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Relationships provide us with so much joy. Having someone to share your experiences, thoughts and dreams with is hugely rewarding, and there is the excitement of planning a future together. We all want a happy, healthy relationship which is why couples should be considering ways to make their relationship last.

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What is the Secret to a Happy Relationship?

All said, relationships can be tricky from time to time, and even the most suited of pairs can hit bumps. Dedicating a certain amount of time to a relationship can be the difference between a happy future or an unhappy ending. Couples therapy may sound daunting, but there is an endless number of people who have improved or even saved their relationship by getting external advice from a professional. While there is nothing new, or even particularly secret about couples counselling, it is still hugely underrated.

It is a common misconception that a relationship has to be in crises to seek therapy; in fact, even happy relationships can benefit from it. The lessons and techniques learnt during counselling sessions are something that can nurture your connection and help you to overcome issues that may one day become a problem.

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What Happens in Relationship Therapy?

The lessons and exercises you will learn in therapy will depend on your individual needs both as a singular person and in your relationship. Therapy can help such a broad range of needs, from dealing with little niggles to helping overcome an affair. While advice will be tailored to you depending on your situation, there are some key skills that are generally covered.


When communication breaks down in a relationship, it can result in feelings of rejection, hurt and often repetitive arguments about the same thing. Learning how to communicate with your partner properly can help you to spend quality time together and deal with problems that arise without shouting or falling out.

Presenting Emotions

Similarly, when you learn about verbal communication, you will also be asked to consider your non-verbal communication skills. Body language plays a massive role in expressing how we are feeling. By you and your partner learning how to display your emotions without being defensive, you will find it much easier to discuss things.


It is oh so common in long term relationships for one or both partners to feel taken for granted. The responsible partner or partners rarely do this on purpose, and couples therapy can give you the tools to display your love and gratitude for one another. Usually, this involves simple exercises, such as a cuddle before going to work and scheduling specific time to spend with one another. Although date nights are encouraged, for those with hectic schedules or kids, there are other ways you can make time for each other. Ditching the phones and the TV for just an hour while you eat dinner together can help to promote quality and meaningful conversation.

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Where Can I Find Relationship Therapy?

If you and your partner would like to benefit from relationship therapy, there are a few options:

  • Face to face – the most traditional form of counselling. You can make an appointment to speak to a trained therapist. The downside is that this kind of therapy can be costly.
  • Online – amongst the wonders of modern technology, there are now sites that offer video-based couples therapy. These sites usually contain advice from professionals and have the benefit of being much cheaper and more flexible.
  • Books – books are a great place to start if you prefer to start slowly. Reading about relationships may provide you with previously unknown insights.

Keeping your relationship happy and healthy can be the key to a more fulfilling life. Perhaps you’ve already tried relationship therapy? Share your experience in the comments!


  1. There is so much in this post I agree with. My partner and I had a rough patch at the beginning on 2020, to the point where I didn’t know if I was going to be in a relationship by the end of the this year. It was all down to lack of communication on his part and being burnt out. COVID gave us the time we needed to be with each other, to talk and to realise how much we love each other. We were considering therapy but with me already being in treatment, that wasn’t possible. I’m glad it didn’t get that far but it just goes to show how important communication etc is.

  2. Interesting post Jenny. I’d never considered couples therapy for those in a happy relationship but it makes sense. Communication is key after all.

  3. This was really interesting. I did always think that couples therapy was only for troubled relationships but its nice to think it is an option for a happiness boost or to make us stronger. I would totally be up for that!!

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