When I was 14 (or 15, somewhere around that age) I was invited by my school to go on a surfing holiday to Cornwall because I was such a good student, with great attendance. If that doesn’t give you a glimpse of what I was like at school, I don’t know what does but it was a great opportunity and I spent an amazing week with some of my friends who were also selected in Bude, in Cornwall doing all sorts of activities including rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, wind-surfing and surfing as well as having BBQ’s and sing-a-longs around the campfire under a vast expanse of inky darkness and more stars than I’ve ever seen before in my life. I have very fond memories from that trip and I’d love to go back to Cornwall as an adult and visit the gorgeous beaches and who knows? Maybe even hop back on a surf board for old times sake. 

Surf fashion is always something I’ve loved and I used to have a selection of clothes from Roxy, including the comfiest dress I have ever owned which stayed in my wardrobe until it was literally on it’s last thread. It killed me getting rid of that dress! If I lived by the sea, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d be rocking all the floral, comfortable and super swishy surf fashion I could find! With that in mind, today’s post is sponsored by Ann’s Cottage, a surf shop for Women, Men and children’s surf fashion, including wet-suits, boards and all the equipment you need for your perfect surfing holiday. And here’s what’s on my Ann’s Cottage wish-list!

1. Hype Fade Clouds Pom Backpack – £25.00

Every day at the beach – especially if you’re doing activities like surfing – needs a decent backpack which is comfortable and keeps everything you need in! I absolutely love this cute, pastel one!

2. Billabong Turnaway Dress in Green – £43.00

I love these super swishy dresses; they are so comfortable and perfect for a surfing trip!

3. Converse One Star OX Shoes in Rose and White – £48.00

Any activity type holiday requires really comfortable shoes and you can’t go wrong with Converse. I’ve fallen in love with these pink and white ones!

4. RVCA Heated Shorts in Blue – £40.00

Perfect for when you’ve finished surfing to pop and want to just chill on the beach! I love the super surfy print on these ones.

5. Born by the Sea Women’s Sweatshirt in Blue – £30.00

I absolutely adore this sweatshirt, especially the design on the front! Perfect for popping on a bit later in the day when it starts to get a bit chilly.

6. Joma Jewellery Aloha Bracelet in Silver – £15.99

I love this cute little Aloha flower bracelet! Perfect addition to any surf fashion.

7. Oakley Rose Gold and Brown Feedback Sunglasses – £130.00

You can’t go on a surfing trip without the perfect pair of sunglasses and although Oakley are a little pricey, you’re getting what you’re paying for. I love aviators, they’re my favourite style so I’d love to wear these!

8. O’Neill Rev Highneck Swimsuit – £59.00

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful swimsuits I’ve ever seen! You’ll need a swimsuit for when you want a dip in the sea and I’ve love to rock up in this one!

What’s your favourite piece I’ve picked here? Have you ever been surfing before?

* This is a sponsored post


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  2. I love that swimsuit! I wish my boobs weren’t so huge as I would love a pretty swimsuit, and at £59 that would be a steal! A steal compared to the prices I pay for swimsuits now that is.

    The shorts are super cute, too!

  3. I’ve never been surfing (although I loved wind-surfing when I tried it!) but I’ve always loved the style. The beachy, summery vibes are so cute. That jumper is beautiful, and I feel like I need to buy that backpack immediately!
    Beth x

  4. When I went surfing, we definitely weren’t allowed to wear anything near as cute as this! A swimsuit is a great option for underneath a wet suit, and everything else would be perfect for chilling out after hitting the waves x

    Rachel // kyvbey.blogspot.com

  5. I haven’t shopped at Ann’s Cottage Surf Shop before but love the choices you’ve picked out! I am a total sucker for those floral shorts. Surf fashion is nice – it is comfortable and looks hip! We have some surf brands here and boy, they can get expensive! Thanks for sharing your wishlist! Hope you’ll get your hands on all of them!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. The dress is my exact style I’m not even joking. I’ve never owned anything by Roxy but I’m definitely curious about it now. Also, the bracelet looks absolutely beautiful. Great post, lovely!

  7. I love the little cute shorts!! I could totally see me wearing them at the beach or on holiday. I’ve never been surfing before, but when planning my world travels for next year I’ve got my eye set on a surfing lesson on Bondi Beach for my first time!

    Alice// sullialice.com

  8. I absolutely love all the pieces you chose especially the shorts and the swimsuit! If the swimsuit wasn’t so pricey I’d definitely be picking one up for myself!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  9. Your school used to take you surfing for good attendance? That’s amazing – we never had anything close to that! Great post by the way, I agree that surg fashion is incredibly cute
    Jas xx

  10. I like everything you picked out but I especially love those shorts! The print really gives my Hawaiian vibes! The shoes are really cute as well! They’re my ideal shape and colour! Great post!

  11. I love surf style fashion, it’s so cool. That backpack is gorgeous, the colours are so so pretty! I love the swimsuit too, it’s beautiful! I’ve not heard of this shop before but going to bookmark for when I can afford to treat myself. Thanks for sharing Jenny! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  12. Love those shorts! Never been surfing I’m not sure I struggle with balance, yoga is challenging enough 🤣🤣

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