit), I love what I do. Just trying to keep it real *peace*.

Why Working From Home Sucks

Just for a bit of context, I’ve been working from home for a good few years now. Unintentionally at first, I was just at home a lot because my anxiety and general well-being was down the pan and I could barely leave the house. Then I started an online book tour business for authors. And that shut down.

Then I became a full time blogger (although I’ve had my blog since 2013 and just did it as a hobby for a large chunk of time before earning any money from it). Okay now we’re caught up (I sound like the narrator in Jane the Virgin).

So to sum it up, I’ve had a lot of years experience of working from home. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do. Blogging, creating content and resources and growing my brand is my biggest passion. It’s literally all I think about. But I’m painfully aware of how “different” my work life is to most other people.

And there’s reasons why working from home might not be for everyone, even if spending 24 hours a day with your dog and always being 4 steps away from the fridge seems like the dream. Here are 8 reasons why working from home sucks:

Why Working From Home Sucks


Let’s get this one out the way first. If you say you work from home, approximately 50% of people will assume you’re lazy and you don’t do anything all day. It’s shit but it’s true. Yes, I have the luxury of spending some days in my PJ’s if I’m not feeling very well but PJ’s or not, I’m still working.

Lack of activity

Although I make damn sure I do Yoga every morning (and sometimes one other time during the day too) there’s no doubt that working from home has decreased my activity a lot. And physically, I can see and feel it. I’m not at my ideal weight and before I started getting back into Yoga again, my blood pressure had even increased.


Thankfully, a lack of productivity isn’t something I deal with often. But it’s inevitable sometimes, when you work from home, that distractions are going to get in the way. Like the dog barking. Knocks at the door. Other people in the house. Etc, etc. You seriously have to hold yourself accountable for everything that you do.

The internet going down

A big reason why working from home sucks is because when your internet goes down, you’re screwed. If the internet is down in an office, everyone is in the same boat. But I rely on my internet every single day so when there’s a fault in the area (which, with the current provider I’m on, is more often than not), it means I can’t work. Literally.

It literally doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this is something that you have to contend with. Whether you’re in the UK like me, or across the pond and looking for internet providers las vegas area. People all around the world have to manage their internet connections when working from home.

A less than ideal work space

When you work from home, you have to make do with what you have. So if you don’t have an office in your house and can’t afford one or don’t have the space to make one, you have to make do without. Which sadly is my situation at the moment. I don’t have a desk or a proper office chair so I pretty much have constant back pain from sitting like a fucking tool whilst on my laptop. Big, big, big reason why working from home sucks (in my case).

Lack of stimulation

I mean, I’m sure a commute on the TFL in Liverpool Street isn’t the biggest form of stimulation but after years of working from home, alone, you begin to get a bit bored of staring at the same walls. Not much happens in my day. The post man comes sometimes. And the gardener. But other than that, I’ve not got much external stimulation.

Being asked to do favours – because you’re at home

This one drives me up the freaking WALL. And that’s always being asked to do chores / favours because I’m at home. This obviously will only apply if you live with others who don’t work at home. Believe it or not, being asked to do the washing / do the shopping / clean the house, eats into my work time. They’re not jobs I mind doing, either. But not when I’m working. But again because I work from home, people assume I’m just watching Netflix.

Getting into a routine

This one is tough when you work from home, especially at the beginning. And you’ve got to have a lot of restraint and will-power to stick with your routine when you don’t have a set start / finish time or a boss looking literally over your shoulder. Some people thrive on a lack of routine. But other’s just can’t function without it.

There we are, my honest reasons why working from home sucks. I’m not moaning. Just being honest. But there definitely are some positives. Every day is bring your dog to work day. You can have your music on whilst you work. And you save a shit load of money on make up.

Do you work from home? Have you ever struggled with it? Would you like to work from home? Let me know!

Why Working From Home Sucks

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  1. I’ve been working from home (freelancing) for just over a year, and it definitely takes some getting used to. I think for me the biggest thing is that sense of isolation. However, joining online coworking groups has really helped with that, so it’s not something I struggle with too much any more. I completely get what you mean about household tasks – for me, the problem comes when I can see the mess in my house and I can’t help but tidy up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. […] This is definitely the biggest one for me because believe it or not, in the 3 or so years I’ve been blogging full-time, I’ve NEVER had an office space. Not once. I work from home, where I live with 3 other people and a dog. Space is limited. So all this time, I’ve had to just ‘make do’. Which has been FAR from ideal at times. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post on why working from home SUCKS. […]

  3. I work from home & am selling from a pawn shop. This type of work really is hard to get into when there are so many people that won’t buy used things that could even be out of date. If not up to what everyone has most of the time, you really have to find other means to work to even get sales if you know what I mean. A business is not just 1 thing; it is many things into 1 place. You have to direct everything to you from social media, blogs, using hashtags, etc. They are all ways of marketing your brand. Nothing is easy in this life! It only gets better as you go with the flow & find other routes to turn to that helps you in what you do. Hope you have better days too!

  4. You were spot on with everything! I’ve worked at home for years now and it’s sometimes it’s so hard to work with all the distractions that go around me! Working at home is easier for me, because, like you, I have anxiety plus stomach issues, so working out of the house is hard on me, but I have to admit I do get lonely working at home and am sometimes jealous of my friends who have fun co-workers they can laugh with during the day. Fantastic post and it really shows what it’s really like to work at home!

    Emily |

  5. I really had to learn that I sucked at time management and procrastination for my first two years of high school as I was doing school online. I fell back into these bad habits during my first year of college since I only had classes two days out of the week. And I can’t stress enough how disappointed I was at my past self for not being active!! Even though I’m young, I still don’t have the fastest metabolism, and getting out of shape was THE WORST. I’m STILL working on my fitness to this day, because of my choice to be inactive. I’d love to work from home in the future, but I’m glad I can look back at my mistakes and how I’ve worked to overcome them as the years have gone by. Thanks for keeping it real Jenny 😉 xx

    1. Oh I can totally relate. I’m so mad at myself too for getting so inactive in the past. Although my anxiety did play a part – and not just working from home. It sounds like you’re very aware of the mistakes you’ve made in the past and if you were to work from home in the future, you could definitely learn from them! xx

    2. Yes work & exercise keep your body going after every meal. There are no easy way outs. You get truly lost & without any type of stimulation from the outside world, your mind becomes lost & will always need to find things to write about or even tend to a bookstore. There is not 1 thing that truly gets you through a day without work & exercise. For each person there are things we set our minds on that get us to where we are. We have to push ourselves in everything we do. If not, that is where working in 1 place seems to be not fun at all. Have a better day!

  6. I don’t technically work from home but I’m home alone a LOT and I agree with all of these! It’s hard, it can feel very lonely and my productivity is terrible haha. I can imagine if you’re actually working it’s really difficult to create a border between ‘work’ time and ‘play’ time too!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. It sure is difficult! Like when I’m watching One Tree Hill with my lunch, I kinda feel like I’m wasting time when I SHOULD be working. But like, everyone has a lunch break? I’m just fortunate I can watch my fave box set with mine haha!

    1. You have to be self-disciplined and stop being lazy! generally, if you don’t like what you’re doing, or have the passion for it, you tend to procrastinate, everyone does at some point or time… it’s a tendency we all have to shake!

  7. Omg yes to people thinking you’re lazy if you work from home! So sick of the judgement that comes with it. Whilst some people love working from home, and I’ve accepted I probably will for a good while longer, sometimes I wish I could just work in a normal office! It’s definitely not just sitting around in PJ’s which so many people seem to think it is xx

    Tiffany x

  8. I totally agree with all of your sentiments! The big one for me is not seeing my coworkers. Sometimes we go out for walks or get breakfast or lunch and it’s such a great stress reliever and break. Fortunately, my work is flexible in me working from home at least once a week and I use that time usually to get some errands done during my lunch break and get that extra sleep. Although I also don’t have a nice office space in my home. Do you have anything in your cute home office supplies that get you get excited to work with?

  9. I just read this and nodded my head the whole time. The thing about other people expecting you to do favours just because you’re the one at home is SO frustrating. People seem to forget that we’re busy too, and if I do a favour for you I end up working later, which isn’t great. The internet one, too; I’m lucky that it doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it gets so frustrating. I can’t imagine how hard it must be dealing with that on a regular basis!

      1. Oh wow, that’s ridiculous! Ours tends to go down most nights around midnight, which isn’t too bad as it’s just a reminder that I shouldn’t be working, haha!

  10. I feel your pain. Although I feel your pain, I agree with the comment regarding it is a pretty good gig, though. There are so many ways to connect and make your life yours. It’s just about adjusting to new avenues! Keep up the great work!

  11. Husband negotiated a great semi-retirement deal with his office. He does the work he wants to do, when he wants to do it! 2 or 3 days in the office every 6 months. Takes part in office celebrations, travels as he wants. (Has PC, & phone, Digital nomad, tho he would dispute that description!) I envy him – aged 70, he has achieved what many people aged 35 want!

  12. It can be a lonely job working from home… and it definitely is not all sunshine and rainbows 🌈 great post!

  13. I work from home! I get asked to do favors since I work from home a lot and that does bother me sometimes too. The thing that is the hardest for me is that I don’t socialize often and sometimes I wish I had something to dress up for.

  14. This is a really interesting take on the whole working from home ordeal. I work from home too and thought everything would be perfect because of it. But, many of the cons you listed have proven to be true for me too! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  15. I’ve quite enjoyed working from home recently but damn, I relate to the whole lack of stimulation thing!

  16. Internet issues and crappy work space for real!
    I’m typing this from a shelf in my wardrobe XD there’s just no space for a desk right now.

    I do love that I have my little “office” (such that it is) and that I’m trying to work from home, being productive feels a lot better than the years I felt I wasn’t contributing to society at all because I’m just too unwell to go out to work.

    You are my biggest inspiration and I hope that I’m going to be able to make a living from it one day like you do 🙂

  17. I can totally see how that would be frustrating. Especially getting judged by people and asked to do things around the house. Yes, you stay home, but you’re not doing nothing.

  18. I’ve always found my home to be the best place to do busy-work because of how accessible resources around you are. The office space definitely helps when I have a task that needs some actual mental dedication, though. I would definitely prefer somewhere besides my own residence to work, though and have totally faced what you’ve mentioned in your post. Cheers!

  19. It’s very interesting to read this side of the story as someone who could do my job from home and would love that option, but it’s not available to me. I’ve only briefly tried it on the odd morning/afternoon when I’ve really needed to, so I can’t comment regarding doing it more often or even full time!

  20. Hello, Jenny.
    My friend and I were discussing this topic just the other day. I think, if not all, then most of what you have said is felt by people who work from home. For me, I do really need a routine, even if I work a normal 9-5 job, otherwise I would never get anything done.
    You said a few times that you’re not moaning, you’re just being honest. But why did you even say that? Even if you were moaning, it is your blog 😀


  21. OH MY GOD. I saw the title and at first thought, ‘ermmm what?! It’s great.’ But I totally agree. Our shitty internet cuts out A LOT and I had to up my mobile data because I’m forever using it as a hotspot to get work done. The favours? Erm, hello, I have stuff to do too?! Getting into a routine is difficult, but I also like that there’s flexibility to my days too. And it’s kinda nice that my work space can be a huge pile of fluffy cushions with me and my laptop if I want it to be x


  22. I work from home sometimes, but I mix it up going to a co-working space as well. I am def more productive at the co-working space because I am so easily distracted at home.

  23. I love this! I want to eventually work from home due to being told my back pain is going to worse the older I get, so working from home would be ideal, but seeing that its not all sunshine and rainbows is amazing!

  24. I want to work from home in the future, but I’m realistically gonna have to force myself to go to the gym more, or even just bring my laptop to a coffee shop or library, since my boyfriend and I both want to do it, we won’t be lonely but might get sick of each other! Even now trying to freelance before going to work in getting asked to fix the whole house, and fall behind on the whole day!

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