I love an outdoor activity. I would much rather spend the day outside in the fresh air than cooped up inside somewhere and almost all of my day out activities – and even holiday activities – will mostly be outside. When I was a kid, my parents took me on plenty of days out and the majority of them I remember (or know from photos) were also outside. I think I was brought up to just enjoy being in the open air, rather than cooped up somewhere warm and stuffy and enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. Which is a lot! I’m still a big kid at heart and I rarely do “grown up” things like go to posh restaurants, go to the theatre or even go shopping anymore! My shopping is done online and my days out are outside and I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

And although the weather is getting colder, it certainly doesn’t mean your outdoor activities have to suffer. If anything, it can be even better! Grab a flask and dress up warm and you’re in for a super fun and cosy day out. It’s also a great opportunity to dress your kids up cute (but also weather-appropriate) – for example in these cute kids Moschino tops – ready for a fun, comfy day out with plenty of photos to remember your day! Here are some of my favourite outdoor activities which are definitely child-friendly:

Autumn Steam Gala – Severn Valley Railway

At the time of writing this post, I’m actually going away in a few days to the Autumn Steam Gala at the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire, so if you’re in that general direction then this is definitely worth thinking about. The event runs for 4 days – but you can buy a day or a two day ticket – and for any train loving kids, this is definitely a great activity. The steam trains run up and down the line all day, even throughout the night in the dark. There’s plenty of cute stations to stop at, cafés and child friendly pubs for some grub at the end of the day.

The zoo

I love the zoo – the zoo is still firmly my favourite day out and I always try and go at least a few times a year to various zoos. My personal favorites are Whipsnade ZSL and Colchester Zoo but there are a ton of other fantastic ones which are big, spacious and informative! I only pick zoo’s that I know take care of their animals and provide spacious enclosures. I know the concept of the zoo isn’t for everyone but it makes a lovely, chilled day out.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

I remember doing these when I was younger and I loved them! Outdoor scavenger hunts are great activities for kids which gets the whole family outdoors and even better, into nature. They can be done in the park, the a wooded area or near lakes / rivers for a whole range of exciting things for them to find. This is a perfect activity for any child (or adult!) that is fascinated by nature.


Camping is great fun, especially when the whole family is involved. You don’t even have to leave your back garden if you don’t want to! But camping in a safe wooded area will always provide the ultimate adventure for the kids and a fun few days in the great outdoors. Get the fire going, plenty of snacks and some fun games and activities and you’ve got some lovely family memories.


A number of activities you can do almost anywhere if you have enough space (and the permission to play sport in that area!) Football, dodge-ball, tennis, bike riding and even creating an obstacle course can be a really run and not to mention incredibly healthy way to spend the day with the whole family outside!

What family friendly activities do you take part in? What were your favourites growing up? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve never camped “properly,” with a tent & sleeping bad, but my family have rented a cabin in the mountains every Veteran’s Day weekend for over 20 years now, and it’s been a wonderful place of memories & fun hikes!! Love the new look of your site by the way, so fresh & pretty xx

  2. I love to go on long walks and explore new places. Most recently to Chedworth Roman Villa and Chedworth Nature Reserve, which were great – we learnt a lot at the Roman Villa and the nature reserve was stunning.

    Zoos and wildlife parks are two of my favourite places to go and we tend to visit off season either in the Spring or the Autumn. I haven’t managed to fit one in this year, yet. My go-to’s are Birdland Park and Gardens, and the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

  3. I love autumn because you can do a lot of outdoorsy stuff without feeling the heat. These are great activities – I haven’t been to the zoo in a while. It’s nice to see animals roaming around their space. Ooh, I haven’t thought about camping during the autumn. I know my boyfriend would love that! I know I love visiting pumpkin patches!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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