ad collaborative post // Moms have a hectic lifestyle packed between housework, childcare, and professional responsibilities. Moreover, your body bears the brunt of pregnancy and childbirth. Menopause and aging can also take a toll on bones and joints once you hit that age.

You can expect back pain to happen at some point, and it can even affect your quality of life. Fortunately, you can take some measures to address lower back problems. Here are some tips for coping up as you live with this daunting health issue.

Work on your posture

The correct posture can go a long way in preventing the problem in the first place. Women tend to ignore it and end up suffering a lot. It is easy to work on your posture with some conscious efforts. Sitting up straight is important, specifically if you work long hours on the desk. Using ergonomic furniture and taking short breaks to stretch also helps your posture. You have to be extra careful to stabilize your back postpartum because poor posture at this stage can cause lasting issues.

Be careful while lifting heavy things

Mommies have a lot of heavy lifting to do every day. Carrying a child, moving furniture, and lifting heavy objects can make lower back pain worse. A little care while handling weights can save you from pain and damage. Squatting is the right technique because it gets the pressure off your back to your legs. Also, never lift or move heavy things when you are already in pain. Ask your partner to help.

Seek relief with physiotherapy

Pain killers can give you short-term relief, but they can have dire side effects over the long run. You can try Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain as a better alternative. It works for all kinds of symptoms and conditions. Physiotherapy can heal from within, whether your pain is due to poor posture, injury, or osteoarthritis. It can even improve the range of motion and strengthen your muscles. But make sure you have an expert doing it for you..

Exercise for strength

Exercise sets you up for long-term recovery and respite from lower back pain. You can seek advice from a personal trainer to decide the exercises that are safe and effective. It is vital to choose the correct ones and listen to your body. As a rule, you must never work out when in pain because it can aggravate the condition. Starting early after childbirth helps in curbing the problem for later.

Get enough rest

While it may seem impossible to catch enough rest as a busy mom, you must do it to support your back. Follow a regular sleep-wake cycle with a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. Lie down when you can when the pain gets worse. If there are toddlers around, utilize their nap time to get some extra rest. Also, make sure that you have a comfortable mattress that will ease back pain while you sleep.

Dealing with chronic backache as a mommy is challenging, but you can still do it. Follow these tips, and you will feel much better.


  1. Yep, I love the idea of seeing a physiotherapist! Then again, I’m an occupational therapist, so of course I’d say that. I’ve struggled with low back pain, but posture, ergonomics, and specific strengthening exercises have made an incredible difference for me

  2. I honestly read the first paragraph and instantly found myself trying to sit up straighter, oops. I don’t have lower back pain, more upper at the moment, but I know for sure that I’m not doing great with rest etc, so this was a good reminder, thanks.

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