We might be at the tail end of Summer, with the nights getting longer, the weather getting colder and the pumpkin spice latte’s out in full force but that certainly doesn’t mean that we have to limit our time outside and stop enjoying the great outdoors, just because the temperature has gone down a notch. I absolutely love Autumn and Winter, they’re my favourite times of year. There’s nothing quite like stepping outside your front door and feeling that crisp air that marks the end of the long, hot Summer.

If anything, I go outside more in the colder months than I do in Summer. I can’t bear the heat so most of my outdoor activities will take place from September onward, when I can wrap up warm, bring a flask and not have to worry about getting heatstroke. I love long, chilly days wandering around the zoo, going for walks with the dog and spending more time in nature when the leaves are falling and there’s a chill in the air.

Camping is an incredibly popular outdoor family activity and not one that can only be enjoyed in Summer. There is plenty of gadgetry that can be used in the great outdoors, from garden & camping, to toasting marshmallows, all adding to your camping experience in the colder months, making it cosier and more enjoyable for everyone – even the moaners that spend all day and all night complaining that they’re cold!

Appropriate clothing

This is relevant for whatever season you go camping in, obviously but appropriate clothing is important because being too hot or too cold can really ruin your experience and make you uncomfortable. Plenty of jumpers and woolly socks in the Autumn and lose fitting, comfortable clothing in the Summer.

A small kitchen storage unit

If you’re going for it properly with your camping experience and especially if you’re planning on camping for a few days, it could be a good idea to invest in a small kitchen storage unit to store food so it’s not lying around on the floor, in a hot car or rolling around the bottom of your tent. Some of these units come with a small sink, which would also be really useful to wash your hands regularly and stay and hygienic as possible.

A small pop up gazebo

Again, probably for the more hard-core campers but a pop up gazebo could come in really handy. Somewhere to keep the storage unit mentioned above, that’s always going to be undercover as well as a good place to put things which might get affected if it rains. And depending on the amount of you, a nice place to sit under if it does rain!

A heater

You know those type of heaters you often find in pub gardens? Well if you have the budget and the room to bring it, that could definitely be an option if you’re planning on camping in the Winter when you know it’ll get cold. I still love the old school ‘sitting round the fire’ but an extra heater will always come in handy for someone.

A glamping tent

Like the one pictured above, if you want to go above and beyond with your camping experience then it’s worth investing in a really good tent and a glamping tent definitely has that extra edge! It’ll look great in your Insta photos but has all the amenities of a normal tent, including a ventilated top for air circulation.

Have you ever been camping? Did you enjoy it? What’s your favourite part of camping? Let me know!

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  1. I am about to be homeless and am looking for all the camping tips I can get. Great advice, I eventually plan on buying some land and starting campsites on it, that are low cost. It’s hard to find a place to go camping for free or cheaply where I live so I plan on starting out in my car here in California. I can’t afford rent anymore and my apartment building has been sold, so I thought I would live homeless for several months and save the money I would be paying for rent and utilities and save it for the land down payment. If anyone has tips, please feel free to comment

  2. I love camping so much, but we tend to go wild camping – just pitching a tent in more remote areas, or in the woods or something. I’m not sure Blair would allow me to bring a heater, although it does sound kind of dreamy haha! I think camping is so fun, I love the adventure of it even when you’re not far from home!
    Beth x

  3. ive had such bad camping experiences, but i like the idea of glamping haha.. much prefer a cozy hotel room or a caravan though haha

  4. I never used to enjoy camping when I was a child, I think that was largely to do with my dad’s snoring keeping me up. 😉 But I love it as an adult. These are some great tips!

  5. In the past, I’ve always been too much of a lover of my creature comforts to go camping. Now I physically can’t do it, I actually wish I could because I’d like to try it now. Sod’s Law lol

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