AD | The end of any season is a great time to start afresh. I mean, ANY time is a good time to start afresh but I feel like so much can happen in one season that the end of it is a great time to close one chapter and start another one. From my own experience at least, this Summer has been one of the most transformative seasons of my life. But I’m so ready to close this chapter and take what I’ve learnt into Autumn with me.

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As well as having a massive de-clutter, making some plans and writing out some goals for the remainder of the year, I also sometimes like to have a bit of a physical transformation going into a new season. I mean, people dye their hair all the time based on the season. Ever heard of blonde for Summer and dark for Winter?

And whilst I don’t dye my hair anymore (I love my natural colour too much to ever want to dye it again!) there are plenty of other beauty procedures I’d like to have going into Autumn to give myself a little boost of self care and self love and get the next chapter of this year off to a good start.

So here are some beauty procedures I’d love to have for Autumn:

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Teeth whitening

I’ve wanted to have my teeth whitened for ages. I’m not a fan of my teeth at ALL. They’re probably one of my least favourite features. And I ALWAYS have my mouth closed in photos because of it. I look after my teeth well enough I guess but they’ve just never been straight or naturally white. Also, I drink a lot of tea.

So teeth whitening would be high up on my list of beauty procedures I’d like to have. There’s plenty of places to get teeth whitening done – including your own dentist – but I’d definitely opt for somewhere like London Cosmetic Dentistry for a procedure like this.

Spray tan

I know, not the thing you get at the END of Summer but I’d definitely get myself a spray tan too. I look better slightly tanned. And I’m naturally very pale. And I hate it. Obviously no offence to anyone else who’s pale – I think pale skin is beautiful. But on me, I don’t like it.

And I’ve always fake tanned a lot. I went through QUITE a period when I was around 18 when I got pretty obsessed with fake tan. But I’ve had a couple of spray tans before and they’ve always come out absolutely lovely and are much less effort and faff that fake tanning yourself every night. There are many different methods of tanning – if, for example, sun beds are your thing, then you could check out Upper East Side Tan and even become a member to access unlimited tanning services.

Eyebrow and eyelash tint

I’ve had an eyelash tint before and it killed my eyes but I really liked the result. As I’m so pale, I also have very fair hair on my arms and legs as well as my eyebrows and eye lashes. I much prefer how I look with mascara on and when my eyebrows are done. But I literally can’t get away with NOT putting make up on my eyebrows.

So an eyebrow and eyelash tint would be a great option for me. I’d also make me feel much more comfortable and confident when I’m not wearing any make up as I’ll have that bit of definition there already.

Pedicure with Autumnal colours

Despite the fact I pick and pick and pick my fingernails to within an inch of their life, my toe nails are actually alright and as feet go… I quite like mine. So I tend to take quite a bit of care of my feet because of that reason anyway and my toe nails are almost always painted.

But not very well. Because I’m not very good at it myself. So I’d love to get a professional pedicure – which I haven’t actually ever had done before – and of course I’d choose some lovely Autumnal varnish like a burgundy or orange!

A massage

I always try and go for regular massages anyway. The woman I go to is SO lovely and my family has actually known her since I was little as we used to live down the same road. She’s so accommodating and will adapt to however you want it. I often ask for a fan (because I hate getting hot) and with more focus on certain areas and she’s always happy to adapt.

But as we head into Autumn, I’ll definitely be booking myself another massage! I also find massages amazing in the Winter when it’s cold and we’re often all tense. As well as from the stress of Christmas!

What beauty procedures do you want to get done in the lead up to Autumn? Any transformations you want to have going into the new season? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love getting spray tans!! they look so good, even better than tanning naturally. i’m thinking about getting a lash lift too!! Life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to worry about mascara

  2. This was such a fun list! I don’t think I could afford it at the moment, but I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened. My teeth have always been more yellow than white, due to taking medication (and the occasional aka daily soda), so I never smile with my teeth in pictures either! And I am always up for a massage, anytime, autumn or not! Relaxation is the best and de-stressing is the best!

    Emily |

  3. Just got an eyebrow threading and tint done today and I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t know if they are OK or if I simply hate them. I went to a new place I’ve never been to before so now I am having a lot of mixed feelings.

  4. All of these sound perfect. I really need a facial as my skin is pretty bad at the moment. I had chemical peels a few months ago and my skin felt amazing. Just a bit expensive to keep up x

  5. I, too, love Autumn. Such a wonderful time of year to experience new things in beauty. I’d love to try a back facial – unclog those hard to reach areas from Summer’s sunscreen and prep for wrapping the body is pure hydration for the colder months. Also, a good time to get a fresh new lipstick and gloss in a perfect Fall shade.

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