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I’ve never been to the USA but there’s certainly a LOT of sights and attractions there that I’d want to see in my lifetime. I find the idea of going to the USA quite a daunting one. I can imagine it’s much more complicated than just jumping on the Eurostar to Amsterdam, what with everything you have to sort out, like a visa or an ESTA. I might be wrong though – perhaps the US in one of the easiest and most carefree holidays you can book!

Photo by Sara Hamza on Unsplash

So that being said, today I want to share some of the sights and attractions in the USA that I’d absolutely love to visit. They all look incredible on Instagram… but I’m sure there’s nothing quite like seeing it up close and in person.

Yosemite National Park

This is first on the list because it’s probably one of the first places I’d want to see. I’m a bit of a nature fiend. And I honestly can’t imagine myself being anywhere as beautiful as what Yosemite National Park looks like. You’re pretty removed from that world when you live near London!

Grand Canyon National Park

It’s not surprising to me why the Grand Canyon is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the USA. And I find it amazing how nature can have people flocking from all over the world to come and see it. I’d love to see the Grand Canyon for myself with its intricate and colourful landscapes.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a VERY AMERICAN sight to see. So what better thing to witness when you’re in the country? Fun fact: I never thought Mount Rushmore was real. I just couldn’t comprehend how someone was able to carve so realistically and beautifully like that, into stone, on the side of a rock!

Photo by Mika Korhonen on Unsplash

Traveling to the USA with an ESTA

Traveling To the USA With an ESTA: For people like me, who would only want to travel to the USA for leisure purposes and on fun sight-seeing holidays, an ESTA would be the perfect option. An ESTA is digital travel authorization that allows you to travel to the USA without a visa. An ESTA is an easier, faster and cheaper alternative to having to apply for a regular visa and all it takes is an online application! For more information on travelling to the USA with an ESTA, check out the linked page!

Kennedy Space Center

The nerd in me would love to visit Kennedy Space Center. Although I’m not sure I’d have the guts to take part in the shuttle launch experience! But everything else, I think would be fascinating to see and to learn more about the history of space travel. Which blows my mind enough as it is!

Walt Disney World

I mean, obviously this was going to be on the list, wasn’t? Call me basic but yeah, I’d love to go to Walt Disney World – being a massive Disney fan. Arguably not the most historically rich or educational place on this list but definitely the happiest place on this list!

9/11 Memorial

I know this would be so emotional to see in person but I’d love to visit the 9/11 memories. At the very least, to pay my respects. As someone who lives in the UK, even all these years later, I don’t think we really understand the gravity of 9/11 unless you’re personally affected or see it in person. So I’d like to gain some perspective on the tragedy.

If you’ve been to the USA, I’d love to hear about the sights that you’ve seen and which ones were your favourites! Have you ever applied for an ESTA or taken the visa route?


  1. I’ve only been to the USA once, to go to Walt Disney World in Florida as a kid! I loved it over there though, it’s so different in terms of culture (and weather!). There’s a lot I’d like to go see: I’d love to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, to Yosemite cause it looks incredible, and to see New York cause I feel like you have to at least once right?! Once this is all over I’m hoping there might be some cheaper deals to go visit the US! x

    1. I hope so too! Mardi Gras would be amazing!

  2. In my opinion, the best way to see America is rent a car and do a road trip centered around our wonderful Interstate highway system,. Good luck with this idea given the Corona Pandemic has radically dampened plans for travel everywhere.

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